Date: 30th December 2006 at 4:04pm
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2 – 1
Aston Villa

The Valley


Attendance: 26 699

CharltonAston Villa
Bent (57), Hughes (90+)Barry (pen 40)
Scott CarsonGabor Kiraly
Osei Sankofa
Olof Mellberg
Hermann HreidarssonAaron Hughes
Talal El Karkouri
Gary Cahill
Djimi TraoreGareth Barry
Darren AmbroseSteven Davis
Radostin Kishishev46Gavin McCann
Matthew HollandCraig Gardner
Dennis Rommedahl83Stiliyan Petrov70
Marcus Bent80Juan Pablo Angel63
Darren BentGabriel Agbonlahor


Jerome Thomas83Robert Olejnik
Jonathan FortuneMilan Baros
Thomas MyhreIsaiah Osbourne70
JF Hasselbaink80Wilfred Bouma63
Bryan Hughes46Liam Ridgewell

Game Statistics

14Goal attempts6
8On Target2
2Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards1

15 Replies to “Stats: Charlton v Aston Villa 06/12/2006”

  • Same here. Proper down in the dumps! Esepcially as we have Chelsea and Man U next. A few observations. Why does he continue to play Hughes? (very poor player). Why not keep Gabby at right midfield? Give Angel and Baros a chance up front together. Gabby is a bigger danger out wide and is a very poor finisher.

  • I know things will change but…. If we never had the cash from Lerner we would be dragged into a relegation battle. Apart from the new found exertions a new manager brings, it concerns me why MON can’t get this team functioning better. He’s now getting the same response DOL was getting. I just hope at least some decent players can be intergrated soon. Anyone else concerned, worried?

  • Let’s face some facts Gazvilla, this team is rubbish, none of the top sides would take any (and I do mean any) of our players right now and that was the same story as last season….in terms of improvement, the only difference is that we would have totally capitualted in these matches last season at least we do put up somesort of fight now, but it’s clear to see that they are still not good enough!

  • I think there would be a few who would take Barry, I’m not sure anyone else would jump into a top team.

  • Well could be worse, even though we are in a trough we know there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

  • The worst team in the premiership have just had a new manager, and were lucky to win in the dieing seconds, not enough shots on goal agreed, but I thought the team were putting in a decent performance, Kiraly proved his worth with a couple of good saves, if Barry had not have done something stupid and got himself sent off I believe we would have gone on to win that, even with ten men we put up a good fight, WE NEED SOME STRIKERS desperately, not concerned or worried the fact is we knew what we had, and MON has done well with the squad he has but he is obviously in a position where he has so many injured off the pitch and people playing who are not at match fitness, at the moment he has no choice, but I trust in him to sort it. Just remember this is not MONs team it was what he was left with, this season is going to see a lot of movement at Villa Park and I doubt we will recognise the team when he has finished with them, So Chin up chaps its nearly Xmas at the Villa and our pressie is a new team.

  • A depressing drive back to Brum. A game that was perfectly winnable, a game we never should have lost. We had them on the ropes, yet the same old story rears its ugly head again, in that we cant finish the opposition off. In the end they deserved the victory.

  • the game was winnable but we never look like fu**ing winning anything at the moment. Totally s**t from start to finish and got what we deserved!!

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