Date: 24th July 2006 at 5:16pm
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The story that will run and run?

The Cleveland Browns have issued a statement with regard to Randy Lerner’s ‘interest’ in Aston Villa.

A spokesman said: ‘We have no comment on this specific matter. We can say that Randy has always maintained interests outside of the Browns and is currently exploring ones in England.’


7 Replies to “Statement From Browns Spokesman”

  • My goodness, dare we hope? Will there finally be regime change at VP?

    I am minded of Iraq when they pulled that Saddam statue down and hit the it with the soles of their shoes.

    OK, who’sgot an Ellis effigy? I am ready with my Dunlop green f

  • Its difficult to hold back on the celebrating. Even the very thought of the slight off-chance that there are out there individuals/consortiums who are putting the feelers out with regards to a takeover bid, has me in the party spirit, and definitely in th

  • This is is a good press release if their was no interest you can be assured that they would have said that! Lets just hope its Villa.

  • Lets all take a cold shower and come up to smell the daisys. No bid has been made yet. No one has indicated that they will except Neville and how many times has he said that? Ellis will be there for the start of the season at least. Thems the cold hard fa

  • As long as he dosen’t get Randy with the players wifes the players must be rubbing there hands

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