Date: 23rd April 2007 at 4:41pm
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The paper reports are suggesting that Steven Davis will be put up for sale in the summer. Davis has had a rougher season this year following the last term where he was a virtual ever present and won Villa’s Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year.

But you have to ask, does this from the Villa boss Martin O’Neill sound like he plans to sell the Northern Ireland international?

‘Steven had a really good season last year. He’s found it a bit more difficult this year, but I can see him roaring back next season and taking games by the scruff of the neck. Steven’s preferred position is central midfield. He doesn’t feel comfortable playing out wide. When you’re playing 4-4-2, unless you’ve got a sitting midfielder who doesn’t do anything, then it’s difficult.’

‘I played all my time for Nottingham Forest wide right but I really wanted to play in the centre. I’d have liked to have played centre all the time. That’s where I played for Northern Ireland, but Clough said: ‘I’m not going to be leaving out Archie Gemmill and that’s the position where I feel you are best equipped to help the team.’

Adding on the official site: ‘All the young players want to play in the side – it’s the time of their lives when they want to enjoy it. I want to build up a squad where I have lots of choices. There’s going to be a stage now when some of the younger players in the side, who are not playing regularly, will either have to battle to get into the side or say: ‘I’ve battled as hard as I can and I’m still not in the team – I might look elsewhere.”

Hits the nail on the head when he says ‘I want to build a squad’. Yes, get rid of some fringe players, get rid of players with less talent or of an age where they need to find pastures new, but no way will we or should be looking at selling prospects like Davis!

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25 Replies to “Steven Davis Up For Sale – NOT.”

  • Personally I think the last paragraph suggests he might well sell him. There’s going to be a stage now when some of the younger players in the side, who are not playing regularly, will either have to battle to get into the side or say: ‘I’ve battled as hard as I can and I’m still not in the team – I might look elsewhere.”

  • just the first bit where he says he can see the player roaring back next season. The rest seems to say the only way the player will go is if he asks to go?

  • Guess its all down to Davo then, but I cant see him wanting to stay and have another season like this one.

  • MON doesn`t rate him,he`s obviously whinged about playing wide and i don`t think he`s been played in his actual best position all season – he`s played in a 3 ( thought that would suit him but he looked poor ) or he`s played wide which will never work,MON seems to prefer Gardner which scares me.

  • We can’t hold on to all the midfielders we have. Berger, Barry, Young, Maloney, Osborne, Petrov, Gardner, McCann, Davis plus any other midfielder MON buys. Someone will get cheesed off!

  • In my opinion Mccann will go, Berger will play a very limited bit part as will Osbourne. I think its all down to Davis whether he stays or not buyt I dont think MON will stand in his way.

  • Don’t understand the English transfer system at the best of times. But as I understand it, if he asks to go – he waves goodbye to a big wad of cash. His agent will be onto to him for sure, as he’ll be on far less than Young, Barry & Petrov. He was our main man last season with Barry. Not sure he’s rated by MON as he’s turned to Gardner & Osbourne. As has been noted here, looks like he’s moaned on about where he wants to play and Martin’s told him where to go. In the past we would have backed down from this kind of thing. Personally, I think there’s going to be a few good midfielders up for grabs this summer (Reo Coker, Sidwell, Parker and the Arsenal 3rds), so if he wants to go there’s no point keeping an unhappy player.

  • only 18 months since he was strongly tipped as a possible Man U target, cant understand whats happened.

  • i would be amazed if he let him go in summer.the guy is an immense talent whos sale would just come back to haunt us over and over again through the years.though ask yourselves one question-gardner or davis????? dont know how anyone can say gardner on what we have seen so far! surely o neill knows its play davis or lose him it is as simple as that and if we lose him we will lose one of our best youth talents in years.davis in 3 or 4 years time will be playing for a top team regardless whether its villa or not,mark my words.

  • agree gazvilla, can’t fit all the midfielders in but I’d say the older ones need to go, ones like davis need to have at least another season to try to prove their worth, although it will get more and more difficult for anyone but the best as we are obviously also going to be spending on quality. Have to agree with belfast villain, it isn’t just for the now with the likes of davis, if we sell him now we could regret it in a few years, if he does go, I hope we at least add a sell on clause (like we should have and unbelievably didn’t with Crouch)

  • I heard somewhere that Man U were still in for him. Swap for Bardsley – now that wuld be good business (for them)

  • If it suits him a 6 month loan out to sanchez if he becomes fulham manager who will go all out to buy Healy.that way he will get games and mon can see his developement in the prem.He is an unselfish player and dosent strike me as a hendrie type of personality who will give up when the going gets tough.Mon is throwing down the gauntlet to Davo to see if he can rise to the challenge.

  • Sk1nner80 – makes a good point. The loan system. Man Ure loan their kids out and that’s what we can do now as we gather a decent squad. Osbourne, Davis, Ridgewell, Gardner. These players can gain valuable experience either in the prem or certainly the Championship.

  • It would be foolish to lose Davis; a role must be found for him. Having said that, though, Davis must get stuck in. He needs to work on the physical side of his game (by which I mean he must get stuck in). This is why Gardner has been playing. He shoots, he passes, he tackles, he runs all over the place-we are aware that he is playing.

  • If Davis has thrown his toys out of the pram – that’s tough on him. He’ll have to learn to do as he’s told and play where MON wants him to play – otherwise “on yer bike son”!

  • As much as I like Davis, he’s had one good season. We’ll see what he’s made of at the start of next season… whether he cares about the Villa and getting his place back or taking the easy option and joining Fulham! Anyhow, I’m sure MON knows the kid and how he’s been in training and with the reserves much better than we do.

  • Davis could be a brilliant player for the Villa, his performances for N Ireland have been briliant, so why are theses performances not happening at Villa, the Manager “don’t fancy him” I dont fancy any blokes but I would give them a game….. I feel that if he doe’s not get a run in the team or MON wont play him he will walk, its not till he leaves we will see another club benifit from his tallent. I personally rate him and think he deserves a place in the team. villacross he may walk and we may be letting a diamond slip away again…

  • I expect to see a fully resurgent Steven Davis next season. Hopefully he will still be plying his trade at Villa Park.

  • I wouldn’t read too much into who MON is or isn’t playing at the moment.He now has a good idea of what the players can do on the pitch, but he also needs to know what their attitude is like when they are not selected.If your building a large squad the last thing you want is a flurry of transfer requests once the new season gets under way, and then trying to replace unhappy players in January.If anyone is not willing to fight for a place (J Lloyd) they will be gone this summer no matter what their reputation or potential.

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