Date: 30th May 2008 at 8:17pm
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Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has again spoken about another clubs player and helped tap up the Villa skipper Gareth Barry.

Apparently Gerrard is ‘desperate’ for Barry to join him.

FOR GOD’s SAKE SHOW SOME RESPECT Gerrard. And if you don’t know what it means, LOOK IT UP.

Gerrard told Sky Sports:

‘Gareth Barry is someone who will improve Liverpool. I know all about Gareth, I am good friends with him off the pitch and I am desperate for us to sign him. We can’t be disrespectful to Villa. He is still their player and we will see what happens. Naturally, they are going to try and keep hold of him, and rightly so because he is one of their star men. He has been a fantastic servant for them over many years. But, from a biased point of view, I want Gareth Barry to become a Liverpool player. He is a good player. But I want Liverpool to be as strong as possible and Gareth Barry will certainly make us stronger.’

Adding, ‘You talk about improving the team, the starting XI and the squad, and Gareth will certainly help Liverpool to become a better team. I am sure Gareth will find it hard to leave Villa,’ added Gerrard. ‘He has been fantastic for them but, in football, sometimes opportunities come along where you can better your career. I think Gareth is 27 now and he needs to play Champions League football. In my opinion, he needs that now.’

Totally out of order comments, I hope Villa report this rabble to every appropriate authority possible and hope they also make it clear that they will sell Barry to Liverpool over their dead bodies. I could see very little wrong with Liverpool bidding and us rejecting their pathetic offers but this pratt once again talking about another clubs contracted and highly respected player is out of order.

I’d rather see us give Gareth Barry to Birmingham City for nothing than let Liverpool bully us through the press like this. Disgraceful and disrespectful actions to say the very least.

Time for Villa to make it clear that Barry goes nowhere for anything under £20million, that might make that lot put up or shut up….hopefully the latter!


2 Replies to “Steven Gerrard Taps Up Barry For Liverpool”

  • i respect your opinions, but can you please stop pretending you are a big club….your not. you ARE a feedr clubs and the top 4 will pinch any of your players of any use. so, fair enough having your little rants but please stop makign it as if you can compete with united, arsenal, liverpool and chelsea, because in all reality you cant. stick to your own level.

  • you have no respect, you’ve just proven that in your comment. You’ve obviously not read the autobiog of Sir Alex then who said he thought Villa would be Utd’s main rivals in the 90’s not taking into account the Doug stagnation years. We have the ability to get back up there and Arsenal/Liverpool are not a million miles away. Sure, the Ruski money has bought Chelsea a lead and Man Utd have stolen a march on everyone, barring the massive debt you have around your necks.

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