Date: 9th December 2017 at 5:11pm
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Aston Villa
0 – 0

Villa Park



Attendance: 29,628

Referee: Davies

Aston VillaMillwall



Game Statistics

14Goal attempts16
1On Target8
1Yellow Cards3
0Red Cards0

18 Replies to “Stats: Aston Villa v Millwall”

  • When you have an off day you hope that one player is having a good game, thank McGrath that it was Johnstone.

  • Never got going all day – whenever we play teams down the bottom end, its as though the players think they can just turn up and stroll around the pitch for 90 minutes. Johnstone MOM by a mile. Hopefully Jedi and JT aren’t too far away from returning,

  • Really disappointed after watching the game. We somehow managed to snatch a point at home to Millwall today, a team that finished 6th in league one last season, with no away win all this season. If not for lady luck and Sam Johnstone they would have fully

  • Utterly pathetic! One shot on target through 90 odd minutes at home is a disgrace. If we carry on like this, it’ll be mid table mediocrity at best.

  • Playing badly and winning (or picking up points) is often said to be the sign of a good team. I disagree. Good performances count for me. Over a season a team that performs well most, will get the most points. Luck plays a part on a game to game basis, bu

  • Could hardly look after Elphick came on he’s disaster waiting to happen. Why play Davis a lone striker? What was Hogan doing on the bench if not used when we needed a goal?

  • Lets not let our heart rule our head. Talk of promotion the way we are playing is delusional. Lucky to get a point today and not for the first time against teams we should be dominating. Keeper saved us an embarrassing score line. We need to adjust/change

  • Not a good day, suppose we should be glad we didn’t lose it playing like that, Bruce needs to be careful about breaking the bank for Onomah. We badly need a good striker,but you can guess who he will use next,which is worrying.

  • Disappointing? Yes, without doubt.. Gave the ball far too cheaply.. Caught out in the air, but more worryingly by pace on the counter attack… Depressed? No, not really… WE DIDNT LOSE… Last season we would have… The team has spirit and resilience .

  • The work effort and enterprise in the last quarter of the pitch is pathetic , we don’t play to Davis’s strength in the box , he’s great at shielding the ball but doesn’t appear to have that goal poachers instinct yet, needs a ‘livewire’ player to feed off

  • Gayle will be the wisest investment for promotion. He is the king striker in this league. 16 mil cheap considering he could be the difference between promotion and getting trapped in this league for years to come. Our strike force our duds, injured or too

  • Pretty awful performance that. A point is better than nothing but … well, we never got out of the starting block and that happens too often.

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