Date: 25th April 2009 at 5:00pm
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Aston Villa

Reebok Stadium

Premier League

25/4/09 - 3pm

Attendance: 21,709

Referee: L. Probert

BoltonAston Villa
Cohen (59)A. Young (42)
Cohen86A. Young


Al HabsiDelfouneso75

Game Statistics

9Goal attempts14
6On Target6
0Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0

8 Replies to “Stats: Bolton v Aston Villa 25/4/09 – 3pm”

  • 5 more points needed at the moment to guarantee 5th or 6th place finish although a couple of points should do it. Our form suggests we might just scrape a couple more points.

  • never an easy game v Bolton, I did fear we might be bullied into a loss today, so a draw isn’t the end of the world.

  • O’Neill’s comments say it all. Despite being ahead of Everton, and still having a chance (albeit an extremely faint chance) of 4th place, a draw constitutes a point gained on Everton, rather than two points dropped in chasing Arsenal – which, whether we catch them or not, should be the mindset. But that isn’t the mindset at all. O’Neill will be happy with a 6th place finish and delighted with a 5th place finish. Perhaps this is because he realises that such an ‘achievement’ represents the pinnacle of what he personally is capable of. Well, I’m sorry, but 5th or 6th should not be the glass ceiling for a club like Villa. O’Neill is a small time manager with a small time mentality, and as long as he is in charge, we’ll continue to be a small time club. I want to stress that I’m not disgusted with the result today, but rather O’Neill’s attitude to it.

  • MON is a master of disguises when managing to talk up a not good/ bad result. So if that is all he could come up with, it must have been a performance and result with almost no positives to draw! Imagine if Everton (which we all expected) had won today? They would have been a point ahead of us and we would have been in 6th? What and earth could he have said then?

  • Albamista, you seem to have a real downer on MON! Every post of yours is basically an attack on his “Poor Management” Just do some constructive critism for a couple of posts or perhaps praise the team and manager if warranted please for once.

    Personally, i thought they lads did ok today, not an easy team to play against, starting with 10 men behind the ball as they did, we could have possibly been two up before they scored. It was poor defending that helped them through. You could see it as 2 points lost but Hardly MONs fault that Laursen and Young were injured leaving us with a makeshift Right back and a central defence that hasn’t covered itself in glory this season! Ashlry had a good game but Heskey and JC were to quiet for my liking. Once again Gareth and Stilian were great in midfield and Shorey had a solid game at left back!

  • Sorry Albarnista, I was just a bit peeved by the negativity i’ve been reading so far this half of the season and your name came up more than once :(. Building a winning Team is all about the right constituent parts. I see MON trying to get those “right” parts from players he knows and is comfortable with such as Cuellar and Heskey, I think he is being careful about upsetting the balance of the really good nucleus he has at the moment all be it a small nucleus!
    He has said five years to build a league winner, and he has nearly had 3, we aren’t doing to bad the way i see it. Could we have done better? Not sure, we don’t know what is going on behind the scene week in week out.
    Give him his five years, then start having a go please 🙂

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