Date: 29th August 2007 at 10:59am
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by deano.avfc, what is your opinion of Stiliyan Petrov?

37% still have the faith that he will come good after voting ‘still settling in – he will come good’. I’m sorry, I’m not sure I can see how a player who has been with the club for over a year now can still be settling in? Surely he should be settled and doing the business on the pitch within six months at the very least? Or should he not be dropped from the team until he has settled? Or am I just a grumpy old git? Best not answer the last one!

28% voted him a flop and a further 27% labelled him a squad player at best and 2% saying he should not even be in the squad.

That left 1% saying he was a solid first team performer and 5% lauding him as a key member of the first team.

Next up, on the assumption we sign him, the latest poll is asking what you think of the signing of Zat Knight.


15 Replies to “Stiliyan Petrov – The Poll Verdict”

  • I can think of several players in the past who “needed time to settle in” which was much longer than 12 months and, despite suffering terrible abuse from a number of our fickle fans, still went on to deliver the goods….McNaught, Evans, Morley, Swain, Ehiogu, Yorke to name but a few!!!! Lord only knows why players would want to come and play for us when we have fans who turn on you so quickly.

  • Well you can see it brewing already. After the Stan Petrov campaign, attention will turn to Big John Carew. villatillidie, you are so correct. McNaught in particular was subject to the type of abuse now being reserved for Petrov. He came good, and rammed the boos and jeers of the boo-boys back down their throats, hopefully SP will have enough about him to do the very same. As for the Zat Knight signing, guess we just have to wait and see. Not the inspirational type signature that we were all hoping for, but MON is building/developing his own team in his own way, and he must be allowed to do so.

  • Its nothing to do with being fickle or a vendetta. Petrov just isnt good enough and the sooner O’Neill realises this the better

  • I hope you are wrong wislor, particularly when you consider how good Petrov was on his debut. However as time goes on I think we might have to accept that you are right.

  • I agree wislor. Petrov on his performances is just not good enough. its not a vendetta its fact. since the west ham debut i can count on one hand the amount of descent performances he has put in. How long can we afford to give a player time to settle in? when is the cut off point? In his defence before the fulham game his effort was never questioned from my point of view….. on Saturday I saw an experienced player (Petrov) having a go at one of our youth products who is playing in a possition we all know doesn’t suit him (Gardner). that was my support gone. Petrov should have supported Gardner and helped him out instead of F***ing pointing his finger. and the best thing about it is i think Gardner is a better midfielder than Petrov, and if we had a recognised RB Gardner would be pushing Petrov for his position. I’m not a boo boy, I was one of the few on saturday that didn’t boo the boys off at half-time, and i can honestly say i never do. Let the revolution b, will confirm this as i sit next to him. If he comes good then i’ll be chuffed but could someone tell me how long we can afford to carry an under performing player in this team? 12 months is obviously too short?

  • It’s not a question of his ability – it’s purely about the quality he’s producing. And the plain and simple truth is for all of his ability, he isn’t producing at all. Fulham may have played the last half an hour on Saturday with only ten men, but we essentially did the same in the first half. We’re carrying Petrov at the moment and have been for some time. When he does have a reasonable game (as most agreed he did at Newcastle last week), it’s never more than workmanlike. He plays too deep, always goes sideways instead of forward, never creating. If we didn’t have better options, I could see why we were persisting. But we do – for me, Maloney has played his way into the team and has earnt a place in the line-up for Chelsea. If MO’N elects to pick Petrov ahead of him on Sunday, I will be very disappointed. We’re starting to look good playing 4-4-2 – Barry and Reo-Coker in the centre with wingers on both flanks. It gives us balance and pace. In this system, there’s really no room to accomodate Petrov and any attempt to keep trying to fit him in is nullifying the effectiveness of our approach play. So MO’N needs to demonstrate this week that he is willing to drop one of his big money signings and Petrov needs to seriously dig in and decide if he’s going to fight for a place in the side or accept defeat. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this can’t be just another season of transition, and if we’re not going forward, we’re going backward. Petrov’s not a kid to be developed for the future – he’s an experienced professional who needs to perform now. We’re a club that needs to be about achieving results and we cannot carry anyone who isn’t contributing.

  • petrov’s performances has been pathethic and if MON didnt sign him he wudnt be in the starting 11! Hes got the ability jus needs to show some determination but should be dropped untell he improves. And stop WALKING around the pitch all the time.

  • I gave him the benefit of the doubt last season, but for all his talk he still hasn’t shown anything special so far this season, he is supposed to be a play maker, and he just isn’t producing, his positioning and awareness on the field is awfull. He will have to be dropped until he improves, if he doesn’t improve then bye bye, thanks for nothing.

  • How many games has he played this season? You guys are way too impatient. Its all about results and if we get a few dodgy results, Marlon or big John will be next for your whinging. I agree what has been said about the strating 11 for Chelski, but no matter what 11 we put up against them, its going to be very difficult to even get a draw.

  • Well Wislor you seem to do a lot hopeing your wrong. Dose’nt that tell you something. if it dont let me enlighten you get off the players backs and start supporting the team the clues in the name “supporter” i’ve just read another post from slating Zat Knight before hes even kicked a ball… GET A GRIP..

  • We got a draw the last two seasons, and Chelsea were terrible. We have a better chance this time around, we may even nick it …..

  • agree astonmilan,mons got to start maloney,imagine if he scores against chelski,itd maybe set him on his way to settling in,keep gettin the feeling someones gonna get injured on sat…touch wood!! lol!

  • agreed judgevillian, Maloney should be in the first X1 on saturday, and I think he will start to be honest. We have the ability up front to cause an upset, and its getting a bit better by the week. They just have to remember its Chelsea, and not only are they a very strong unit, they will try every trick in the book on the field. UTV

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