Date: 25th January 2017 at 9:09am
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Vital Villa, well, me…!… met Steve Bruce yesterday at Bodymoor Heath. I can neither confirm nor deny the amount of excitement Steve Bruce showed at finally meeting the bald git who sits by his side at Villa Park and dishes out the expertise that is obviously well worth ignoring.

This was all part of the Fans Consultation Group and was just an informal chat in between Bruce working hard trying to tie down some new players to deals to help transform us.

He is exactly what you see in the press conference videos. Relaxed, confident, excited to be at Villa (“I`ve waited 20 years for this job”) and determined to transform Aston Villa.

He is hoping he gets the time and that there is the patience to do this job.

Asked if we now have to write off promotion this season he said no. He understands the job at hand though obviously and wishes he`d been able to be in at the start of the season.

We also asked if maybe Villa would be better spending another season in the championship to fully re-build and go up with some swagger. Straight away ‘no, lets get back into the big league`.

I asked if it was true that he`d moved benches in order to enjoy my wisdom as I sit right by him now. Apparently not! He answers I did like very much though ‘history and tradition, it was always that side so we moved back to where we should be`.

He was certainly a no bull sort. Oh and by the way, it wasn`t a kebab shop he`d been caught in, it was a chicken shop!!!

He waxed lyrical about Villa, the fans and the facilities and said that is the one major asset we have, he is telling potential transfer targets how many of us turn up to watch the team despite the bad times we`ve been through. He looks like he feels right at home here. Lets hope he gets the time and works his promotion magic on us. I must admit, I am hoping most of all the owner is patient enough IF we don`t get up this season (it would take a massive run of wins now wouldn`t it?) so that we don`t find ourselves forever having the manager merry go round.

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6 Replies to “Steve Bruce Meets Villa Fans At Bodymoor Heath”

  • Sounds like nobody asked any questions we would like the answers to or didn’t they get to ask any questions?

  • I asked about Gabby. It was a pragmatic answer that it was a clean slate and time for players to either step up or if not, show they aren’t part of the future. As he said, he’s only just in figuratively speaking and needs time to bring in new players an

  • He couldn’t very well say anything else re Gabby I suppose, especially after bigging him up earlier in the season. Hopefully it’s moot now Ivory Coast are out of AFCON and Kodjia will be back soon. I’m liking the cut of Brucie’s jib to be honest, and I ag

  • More and more he does give the impression that he really wants that job for the long term. That’s good. I like that.

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