Date: 13th January 2007 at 5:15pm
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Man Utd
3 – 1
Aston Villa

Old Trafford


Attendance: 76 073

Man UtdAston Villa
Park (11) Carrick (13) Ronaldo (35)Agbonlahor (52)
Edwin Van der SarThomas Sorensen
Gary NevilleOlof Mellberg
Rio FerdinandLiam Ridgewell
Nemanja VidicGary Cahill
Patrice EvraWilfred Bouma46
Cristiano RonaldoAaron Hughes46
Michael Carrick80Gavin McCann
Paul ScholesIsaiah Osbourne
Ji-Sung Park65Gareth Barry
Gabriel Agbonlahor
Henrik Larsson80Milan Baros


Louis Saha65Jlloyd Samuel46
Tomasz KuszczakSteven Davis46
Solskjaer80Stuart Taylor
Ryan GiggsLee Hendrie
John O'Shea80Juan Pablo Angel

Game Statistics

27Goal attempts7
17On Target5
1Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0

18 Replies to “Stats: Man Utd v Aston Villa 13/01/2007”

  • Watched the match the first half was a disgrace and ranks up there with some of our worst ever performances.Thank god sorensen is back he was brilliant if the clown was in goal it would have been at least 5 nil at half time.Second half we won 1 nil,the attitude was completley different and is the key difference between this season and last.Baros should consider switching to att mid as he could be quite effective there.He was class for the goal.

  • At least we had more than our usual zero goal attempts at old trafford, Osbourne played well and baros looked like he was trying to impress.

  • Thats most of the big boys done home and away now, we must beat the likes of Watford, Wigan etc or it is gonna be skids in the pants time!!

  • What an intresting season its turning out to be.And to be fair we were beaten by the better team,Scholes is in great form and its a joy to see quality like Larson and Ronaldo put inferior teams to the sword with such aplomb.;-) (PAIN IS THE CLEANSER,PAIN IS THE CLEANSER)repeat.

  • shots are 27 to 7 thats ******** ridiculous. Soon enough were gunna have to do a portsmouth job and buy a whole new different team, full of 33 year olds who can still half deliver, and at least have a crack on goal. At least we drew with them on bookings. Damn it oneill get in that transfer window, as much as i love you i feel like picking you up and throwing you through it myself. If we dont beat watford, and i do mean beat, not another 1 all draw, we will finish 13th or lower with no more than 50 points. gee how negative is this lol…well is anyone as frustrated as i am with all this?

  • the premierleague website says Man Utd score “routine” victory over Villa. those **** (Please be fair, we get all ages and all sorts reading this site, we do not need that level of language on the front pages. Not sure how that got passed the swear filters either!) [Edited by TheFear]

  • It’s not that I’m not gutted but i can not fault our players work rate but as we all know our beloved club has not got the standard of personal to compete with manure.

  • To be fair Aussievilla has a pretty valid statement there.I really wished for Chelsea to fall flat on there arse now I pray for Chelsea to win the league.The media has been so biased latley its unbelievable,numerous Manyoo ”fans” have crawled back out from the woodwork again.Old Trafford was silent for long periods again today.Prawn sandwitchwes al round

  • put simply the side aren’t good enough, bet we’ve only got 3 or maybe 4 players who will be here in a season or two? Just wish we’d keep Baros and build the team around him and Barry.

  • I thought MON got it wrong today with his starting 11, what on earth was he doing playing Hughes in a defensive midfield role..? Only 3 players can hold their head up high after that 1st half performance Sorensen, Baros and Barry the rest were/are just not good enough. alot better in the 2nd half and have to give a special mention to Baros i thought he was awesome today..!

  • Have to say Baros did look usefull today.Samuel again was good when he came on.Hughes was a disaster he always seemed desent.I think Villa are so used to being Utd ****** that we all think that there entitled to win,that attitude surrounds the whole club and trickles down to the players.MON cant rid the club of that overnight.Were still recovering from o learys mess.I think utd should give us a trophy weve done so much for them.

  • We were outplayed, and yes, hate to say it, but we were outclassed. Got to start picking up points, or as we all well know, trouble could be looming. We’ve picked up what, nineteen points since the end of August? That simply aint good enough, nowhere near.

  • It seems as though replacing Hughes and Bouma turned the game. Surely playing 5 across the back just invites the opposition to attack. Moving back to 4 4 2 improved us in the 2nd half. Hughes’ inclusion in any selection signals desperation. Bouma apperently was jaded due to lack of sleep last night. In my opinion the best squad for the Watford game will be goal -Tommy. Backs – Bardsley, Cahill, Mellberg, Samuel. Midfield – Barry, Petrov, Osbourne, McCann Forwards – Baros, Gabby. Subs – Taylor, Ridgewell, Davis, Angell, Gardner (plus Hughes, Hendrie and Williams in the wings!)

  • when baros turns up he looks fantastic. bouma seems inconsistent. hughes inept. i like samuel. villacross, i think you have nailed it with your formation. interesting to see how bardsley goes. a win next up is important, wouldn’t we all agree!?

  • there is no doubting that one, thought Osbourne put in a decent performance, but mainly second half

  • Baros played well, looked interested, and well capable of stretching the United defence at will. Playing for a move I wonder?

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