Date: 22nd March 2009 at 6:05pm
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5 – 0
Aston Villa


Prioritised Premier League

22/3/09 - 4pm

Attendance: 44,131

Referee: M. Atkinson

LiverpoolAston Villa
Kuyt (7), Riera (32), Gerrard (39, 49, 64)
AurelioL. Young
KuytA. Young


El ZharAgbonlahor57

Game Statistics

14Goal attempts6
7On Target4
1Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards1

12 Replies to “Stats: Liverpool v Aston Villa 22/3/09 – 4pm”

  • is it just me or does every team we play happen to play their best game of the season against us??? and to think some people thought we had more than our share of luck.

  • is it over yet, I want to come out from behind the sofa?! Penalty yes, red no for Friedel. Buggered with Guzan in goal v Man Utd! Villa fans great from start to finish, don’t care what any pratt says about the claret and blue army, we are a fine bunch.

  • Wow – one point from the last fifteen – but ten out of ten for your fans, thought they were great.

  • piperuk. i was having that conversation the other day and i see mon as much like keegan. you wont find two better man managers but ask either of them to tactically outwit an opponent, especially benitez, and they would/did fall well short. cant knock what he’s done for us overall but yesterday the frst three goal came from playing a centre midfielder rb. and to play the two slowest centre midfielders in european football against liverpool away is criminal. pack the midfield and one up top with a genuine lb and rb playing in their correct positions.

  • RIC112 – they do mate – If I remember when MON started playing 451 – people on the forums said that’s too negative playing 451 at home!! Then they say why change it – then they say Gabby is crap – needs a rest – then they say should play Gabby on the left. Tomorrow it’ll be their Granny should be playing cos she wouldn’t miss a chance!. We are having a bad patch we may come good we may not but reading the reports in the Times the reporter says that Villa will bounce back and challenge the top 4 again. I’m just glad we have Lerner cos I tell you what – listening to callers to the local radio – they were saying MON’s took as far as he can and he should go!. FFS – one bad run and it’s the end of the world.

  • This is one hell of a bad run though and all the hard work is being wasted by stubborn determination to play Heskey. We have now lost as many games in 2-3 weeks than we have for the rest of the season.

  • thank God for the Times….nobody can have an opinion on here without someone accusing you of being a blue nose or wanting your head on a stick for MON heresy. Footballs about opinions and I think the general consensus was that 4 5 1 was negative at home but its more to do with the negativity of the away team and our lack of creativity rather than the system. I’m sure none of us do know more than MON but it certainly didnt look right yesterday nor did it last week with a centre midfielder left back, a right back centre back and a right winger right back. Just opinions at the end of the day and if your totally void of any whatsoever then it must be a very boring world.

  • Yes – a bad run – the FIRST really bad run in 3/4 years – let’s all get a grip – we have come so far so quickly it’s spolit some of us. We WILL have to rebuild again – Barry is off I suspect as will others. Live the rollercoaster – I get sick on that sometimes (just like I do watchingsome Villa performances) but I still get back on cos the thrill is brill.

  • A tragic and painful loss but i hope liverpool win the league now. Anyone but Manure. The win will come, maybe not in the next 2 games, but it will come. Just ride it out fellow villans. The boys need us

  • Jeez, is there anything worse than being surrounded by thousands of gloating scousers? What a humiliating afternoon. We were lucky in the end that it was only five.

  • We simply had no answer to them, they were streets ahead in skill, technique and ideas. We are not at all helped by these ridiculous team selections of players being played out of position. Whats with Nicky Shorey? It has to be a personal thing, a clash of personalities between manager and player. He is WAY too good a left full back not to be able to get into this starting line up.

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