Date: 28th August 2006 at 9:27pm
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Unconfirmed reports on local TV claim that Villa have clinched the signature of Celtic’s Stilian Petrov for a fee of around £8million.

Looks like Celtic have quickly replaced him as they have signed Thomas Gravesen from Real Madrid.

More news once it is confirmed…


25 Replies to “Stilian Petrov Signs For £8million?”

  • Replace Davis I think. McCann is more of a stopper and although Petrov can put his foot in I think he’s been bought for his creativity. Who’s next???

  • It’s a shock. Villa fans just aren’t used to the club spending this kind of money. And it’s only the first…watch this space and pick your jaw off the floor.

  • I don’t think he’ll replace Davis as I think most believe that Davis is a star in the making, but he may be interchanged with Davis. The lad has played too much football without propper support (the entire 95-96 season)and needs a rest. He can then come

  • VOTN – have to bow to your wisdom and agree. Davis isn’t looking up to speed yet. It’s been great seeing the kids work their socks off and you feel an affinity with them cos of the dark days (that dare not mention their name). Problem is to climb the l

  • I note the Petrov deal isn’t on the official site. News may be premature but I’m sure it will happen. Any ideas for a left back?

  • How amazing would it be to get Cole…from under the noses of Chelski! That really would make people sit up and take notice

  • Bit a reality check here:-

    1.we haven’t spent anything in the summer and have recently recouped 1m from players sales – so the net spend on petrov is 6 -7m – no brave new world.

    2.Petrov has today spoken at sofia airport – and distanced himself from

  • I’m a Celtic supporter and I have it from a very very good source that told me Graveson would sign for us many months ago that the Petrov deal is done for £7mil with £6mil of that upfront, you have just got a very good deal as if Petrov played for an Engl

  • Good signing. He won’t ‘replace’ anyone as such but we need more players and we need better quality players so he fits the bill

  • cant wait to see Petrov play if he does sign it will be a really good signing for us it be funny if we stole Celtic’s back up Graveson aswell

  • Dont know that much about Petrov, or the role in which MON envisages that he will be used, but its obvious that he’ll go straight into the team, so someone is going to be very unhappy. Sadly though for the individual(s) concerned thats how it has to be. I

  • if u do get petrov your getting a great player and im sure better than some of your current midfielders. unlike some might think he is ahardworking player with a lot of dig and always tracks back to make a tackle and doesnt pull out of 50-50 balls. He is

  • Petrov is a good signing – it will certainly take the pressure off Davis. However, if the £8m figure is true, then we’ve paid over the odds, I think. But what the hell – Randy’s pocket book is deep enough. We’re AVFC and we’re worth it!

  • So has he actually signed yet or not? I thought he was away on International duty. ******* stupid having internationals the week of the transfer deadline.

  • signings from Scotland are a bit dangerous as average players can look good in the scottish league. Remember mcann for blackburn or the one from celtic that went to utd? I think I would prefer graveson….I trust the saviours football knowledge over mine

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