Date: 15th February 2009 at 4:39pm
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3 – 1
Aston Villa

Goodison Park

FA Cup

15/2/09 - 2.30pm

Referee: P. Dowd

EvertonAston Villa
Rodwell (3), Arteta (pen 23), Cahill (75)Milner (pen 7)
BainesL. Young
A. Young


Van der MeydeGuzan

Game Statistics

13Goal attempts9
4On Target4
3Yellow Cards3
0Red Cards0

21 Replies to “Stats: Everton v Aston Villa 15/2/09 – 2.30pm”

  • Ouch….hurts a bit, dunnit? This is what separates us from the likes of Manure – we create chances, but we don’t finish them. Sidwell was poor, I agree.

  • Can i just say, SIDWELL = Shocking, CAREW = Shocking, PETROV = Awesome. The expectation bubble bursts yet again. A very poor display from the lads, and dont jump on my back and give me that “we’re 3rd and still in the uefa cup” bollox. It might be a sign of things to come. I prey its not. We needed to strenghen last month. We had a golden opportunity today to push on for a desperatley needed bit of silverware and yet again we blew it. Evertons second team FFS

  • Gutted i though the ref was terrible every time a villa player put a challenge in he gave a free kick, Sidwell has been off the boil lately think Gardener should be given a chance in centre midfield and Shorey could have played left back and young right back.

  • In all honesty i was happy going out of the E-on cup, I know im going to get shat on by some oldies emploring the sacred ‘magic’ of the most famous cup in the world ™, but with a small squad, young team, in the UEFA cup and having a once in a decade opportunity of finishing in a champions league place, If you have to prioritsise and at the same time use this match as a rocket up the @rse of some of the players in time for the Chelski game next week, I think losing today werent too bad!

  • What bothers me most is Sidwell doesn’t look like he cares much – a stupid and unnecessary challenge in the box and he seemed to simply shrug his shoulders as if it was a meaningless tackle with no consequences. Dim.

  • Sidwell was poor today, we could all see that, and i bet he could too! He is however a player with obvious qualities and who will, i believe prove to be a valuable asset. He does however need to be dropped at the moment and recieve a kick up the backside (whether litrally or just proverbially, i will leave that to O’ Niell!0 :D)

  • I think Sidwell still has a championship mentality if he thinks he can make tackles like that. Shows how crucial Barry, the “LION” Laursen and dare i say it, Heskey are to us now. How ironic is it that after years of defeat as a villa fan i find it so hard to deal with now?!

  • What do you mean ‘found out’? Everyone knows we attack with width as well as pace. It wasn’t due to Everton ‘finding out’ our tactics today that we failed. We were generally dull, and Sidwell failed to make use of Milner and A.Young like Barry does. He isn’t an adequate stand-in for Barry. Gardner would have been better in the middle. At least Gardner will challenge people outside our own penalty area.

  • samjdavies1,” happy we got knocked out the eon cup” old !! I’m 33 hardly a grandad and its the FA cup and i can not believe any Villa fan could not be as gutted as i am, now where’s my zimmer frame i need to get from one side of my room to the other.

  • No excuses, the stats prove it too! Only thing we won was the fouls… Very, very, very disappointing. A route to at least the semi’s was very much on the cards. We’ve blown it ourselves and have no one else to blame!

  • I cannot believe the whingeing I am reading here. Wise up guys! We are a long way from being the giants of English football that you seem to think we should be. We are not going to win every match. On the day Everton were the better side and deserved their win. Can I also remind the complainers that some weeks ago we were asked where we should put our priorities. An overwhelming majority opted for top four in the league. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and not worry too much about the odd blip.

  • Bad day indeed. Sidwell has been as good as he has bad and to that extent we shouldn’t vilfiy him. He needs our suuport as did Petrov once upon a time. Many teams will get knocked out of the FA cup just like us…we are not special but overall we are indeed much more special than last season!

  • funnily enough just said similar to a mate on the phone koolbill, Sidwell was awful yesterday, no doubts about that, but maybe there is just something not quite clicking at the moment, same as we had with Petrov, but hopefully it will click and when it does, happy days as he should be a very handy player for us.

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