Date: 9th May 2006 at 1:16pm
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Vital Villa asked whether David O’Leary WILL be sacked or leave at the end of the season. The question wasn’t whether you wanted him to be!

Looks like the majority, with 59%,believe he won’t be sacked as they voted ‘no, we are stuck with him’.

29% believed he would have the good grace and dignity to leave Villa Park. HA!

12% believe that the doddering old git we so unlovingly call our chairman would sack him.

Like most fans, I have loads of dreams for this summer, a new board, a new manager and a fresh start for the 2006/07 season.

What is most likely? The status quo remaining. 🙁

Not so much ‘rocking all over the world’, more ‘down down, deeper and down.’


4 Replies to “Status Quo At Villa Park?”

  • Unfortunetly because of the outragious money he is on DD will not sack him, what I would like to know from a Man (Ellis) who hates to pay a players worth, why is he overpaying the whinge???

  • Dol is getting paid loads as he did well in his first season, signed a 3 year contract with aitken then sat back did sweet FA for the next 2 years and watched his bank balance grow…sly bugger

  • Status Quo at Villa Park? Definitely. nothing can, nor nothing will change until Ellis is no longer at the helm. That is a very sad, but very true, fact of life. Ellis quite willingly gave DOL and RA the contracts they were no doubt looking for, and unfor

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