Date: 16th March 2007 at 3:30pm
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Steve McClaren OUT.

What a berk. Cashley Hole is suspened, Wayne Bridge is injured – when isn’t he? And yet there is still no place for left sided midfielder/defender and Villa skipper Gareth Barry.

Sven Mark II will use Phil Neville or Jamie Carragher in the left back spot instead.

Sod off Steve, and take the numpties at the FA who chose you ahead of Martin O’Neill and Sam Allardyce with you.

Martin O’Neill has reacted to the news saying:

“I’m very disappointed and surprised that with Wayne Bridge injured and Ashley Cole suspended, England don’t think Gareth is capable of playing on that left side.”

“He has played a significant number of games at left-back for us this season and played very well indeed, so I’m very disappointed for Gareth.”

Adding on, “I said some weeks ago that I thought it was inevitable Gareth would get into the England squad. He did just that and it’s harsh that he’s missed out this time.”

“He’s had a fantastic season and I’m not sure what else he can do. But he’s only 26 and we can only hope that his chance will come again.”


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  • The bloke is just clueless. He really hasn’t got a clue. The England squad should be picked on form and Barry has been consistently excellent all season. Why play a right-footer at left back? And an awful one at that. Can’t wait to see the back of the pratt

  • well england have always had a hard time finding players to play on the left but when they do they dont know how to handle them.thats all the can be said

  • I was at Old Trafford for the Spain game and thought Barry did not do enough to help his cause. After the game he said he had played a simple game – safety first in other words and I don’t think that helped his cause. However when you look at who has been selected – right footed players to play left back, and one who has been caught out there before as well, you just have to wonder at the intelligence of the coach. Didn’t the Spanish coach say something similar – he was surprised that the Ginger One had not picked up their simple tactics. You never know, these may be two good games for Barry to miss!

  • I’m not surprised at all – what else do you expect from “Sven’s muppet”? If he was pratt enough to ditch Beckham, anything goes. I just hope and pray that McClaren is axed before too long and Allardyce gets the job (should be MON but keeping quiet about that).

  • In all honesty Barry will never be an England regular, the Ginger Bloke just dont fancy him. Maybe Gary or Phil Nevill have another brother he can pick in front of Barry. The only thing that cheers me up is we got MON, England got Mr Smiley Clueless bargain.

  • Is anybody really surprised at Gareth’s exclusion? I would think surely not. McClaren made the token gesture of including Gareth in the squad for the game against Spain, but that was all it was ever going to be, a token gesture. Like Sven before him, McClaren has his set favourites, tired old faces that will make the squad irrelevant of club or prior international form, and that is the main reason that England will continue to struggle at competitive international level, and why McClaren remains very much on borrowed time.

  • To geordie_villa: jamie carragher has also been excellently consistent.
    To mutley 73: neville will not play; carragher will. I would pick carra over neville and barry any day.

  • Aamir,if you`d pick Carragher over Barry at left back then you have a biased reason because although i agree Carragher is a fantastic Centre half he would get embarressed at left back against decent opposition,he is no left back.Best thing for Gareth is to be as far away from that squad as possible because after the next 2 games i`ve a feeling the Media are gonna witch-hunt!!

  • Its more surprising that someone who was at Villa park this season to seen the kind of negative, boring, disgusting football that Bolton play would even mention Big Sam as a good England candidate. He probably would pick Barry but I don’t know where he’d fit in 5-5-0

  • aspinal, carragher is one of the most versatile defenders in the world. Centre back, left back, right back, you name it, carra’s done it…successfully. He was a striker for the academy and under houllier he was used as a midfielder sometimes.

  • idioT idiOT idIOT iDIOT IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO left sided player so what do you do? Oh I know, you ignore one of the most inform lefted footed players in the country and you select either a centre half or right back (preferably @ 30+) instead. The best thing that can happen for England is a defeat. I’m afraid that is the only way this incompetent fool will go! I’m so annoyed!

  • what does McClaren fear? carragher is solid, but frankensteins baby is anyones guess. he calls it ‘experience’ but it smells of a favour. barry, barton and beckham could all be there. really.

  • Barton and Barry should be in every England squad,Carragher has fairly poor distribution and hasn`t got a left foot,he`ll play Phil Neville in 1st game and Cole in 2nd but we should be used to Villa players being unnoticed -Giddy,Little,Mortimer,Shaw,Withe,Morley,Sid,Hodge,Platty……all should have had more caps or it took freak injuries to get their chance Internationally – how has Gareth had a fair go? I think Phil Neville has around 6,000 caps and looked crud in all

  • By the way Aamir,can`t remember any people bothered if Carragher picked or not,if you listen to any footy phone-in`s most fans know all about Barry and subsequently phoned them yesterday to announce McClaren is a total bell-end,you may live in yer Jameee,Steveee blinkered world in Scouse land and that`s fine-stay there-but leave the rest of us well alone-thanks.

  • It dont make sense I mean what do you have to do to get in the England squad, become good friends with the manager? I mean Barry is what the 5th best premiership player of the season or where ever he is in that table and yet he aint getting picked for the squad but Steve’s buddies Phil Neville and Stuart Downing are

  • Just noticed McClaren was at Old Trafford to watch game v Bolton ( what a shock ) Gary Neville is out of the Internationals so he may have to back down and re-appoint Barry to squad,if he goes for Wes Brown then i`ll choke.

  • I hope England lose. McClaren is the worst appointment the FA could have made. *******!! I hate everything about his regime. He is a blinkered *******!!

  • total *****er that mclaren is! cant believe it still! phil neville and stewart downing picked ahead of barry,absolutely unreal it really is. hope the ***** he bangs in a smasher 2moro to sicken that ginger *******!

  • McClaren has made a shocking decsion here. Hopefully, he’ll ahve some sense and call him up now G Neville and Richards are likely to be out.

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