Date: 6th February 2007 at 4:16pm
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Not only has the England manager decided to go one up front – and that one is Peter Crouch – he has also opted for Phil Neville over Gareth Barry in the left-back role.

McClaren will claim the five man midfield is an attacking formation but we all know it rarely works out that way and I’ve also got to ask, how does Shaun Wright-Phillips get a starting place when he can’t start for his club side?

England: Ben Foster (Watford); Gary Neville (Man Utd), Phil Neville (Everton), Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd), Jonathan Woodgate (Middlesbrough); Steven Gerrard (Liverpool, captain), Michael Carrick (Man Utd), Shaun Wright-Phillips (Chelsea), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Kieran Dyer (Newcastle); Peter Crouch (Liverpool).

Just brilliant – a special thank you to the FA for selecting yet another fantastic England manager for us.


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  • Not overlly negative. Sure, no Barry, but what about Fossie in goal? That’s not a bad move. And at least the captain is better than the usual knuckle-dragger.

  • England’s best goalkeepers are, ironically, both playing for relegation threatened sides. Carson and Foster are the 2 best at the mo’, although it wasn’t so long ago that your goalies came from the Championship, wasn’t it Walker & James or something ? When they were down there.

    Anyhoo, back to Barry, seemingly McClaren has said he would prefer to see Barry in his primary role as a left sided midfielder. So we’ll definitely see him at some stage. I’d rather he start at left back then move up to left mid when someone else is replaced.

  • McClaren is rubbish and i wish he would improve fast. It’s reasonably obvious that the best candidate for the England job is now managing villa!

  • isnt phil neville playing a central midfield holding role at everton…if thats the case then mcclaren is a bigger plonker than first thought.

  • Don’t understand it. I know people say Barry lacks pace, but to prefer a right footed chuckle brother at left back instead of a natural left footed player begs a question. What was the point of calling Barry up? I’m going to the game tomorrow night, but now feel very disappointed. One forward at home is nonsense.

  • It’s no surprise that he has chosen the brothers grim. Richards should be at right back and he should have started with Barry at left back. We already know about steptoe. He somehow has fifty plus caps.

  • The man’s a tool!! Foster’s a good shout as he’s untried and it’s the perfect oppourtunity for him (plus McClaren’s old mate Fergie has told him to start him) but surely it makes a lot more sense to start Barry who’s been excellent at left back AND left mid this season at left back and move him forward if he wants. Phil Neville is no long term solution to any problem and won’t be going to any future tournaments, whereas BArry may. Anyone remember the last time the Neville Bros played together? Romania, we lost, Phil gave away a penalty. Joy. What a twit.

  • Stevie Mac is a joke how he can justify half of what he does I’ll never know. David Bentley is doing exactly what is asked of him yet he still gets overlooked because he is playing for Blackburn whereas Wright-Phillips can rarely even get into the Chelsea side yet he plays instead. Phil Neville over Gareth Barry?!?! This clearly makes sense doesn’t it!!! It’s a friendly for christ sakes Stevie Mac, you use these to bring in new players and give them ago, if he doesn’t know what his “core players” or should I say “favourites” can’t do by now he never will! Stevie Mac you are a laughing stock our opponents don’t fear you they laugh at you! The man you have at Villa is the man that SHOULD be leading England as we speak.

  • What else do you honestly expect of McClaren? He wasn’t even third choice for the job… They wanted Scolari, but the fecked that up, then they were considering Harry, but they got wind of the Bung allegations ahead of the story going “live”, and they were rumoured to be more interested in someone else ahead of McClaren (Maybe our MON, maybe Allardyce – but ditto bung allegations). McClaren is nothing more than a bad manager’s number two. Our FA is incompetent to hire him in the first place.

  • McClaren is a joke. The F.A should have severed all ties with previous regime. It makes me wanna puke!

  • 5 across the midfield is negative as far as I can see Neil, never works for England, we are much better playing the traditional 4-4-2. Hope he proves everyone wrong but I think McClaren is a good number 2 and coach.

  • He’s an tW@ that’s for sure. A proper wanchor – get it??? Anyhow, it’s the Man U and Boro connection. Any team with the movement of Spain will destroy Steptoe. Barry is a better mover on and off the ball where as Steptoe is a ‘hoof it’ merchant. Any bets for the amount of time he gets his head down and smashes the ball past midfield in the hope of it reaching the front two – whereby it will be intercepted by Spains ace defense then throughballed to Torres to slip past Foster while the worlds press castigate the poor Watford keeper for having a bad debut?!?!?!?!?! Mark my words….

  • koolbill – wise words indeed. Let’s hope they don’t come true but it doesn’t look good. I just give up. Where is Nolan? Where is Bentley? Even Pennent is having a good season. And is Crouch all we have – really? Of s**t we are in big trouble.

  • Barry will have his time if he keeps playing well. I’d hate to think he didnt get a chance but then again I like the fact he tries really hard to get recognised thus being a better player for us. Twisted logic!

  • Friendly games are about trying out NEW ideas. Now even McLaren must know how Chuckle2 plays. He has the ready made article there ready and willing to play. This is pure Svennis at his worst.

  • Doesn?t he ever learn??!!

    Lampard and Gerrard DO NOT work together in the midfield. Remember the World Cup anyone? You were there Steve.
    Phil Neville at Left Back?? Do we not know all we need to know about Phil Neville? Aren?t friendlies all about trying out new options? Why oh why isn?t Gareth Barry starting? Why did you pick him in the squad Steve? No Ashley Cole. No Wayne Bridge. So we turn to ?.. Phil Neville. That must be because he plays left back for Everton! Except he usually plays on the right for Everton. And he?s no spring chicken. And he?s not very good. Oh God why are you doing this Steve?
    Is Dyer playing upfront with Crouch? If so, why? He?s an excellent player but not a proven striker. I appreciate we have injuries in this area (Rooney, Owen, Bent, Ashton) but Defoe must be a bit annoyed (is he injured as well?). If Dyer is playing in a five man midfield why are we playing at home with only one striker? Why are we tinkering with 4-5-1 again? We know it doesn?t work for us. Will Dyer be on the right alongside Wright-Phillips? How?s that gonna work? Explain Steve. Just give us a clue. Go on. Please.

    Rant over. What do I know? We?ll probably win 4-0. One each for Dyer, Lampard, Gerrard and Phil Neville.

  • This just defies logic. The most in form left sided English born footballer in the country, yet he cant break into the national side. Whats he planning to do? Put Gareth on with 10-15 miutes to go, possibly at left back or in midfield maybe? Why the hell even make the token gesture of including GB in the squad in the first place, he clearly had no intention of giving Gareth an opportunity. And dont even start me on this playing with one striker crap.

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