Date: 5th July 2007 at 12:55pm
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Aston Villa academy graduate Steven Davis has signed for Fulham it was announced today. The former player of the year had an indifferent season under Martin O`Neill and will now join team-mate Aaron Hughes, and former international manager Lawrie Sanchez. As of yet no information regarding a fee, or contract length has been released.


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  • Really disappointed to see him go. Understand why MON has sold him though, if he wasn’t impressed with form or attitude… I’m most disappointed he didn’t wish to up his game and win his place back.

  • *****,*****,*****! 1st bad move from martin this definately is,cannot believe it honestly! *****!

  • MON has really got to get his finger out now and sign 5 or 6 players that are better than what has left ..!

  • starting to get nervous now, that was a quality player we just let go. He must have some big ones line up. Im so nervous I have a big one of my own lined up. Also I hope the fee reflected his ability – if NRC is 8.5m he must be worth at least 5m.

  • F*** now am really angry O’Neil said he would let ppl leave who didn’t want to stay but I didn’t know it included everyone god Martin please stop letting everyone leave If Carew leaves am really gonna flip because at the moment we have only brought 1 player in and Pre season has already started which means if we do get anyone else they might not be ready for the new campaign

  • We better be signing a top quality replacement,I dont see what we have to gain by letting good players go.

  • I think this reflects how much the mentality of the club has changed. Instead of being a club that has to do what it can to keep its better players, we are now obviously looking to try and improve upon them. Also did SD ask for a transfer?? as i don’t recall it being made public

  • I have this in transfer thread – but what the hell it needs to be said: We have just sold a real gem of a player he cleaned up as player and young player of the year season before last. Would Villa fans be happy is MON sold Barry or Agbonlahor next summer if they have a poor season. Actually let me rephrase that – if they have as good (or slightly better) season than others in their position (Berger or Moore) – I have said this because he was no worse than the player keeping him out of the team i.e. Petrov. One so-so season when your opportunities are limited doesnt make you a bad player. Gardner or Osbourne coming in and playing well in half a dozen games does not make them better than Davis who has 20+ international caps for a team which has jumped 100 places in the rankings and beat Spain, Sweden and England in recent years. Is anyone else thinking along the same lines or is it just us Ulstermen!!!???!!! The stuff about him kicking up a fuss I find hard to believe – I am mates with his old schoolmate who catches up with him when Davis is back in Co. Antrim (genuine – this isnt the usual bull with my sisters cousins mate etc) and he has spoken of how he doesnt want to leave Villa and gets on great with MON.

  • What a damn shame. O’Neill better step up the revolution, cos he needs alot of players to fill in for the ones hes let go. Still, Davis was actin like he didnt even want to put up any sort of fight like he expected to be in the first team every week. Either way, hope he does good for himself, but i think we’ll be doing better

  • Steven Davis gone, a mistake?? not at all, nice one MON, get rid of the players who are not willing to up their games, who have no fighting spirit, who expect a massive paycheck and an automatic first team place, so what if we have to build from the ground up, I would rather that, then put up with massive egos who don’t perform well unless they feel like it, it is about time managers stopped putting up with it. this is ASTON VILLA they should be proud to play for us and fight tooth and nail to wear the claret and blue.

  • steff the money that is in the game today means that this kind of player you talk about is now a dying breed..!

  • £4 million isn’t a bad return for a squad player who came through the ranks, although it is always disappointing see one of ‘your own’ leave. With the way transfer fees are going I do hope the club have put in adequate ‘sell on’ clauses in to the contract. Time will tell if M’ON has made a mistake or if Davis is another Graham Fenton. I would think that after working with him for a year M’ON would have more of an understanding of his potential than any of us fans. I hope he does well and that he doesn’t haunt us on the second home game of the season. I will be giving him a good reception, same goes for Hughes.

  • Who says he has no fighting spirit or that he wanted an automatic first team place???? The only quotes are that he wanted to have a chat with O’Neill to see if he was still in his plans – this ‘chat’ was to happen Wednesday (yesterday) so it is very likely that O’Neill has said no – you are not in my plans it would be best to move on. How the **** can people say he doesnt want to play for the shirt?? What proof do you have at all!!! When Man Utd were rumoured to be in for him did he come out and say he wanted a move – NO he was happy to remain a Villan. Dont slag the guy when you have not got a quote to go on. When he does quote it will probably be to say that he is ‘disappointed but excited by the challenge’ just like Aaron Hughes. He has a massive ego – what a lot of s**te!!! He is the nicest guy from a quiet town who has been very gratedul for being a regular international and playing in the Premiership!! Ego – compared to who we have just signed. Dont go critisising players with ridiculous statements. Find me a quote saying that he wants to leave, will not fight for a place in the team, or wants money and I will believe you. Until then stop talking s***e!!!

  • Cant help but agree that a big mistake has been made here, but I feel that it is a mistake on the part of the player, not MON. I guess I’m in something of a minority, but I’m not too upset about Davis leaving. If he hadn’t got it in him to give it at least another twelve months giving his all, in a determined effort to win a place back in the starting line up, then its definitely best for the club that he’s outa here. A decision by young Steven that shows a complete lack of balls. Good luck to him at Fulham, but somehow I think he’ll live to regret his decision.

  • Graham Fenton???? Comparing an international, former player and young player of the year, once linked with a £8m move to Man Utd as a replacement for Roy Keane to Graham Fenton???

  • I agree it was made clear to him when Petrov took his position despite the fact Davis was player of the year and Petrov most of the time was ****e.We were not there at training eveyday how does any one know he wasn’t prepared to fight for his place.

  • Yep – just as I thought – proper quote from the horses mouth – “So although it’s sad to be leaving Villa, I know this is the right decision for me and my future”. Sounds like a guy who has been told that he wont get much of a chance next season!! Rather than an ego-tistical, money grabber who is not up for a fight for a first team place. Only £4m for him – thats a joke!!

  • Petrov just clouds this issue. MON believes rightly or wrongly that contracts & rewards have to be earnt. He obviously had a disagreement about where he should be playing and MON feels Gardner is a better prospect. I’m sure he’ll get asked this question at the NRC press conference and we’ll get a direct answer. I’m not worried, other than getting in some class. Koumas etc are no better than Davo.

  • ABSOLUTELY GUTTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sad sad day to be a Villa fan…unbelievable! i can’t fathom why on earth MON has sold one of our best young players!! actually i can, its because he loves petrov like a son. bloody hell, i thought we had a gradual plan to break the top 4 – we’ve sold a player who was linked with man utd, a player who a lot of utd fans would have liked to see join them. he has an average spell of form and he’s out the door. shocking decision. lets hope there are no more.

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