Date: 6th March 2007 at 6:39pm
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The operations director of Aston Villa football club, Steve Stride has handed in his resignation notice effective from the 31st May 2007.

Stride, who joined the club in 1972 has been involved with many key aspects in the off-field running over the years. He even took some of the supporters flack for being a ‘yes-man’ for one Herbert Douglas Ellis and after the past few years, must be looking forward to a bit of a break!

The club website tonight paid tribute to the man who has been at Villa Park for 35 years, and has quoted Stride himself:

‘As a lifelong Villa fan I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a career that has also been a passion.

‘I have experienced European and domestic success at the highest level during my 35 years at Villa Park and I now leave the club in the hands of new owners and administrators who I firmly believe have the ability and commitment to restore Aston Villa to those former glories.’

Cheers Steve!

(Apologies for having Doug in the photo too!)


17 Replies to “Steve Stride Resigns From Villa”

  • Don’t know enough to comment on his business acumen but I do know Randy is getting the very best personnel around him. If Stride is Villa through & through I can’t see why he would want to leave other than his position is untenable. Out with the old and in with the new.

  • I agree with you Gaz. If he was good for the Villa, Randy would not let him go. Wheels keep turning the right way, all we need now is results.

  • Stride has given as much as he could have over the last 35 years. He feels the time is right for the new regime to take over. Will still be at Villa Park every week, for every game even after his resignation. He simply feels its time to move on and there is nothing untoward.

  • It is common place for a large plc, after takeover, becomming private to retain key members of the administrative team/directors to oversee a handover period. Ultimately the new owner will eventually want to install ‘his own people’. Stride was probably already contracted for this handover period after the takeover, and he has no doubt been rewarded handsomely for it by Lerner – basicly Stride knew the club top to bottom and inside out, probably better than Ellis did, and Lerner could not afford to loose him in the early days of his reign. I would expect no animosity between Lerner and Stride, in fact Lerner is probably very grateful to him for staying on. We should salute Stride for what he has done for our club, he has been a real servant and worked under one of the most coveted tyranical leaders the game has ever seen. Steve I take my hat of to you and wish you all the best.

  • I can not join in the pleasantries. Whilst I wish him all the best for the future I think that we have been let down. SS has ‘earned’ several million quid from the Villa in shares, wages, a book and pensions during his time at the club. It is obvious from the efforts of the current regime just how much this club has been lacking over the last few years. Questions are now being answered. These same questions and problems were ignored by SS his staff. Even to the extent that on shareholders meetings he would rather argue against fans despite everybody being able to see what was happening. So he has made a nice life for himself and his family from the Villa, but lets not pretend he was a success. It seems like he is a genuinely nice guy but in terms of his work ability, his achievements are now being shown to being poor. Quite rightly he was kept on initially for his knowledge and contacts. The new owners now have these and he no longer has anything to ‘bring to the table’. It just goes to show that it is not just on the pitch where the club is trying to improve the quality. It would be unfair to say ‘good riddance’ because working for HDE must have been a nightmare. I think he tried his best but was so out of his depth it is untrue.

  • Jonah it seems he was gently moved on. He has not been included on recent board meetings and has not been invited to join the decision making processes that are now happening. He has rightly identified this as a signal that he is no longer required. He has taken the right decision to go instead of hanging around until he was told to sling his hook. And reza, unless you are SS or know him personaly how do you know he will still be at VP every game? How do you know there was nothing untoward. It was the new owners decision to dispense with his services, although the ‘spin’ indicates it was SS’s decision. The fact that that he was alienated from the decision making process proves this.

  • I agree. It is not unusual for “executive level” staff to go at his sort of age (not intended to be an angeist comment just the facts)a nd they do say that a new broom always sweeps clean and we do not need remnants fro the days of DD.
    All the best Steve, enjoy your retirement with your family and enjoy watching MON’s team bringing back the glory days you recall so fondly !!

  • voiceoftheholte,

    I’m not SS…but yes..we are very close friends and i know that some of the reasons given here for his leaving is way off the mark.
    it was entirely HIS decision…..when someone wants to spend some of his time in the Florida sunshine…why not. he has served the club well regardless of the opinions some.
    our new CEO has told me that SS left on his own…..and also confirmed that he will still keep his seat at VP….
    SS was not nudged out at all…..he will continue to command respect from many including the new management team whom he endorses fully.
    but there’s no reason for us to argue……i’m just simple me way out in South Africa who just happens to have close association with SS and Richard FitzGerald

  • Seems like VOTH has touched a nerve but fair play to you reza for the response. It seems to me that Steve could have stayed but was having increasing little input into the club and he quit whilst ahead. I am with the view of the majority of people who commented about steve stride on a previous topic …… decent bloke but not up to the demands of the job.

  • Lets hope he shut the door behind him and Randy bolted and padlocked it tight. All I can say is good riddance to the last of the dinosaurs who have run this great club into the ground for too many years. Randy should now disinfect VP to finally rid it of any remnants of Ellis and his cronies and the years of neglect and mismanagement they have heaped upon the Club whilst at the same time profiteering from over inflated salaries, free shares and contracts for their friends and family. If SS does have the gall to reappear to take his seat I only hope he?s made to pay for it like the rest of us loyal fans who have paid for their?s all their lives through hard work and sacrifice. Something that can?t be aimed at either Ellis or Stride and Co who have lived a grand life off the Villa gravy train, paid for by the fans.

  • No doubting Stride’s loyalty to Villa. But he was loyal to the wrong person. He should have proved how much he cared for the club by distancing himself from the coffin dodger when he saw what a mess he was making of the whole thing. I won’t be sorry to see SS go. He has spent too long looking after himself rather than looking after Aston Villa

  • I played football for the same Sunday league team as Stridey. He was left full back, I was a striker. Guess that’s my great claim to fame. Shows what a dull existence I’ve lead.

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