Date: 24th May 2009 at 6:13pm
Written by:
Aston Villa
1 – 0
Newcastle United

Villa Park

Prioritised Premier League

24/5/09 - 4pm

Attendance: 42,585

Referee: C. Foy

Aston VillaNewcastle United
Duff (og 37)


Sidwell89Jose Enrique57

Game Statistics

15Goal attempts8
5On Target3
0Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards1

15 Replies to “Stats: Aston Villa v Newcastle United 24/5/09 – 4p”

  • So what you are trying to say then Mike is that we are ****e but that Newcastle were even worse and that MON needs to get his finger out of his rectum if we are to have any impact on the top 6 places next season.

  • Should have buried them much earlier but everton won anyway. Hope that wasnt Barrys last game. Well done to fulham

  • Oi what happened to my paragraphs! JF! lol

    No I thought we were alright today, but I just don’t understand Heskey. I don’t understand messing around with the defence (again) just so he can get on the pitch. If this is going to be a general pattern though and regardless of form or what’s happening in the match, Heskey will come on for a defender we are in deep trouble.

    As said the summer will be interesting, it’ll tell us all we need to know.

  • I do worry for the summer. Make or break but based on what I’ve seen I expect it to be break. MON has done reasonably well for us so far but I just can’t see him bringing in the new faces required at this stage and if he doesn’t it will be an even bigger opportunity missed than in Jan as all our immediate competitors will be doing their utmost to move on, that much is guaranteed.

  • Thankyou Villa, you made my day. The BARCODES ARE DOWN…..BYE BYE, ……RIP NEWCASTLE

  • Well done and good luck for the summer, you gave us a good challenge once again this season. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we turn the tables on 4th and 3rd 😉

  • Was hoping you’d win today even though it could mean we lost 5th, excelent work for the Premier League you provided today, ridding us of the inbred Geordie’s.

  • “Heskey will come on for a defender we are in deep trouble.” Nothing like a bit of over exaggerating. I also really like the positive vibe around the article. Up the Villa, I for one have enjoyed this season more than any other for a long time. Tighten up at the back and get a fox in the box and I believe we’re in with a chance at having another push next season. Roll on the lovely stress of the summer transfer window!!!

  • Defence definitely needs to be tightened up, and the signing of a proven quality finisher is a must. We just cant finish teams off, that has cost us, and unless rectified will continue to cost us. No fight from Newcastle United though, what was that all about? They were supposedly fighting for their lives, yet looked incapable of displaying any fight or passion.

  • MF: must be a limit mate on the number of words for a summary in stats. Put it throug as a match report or article dude!

  • we were poor against Boro, we were poor against Hull we weren’t exactly brilliant today v Newcastle. 3 teams all in the relegation fight (2 now down). Shocked at the Magpies, the players should donate this weeks wages to charity because theydidn’t earn it and disgraced their fans. Where was the fight? Second half neither team looked interested, you’ve never have known the game meant something!

  • Thought villa dominated 2nd half and newcastle don’t stand a chance in the championship with that attitude and ability. Not sure any team will want Owen, but I bet we get him! Gabby needs to think – he has tons of speed but tries to dribble past the defence or checks back, just knock it and run. Roll on next season.

  • Heskey is the new Beckham where he will come on for 20 mins every game regardless of the score just for an extra cap….

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