Date: 26th February 2009 at 7:03pm
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CSKA Moscow
2 – 0
Aston Villa

A Cold Stadium In Moscow


26/2/09 - 5pm

Attendance: 25000

Referee: A Total Tart

CSKA MoscowAston Villa
Zhirkov (60), Love (93)


CarvalhoSicknote Carew

Game Statistics

16Goal attempts4
8On Target3
1Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards0

21 Replies to “Stats: CSKA Moscow v Aston Villa 26/2/09 – 5pm”

  • Problem is I’m skeptical, he’s fit for other games even though he hardly turned up, yet cold night in Moscow he’s a last minute pull out? In some ways I hope it is a proper injury because the last thing Carew needs hanging over his head is more doubts about his commitment.

  • oh and well done to the kids tonight, they did themselves and Villa proud. Shame JC wasn’t up to it, his injury record is a major concern, could have done with him tonight. Wonder if he is another who will be back for the weekend or if he has another spell on the injury table? Hopefully we’ll get an update on the latest injury or if this is a reoccurrence of the old one.

  • I am still very annoyed hpw we treated this game…if we dont take it seriously we dont deserve anything but to lose. Waste of time in the 1st place.

  • Have to fell really sorry for those poor ********s who paid out thousands to travel to Russia for a reserve game.

  • Fear – I hope you mean “next season” in the champions league. However, how many players to you estimate that we need to buy, assuming we loose none, in the summer, so that we are able to compete for the duration of a cup competion, before we wave that white flag. How many and what positions?

  • Bit of easy motivation for next week at Man City for Mark Hughes. Come on lads these are the guys who have been rested we are the ones who are tired. The pressure is on Villa to perform, go at them like terriers for 90 minutes and show them who is tired and who is not. Hopefully Villa will come through it, but I wish we were tired and victorious and into the last 16. I just do not believe the result next week will be determined or significantly helped by our being rested. What will be, will be, and nobody can ever prove anything about ifs and buts. But what you can do is try and win every match. That is all you can do, but it is not what we have done. Up the Villa Please don’t ever do this again.

  • Shame that we lost, I am unsure how I feel about the selection. On the one hand i can understand MON, on the other I feel for the supporters who travelled. My own priorities would place the Premiership way above anything else, including the CL. Time to take a breath and wait to see what happens this spring in the Prem, then see what happens in the summer transfer wise.

  • Unfrtunately the Premiership/Champions League has made an absolute shambles of all other Cup competitions. This may be our only chance making the top 4. Barry, Heskey, Cuellar and Mlner ae all carrying knocks, so wouldn’t have played anyway. Everton are the only ones to have done it in recent memory, so we have to go for it. My only grumble is entering the inter two bob in the first place.

  • It’s the first Villa game since I’ve supported them (1992) that I’ve forgetten we were playing. I was driving down to cornwall from london and at 8pm put on fivelive and remembered ‘oh *****, yeah ‘we’ are playing tonight, or indeed have played…’ MON ruined this game so much for me that I forgot…really odd…

  • A few weeks ago i had the money to either get a blackburn away ticket or cska at villa park and boy I’m glad i went to blackburn. i’m more upset than i was after the everton game, why did we even enter the uefa cup i did go two games in it and now i feel let down the only up side is the experience for the kids.

  • Well, boo hoo! We are out of the UEFA Cup / Euro Vase. I have many happy memories of the cup, beating Inter twice with our original great Dane Kent Nielsen (la la la), Athletic Bilbao home and away and two good Basque mates who I’m still in touch with, Collymore’s goal against Atletico Madrid. Fantastic. But that was then and this is the media created wealth age of the prawn sandwich eaters and the ‘Top 4’. I don’t know how many of you really recognise how important this season actually is. For me it is akin to when we finished second to Manure and DIDN’T invest. Thanks Herbert for that one. Anyway, Top 4 means we keep Barry. Top 4 means we enter the Holy Grail that is the Champions League and get our profile raised in places most of us have never heard of. Top 4 means we can nick the players that Chelsea and or Arsenal are after (and maybe some of their players if Joe Cole or Kalou fancies a move). I know nothing is for definite and if we were 5th or 6th then I’m sure we would have gone for it. But we’re 6 points clear of Le Arse! We need to keep winning. And we need OUR STRONGEST SQUAD available for that. I don’t like it that we have to ‘prioritise’ but I do understand it! So. I’ll keep my memories of the UEFA Cup, but I’m looking forward to the bright future that we keep hearing about and that is all about top 4 and Champions’ League football. UTV

  • I’m glad your happy winning nothing season after season Rawlie i just hope we make top 4 and if we do then manage to we get through the qualifier. lot of ifs.

  • And Barry if he want’s to go to cess still he will regardless of the great support he has received this season.

  • Guess what – AC Milan fielded a weakened side (as did Valencia) and both got knocked out becuase they want to finish in a Chamions League Spot – not just my opionion – heard this on the radio this morning driving to work. If some fans feel this is a dark day in Villa’s history (as staed in another thread) then they haven’t been fans for long or if they have remember 68 and the years that preceeded and followed.

  • can’t always go on about 68 Naz, can’t blame people being a bit peed off at modern football (as you say not just Villa) but it is all baffling. Maybe times are just changing and some of us will now drift off as football always used to be about trying to win win win!

  • Hi JF Not going on about 68 mate – just that some fans are saying these are dark days for Villa – panic panic panic – just reminding people where we came from. Over here in UK till June – then back over (home) to top up me tan!!!.

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