Date: 21st February 2009 at 2:48pm
Written by:
Aston Villa
0 – 1

Villa Park

Premier League

21/2/09 - 12.45pm

Attendance: 42,585

Referee: M. Halsey

Aston VillaChelsea
Anelka (18)
L. YoungFerreira
A. YoungKalou54



Game Statistics

12Goal attempts18
5On Target12
1Yellow Cards3
0Red Cards0

21 Replies to “Stats: Aston Villa v Chelsea 21/2/09 – 12.45pm”

  • Gutteddd =[ ***** Off, Angry FFS. We played good, just the time wasters, what got me is, 2 chelsea players ran in to each other and got a free kick, i was left confused ? can the ref explain that…

  • can the ref explain the free-kick he gave Villa right outside the box on an invisible foul? look, the ref’s bad decisions didn’t help either club today.

  • The ref had a shocker today,if we had played the first half in the same manner as the second we would have never lost that game.

  • Bit of bland performance today. Looked a bit stiff from thursday in my opinion. Such a shame but we’ll keep going

  • Blame the ref for what, Chelsea scoring and dominating the first half ?

    Wake up everyone, wake up

    Second best doesn’t count, 12 games to go no problem

  • as a Chelsea fan I have to say if someone other than us should win any trophies I hope it’s you! You are one of the few teams I don’t dislike. Arsenil drawed again today so I’m cheering for you to take the last CL place! Don’t think u will finish above us but you never know! Think we deserved to win today but u put up a good game!

  • Not the best performance but Chelsea played well – apart from the time wasting but we should be used to that by now! At least Arsenal only picked up a point.

  • Gutted but it’s not the end of the world. I feel we’ve been punching above our weight this season. We’re surrounded by teams with world-class players where our squad, even though we don’t seem very threatening on paper, come together really well as a team and have shown plenty of grit and determination this season. Never mind the ref, more of a worry is how we seem to only be able to play well in one half of a game and I agree with AMS78, I think we miss Laursen and Mellberg causing havoc from set pieces.

  • Fonz might not be able to do it – but he has done enough to deserve a try. How will MON or any of us ever know whether the Fonz has the potential to be a teenage scoring sensation. But whether its Rooney Rodwell or Vaughan at Everton , Scholes, Beckham, Giggs, Neville x2 at Man Utd, or Little, Barry, Gary Shaw and Gabby at Villa – youngsters can come in and do well from the off and stay in. Age actually is irrelevant, if you’re good enough you’re old enough. He just might be our cutting edge. Gabby never looks like he will be an incisive striker despite his 10 goals, but he , MON and everyone has done great. It is not a time for big changes, just keep doing it. The Fonz has looked the part from very limited opportunities to date and has delivered goals and would be my one change to be given more of a run. It would be fantastic if we could still be up there when our captain invincible is fit again.

    Up the Villa

  • 6 points the gap between you and Arsenal and only 1 between us.Still a great chance but Chelsea will finish ahead of Villa I told in Vital Chelsea when Chelsea was really struggling and still telling the same.The th will be fought between you and Arsenal.

  • Throughout our great run we have never looked like steamrollering anyone. They have been close wins in the main. So when we don’t get the rub of the green we get what happened today. Chelsea weren’t that impressive but we weren’t going to score either. So the slow start made all the difference.

  • Not too disappointed by todays result. We gave Chelsea a good run for there money which is more than we could have hoped for a year ago……4th place is still ours as the gunners are piking it!……UTV

  • Chelsea played very well they are a top team and we have player’s out . i was more disappointed last week. UTV

  • I was left with the impression that we were playing with our foot to the floor while Chelsea were in second gear and didn’t need to change up at all! A frustrating afternoon but no serious damage done. I think we’re all getting a bit carried away with the possibility that we might win the title! Stay focussed – our aim is fourth!! Third would be brilliant, but fourth is realistic.

  • Sky said we had more shots. Ref was a *****er. We didn’t really get going – even in second half we weren’t near our best. Crud. Ahh well, at least le Arse drew.

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