Date: 15th January 2007 at 8:43pm
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According to our resident Gretna mafia man Neil Baker Radio Clyde are claiming that Stiliyan Petrov wants to move back to Celtic.

As Neil B says, ‘Don’t believe it for a second because they are a pro-Rangers station, but apparently Villa will take £4million and Celtic will only offer £3million.

I’ll post further details as I get them, a breaking story at the moment.

As I said, I can’t see it being true because of the source and there is no way a player would be sold for £5million less within a few months and FIFA/UEFA would have to give permission for a player to return to a club within 12 months.

I imagine it’s just them putting two and two together, ie Mrs Petrov’s claimed love of Glasgow, and coming up with a few dozen.’

Interesting report as it backs up a whisper of a week or so back that Mrs P hasn’t settled in Birmingham and that Celtic would take Petrov back. BUT…….?

Expect a denial any day now then?


36 Replies to “Stiliyan Petrov Wants Celtic Return?”

  • to be fair he has hardly set the world alight… and its not like he needs 6 months to settle into the British way of playing…. Dont think we should sell him for a penny less than we paid though

  • I have a feeling this is true.I get the impression that petrov isnt quite the captain marvel he was made out to be and MoN has been let down hugely by him.He fell out with stoichkov aswell.He seems to be as much a prima dona as Baros.

  • its a different story playing in the prem than that *****e scottish crap! i dont think he can hack it and also think this story is true. one goal against the worst team in the prem says it all. i bet he would be over the moon banging in hat-tricks against kilmarnock every week.

  • The man goes hiding every game.Hes an influencial midfielder the ball getting kicked over his head is not an excuse.His attitude is clearly in question.

  • He always looks a bit knackered to me. Maybe the demands of Mrs Petrov AND Prem. League football are too much and one of em’s gotta give!

  • The Scottish media have been fed “bum” info. They believe that his absence in recent weeks from our “line-up” was due to “form” and not “injury”. I therefore believe it’s wishful thinking by some Celtic supporters. I would be stagerred if he retuned unless personal or family problems were the reason.

  • I’d argue over how many want him back at Celtic Park. But it’s about off the field, not on the field, it seems…

  • Think this will be news to MON – Only last week he spoke of needing more signings of ‘Petrov quality’ – hardly what you would do – if you knew the player was unhappy.
    But he hasn’t done much – and has looked totally out of it at times – I wouldn’t be surprised if his stay is a short one. As for time to settle – well Ken Mcnaught – looked the biggest pile of dross – for a good while – after he moved all the way from Everton – so it varies from player to player.

  • rubbish rumor boys think it is only getting attention cause we are fed up of having no good news regards players coming in we decide to hit the panic button over a comment made by a players wife.He has been carrying an injury for sometime now ,remember before christmas run in he and mc cann where dominating the midfield against bolton and mccan went off half time to save any further injury.gardner came on and petrov had to sit deep(gardner missed the sitter then petrov give away the pen)Seemed since that game he has lost an edge but i think its due to a niggleing injury that he has tried to play on with.My rant is over now .thank you if u managed to read it all. keep the faith boys.Up the Villa!!!

  • very interesting news…I am still not sure about him,but his uninfluental approach was obvious in every game which I have seen yet.he is not good enough for 8 mil.

  • Hope its not true. Dont know what else to say. I think he’s quality, and I rate the guy highly. It will be a huge setback if this turns out to be factual.

  • samtozer-thelast english team celtic beat was Man u -did you ?We do it on sponsorship equivalent to 24% of your tv deals etc.ask graham souness he loves us

  • If I was Petrov id say listen up love youre married to a footballer who plays for by far the greatest team the world has ever seen so count your lucky stars, shut up moaning and get back in the kitchen.

  • This rumour has been doing the rounds for some weeks, although as I heard it it had more to do with his wife wanting to return and Strachan being willing to go to 5 million.

    It was suggested O’Neill for obvious reasons didn’t want to let him go, especially when he can’t get anyone to join, but the recent sudden need to rest him because of a minor groin or hamstring tweak had been suggested as a means to cover Petrov being away to try and sort his personal life out
    Its also rumoured that Petrov’s eventual decision could affect O’Neill’s long term decision to stay or not.

  • I’d rather have the rest of the money Villa owe us for Petrov, so that Strachan can go out and find us another little gem like Nakamura. Petrov’s attitude was poor at times when at Celtic and I was glad to see the back of him.

  • Thanks mack, I had just spotted it on newsnow myself. It does seem like there is more to this than we originally thought doesn’t it?

  • I will be gobsmaked it this turns out to be true. Has he realised the SPL was more his level? The guy should be giving sweat, blood and tears for the cause, not sulking off when the going gets tough. I dont know if this 100% true but already the guy is racking me off!!

  • Yet to have an official denial from the club yet Steff, speaks volumes in my opinion. Maybe Petrov should shack up with David Unsworth?

  • Had high expectations of the man, thought he would dig deep and be a major play maker for his favourite manager, so will be mega pi**ed if he goes, but there again not definate yet, but yes a denial from the club would be nice, if his missus is the one wearing the trousers that would be a problem, knew a bulgarian woman once, what a f’in ******, I think they are bred to be cows. (there you go alienated a complete nation as well as the scousers, and only Jan, marvelous)

  • The Celtic fans are saying they dont want him back, they remeber a game where he kept looking at the bench to bring him off cause he did not want to play, is it just me or did he do the same for us when we played Chelsea (i think)?

  • Let’s face facts he is (for some reason) unhappy playing football he does not want to play (i.e the looking at the bench while at celtic,not wanting to play for bulgaria and just wanting to give the ball away and just play wnating to play very,very,very poorly for villa)

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