Date: 18th April 2017 at 3:39pm
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One quote in the Birmingham Mail stands out this week.

“To ask any player to play twice in 48 hours is difficult. If both teams are playing then it`s a bit different.”

Worryingly adding “But we have shot ourselves in the foot by playing two games in 48 hours.” and … “The reasons baffle me to be perfectly honest. It`s to do with the church, isn`t it?”

Did the board not consult with Bruce? I am told the church had some sort of good Friday march and didn`t want it to clash with the fans going to Villa Park. Even if it was just for the simple service, the Church could have been more accommodating instead of Villa, rather naively, bending over backwards for them.

There was nothing to stop the church being welcoming to fans of both clubs, ringing the bells like they used to (the Bells are ringing came from that), standing outside wishing passers by a happy Easter and so on.

Why on earth did whoever made the decision – evidently not Bruce – think it ok to bow to the church and make our players play twice in such a short space of time?

Surely the decision could have been put to the manager, who is under enough pressure without this sort of nonsense?

This club is truly baffling at times.


7 Replies to “Steve Bruce Left Baffled By Decision”

  • I appreciate Villa looking to accommodate the ‘needs’ of the wider community, in terms of the hassle caused by closing Trinity Road, etc. but I’m sure the church could have held their service a bit later, together with an earlier KO time for the match? Di

  • One of the biggest employers in the West Midlands JLR didn’t have Good Friday off, never does . I’m guess many of it’s suppliers had Monday and Tuesday too . Hence us playing Saturday , Baggies Sunday and the Blues were away .

  • That’s a bit rich. We had an extra day after Burton before Reading compared to all other clubs and still lost, so what does that argument prove?? These are supposed to be high intensity athletes so surely 2 games in 2 days isn’t too much to ask. Don’t get

  • Come on Steve, clutching at straws here.

    If the lads were knackered, why leave the substitutions so late?

    More like we lost because we were clueless, because you made a series of strange decisions and we seem to have had a Fulham season ticket hold

  • I feel the board made exactly the right decision in rearranging the game away from Good Friday. I may be an atheist but even I know that Good Friday services are ALWAYS held at 3 o’clock. If you don’t know why, have a read of any bible. This was a very sm

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