Date: 4th June 2009 at 2:41pm
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Vital Villa asked in our last poll who should replace Gareth Barry IF we don’t buy anyone?

Steve Sidwell was the pretty clear answer with 49%.

Next up with 29% was James Milner moving to the centre.

Then came Nigel Hokey-Cokey with 12% and Craig Gardner who I think could do a decent job given a run in the team (?) with 6%

That left 4% unsure… thanks for that contribution! ;o)

Our latest poll, suggested by deano.avfc asks what you’ll do when Barry returns to Villa Park.


22 Replies to “Steve Sidwell Gets Vote To Replace Barry!”

  • Agree Fear, I voted for Craig and think that there’s much more to him than the others in that role…

  • would be interesting, obviously like most I’d like to see a big quality signing but Gardner is a tough player and given a run, who knows?

  • I really think Gardner has it in him to become a top attacking midfielder. His strike alone makes him a danger to anyone.

  • Funny isn’t it – and here we were wringing our hands and boo hooing (some were) that we are going downhill and backward cos Bazza left, but we have the resources (current and now doubt during the summer purchases) to compensate. I didn’t vote but would have doen for either Sidders of Garders.

  • well I’m sorry my old mucker, but we can’t accept your point now you’ve made a spelling mistake… ! LOL

  • Jesus – thought you called me F***r !!!- must get new contact lenses – Oh well – I knew most of the stuff out mymouth was a load of C***p ;o)

  • I really hope Gardener is given about ten games in centre mid so he can be properly judged, i think he could possibly make a good replacement for Mr Barry.

  • oi JF – don’t let all and sundry know about my parentage ;o) – yes was called that many a time whil edishing out the £ signs and doing the marches – though it was me Dad shouting at me ;o)

  • i think gardner shall be great but should be played at right back and sidwell should replace barry

  • I hope someone comes in who is a more than adequate replacement. Whether that is Bannan (18) or Albrighton (19) I do not know (Barry was only 17 when he came in and stayed) But why can’t they be tried.They are meant to be good. Sidwell was awful when he came in last season and fills me with no confidence whatsoever, and I am amazed he has won the vote. At Goodison he came in for Barry and in my mind was the major difference in delivering another cup exit by vrtue of fielding a weakened team (i.e. one with him in it). Petrov proved you can come good, and I clearly hope he does. I just wish youth would be given a fairer chance to show whether there are any who can make the step up or not. They may be our salvation.

  • stennyvilla, well said (although I wouldn’t share your hope that Sidwell makes it – not because I want to see him fail, but simply because I see no grounds for any hope). I think there were two reasons behind our defensive frailties in the second part of the season. The first, obviously, was losing Laursen. But the second reason was that our central defenders got virtually no cover from our midfield. Neither Barry or Petrov were/are defensive midfielders – though both had good seasons. Petrov was obviously asked to play a holding role, but he simply doesn’t have either the physical or defensive attributes to do the job with just one other midfielder alongside him. Last season, Reo-Coker did the job, and for all his limitations, he had the engine, the aggression and the tackling ability to be a ‘Makelele with legs’. Kind of. With the players we had last season, we were crying out to play 4-5-1 – and we certainly had some success with it when we were forced to adopt the tactic. But switching back to 4-4-2 did us no favours – although of course there were a myriad of factors as to why our form fell off a cliff. With the personnel we have, I’d go with Petrov, Reo-Coker and Milner in the centre, with Carew up top on his own, Gabby filling in on the right but supporting Carew at every opportunity, and Ashley doing his thing on the left. But I would always give Gardner plenty of game time too. He not only deserves it, but I suspect that he would have to be thinking about moving on if he doesn’t get playing time next season. Incidentally, that second point also applies to Reo-Coker, who may well take the view that he wants out anyway, given he’s spent little time on the pitch this season, and when he has played, has ended up at right back. For someone who, feasibly, could make the England squad for next years World Cup, he has to be a regular pick. As for Sidwell, if the rumour that Wolves want Sidwell is true, I’d bite their arm off for half of the £5m they’re reportedly willing to offer. Nothing against the bloke personally. I just don’t think he’s as good as our other midfielders, and nor do I think he’s good enough for a top half Premiership team. But we will wait and see what O’Neill thinks, because after all, what I think isn’t worth a damn!

  • albarnista…spot on about barry and petrov in the middle. good players in their own right but our defense took a barrage of attacks with the two of them there. if the stories about huddlestone are true that worries me even more as he’s even less mobile than what we’ve got. People knock NRC but we need a player like that to do the leg work for the other two. Thought Sidwell was going to be a good signing as we havent had a midfielder who can arrive late in to the box and knock a few goals for years. Didnt really see him touch the ball when he was on the pitch though. To be fair though he hadnt played regular first team football for a year and was never fit so see how he does next year.

  • I say Milner, Gardner and Sidwell should be given a chance but Reo Coker is not good enough. When we attacks he delays his passes and opportunities that could be created are never materialized. He gives the ball away in very compromising positions which allows other teams to attack us. He also gives way way to many free kicks outside our penalty area. In fact I would appreciate if some one can pull this statistic if possible – because many teams have benefited from these stupid fee kicks that resulted in goals. He just does not enough vision or thought in his playing that would be required of a midfielder.

  • Unfortunately you are right Pablo1978. Nige is an athlete and a good one at that but what has gone towards making him have the ability to run around in circles all day has taken away from his touch and vision and footballing brain. Its got to be 3 in the middle, consisting of Stan, Craig and a new player, with Gabby on the right wing all day for me. Last 10 mins gainst the Magpies he came to life given a bit of space to run into and set big John up for a sitter when he always looks out of place with his back to goal.

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