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“Stooping Way To Low” – Villa Should Keep Faith In Smith Even Though “We Are Not Right” Amid Mounting Criticism

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Recently I wrote that I thought that we were witnessing the beginning of the end for Dean Smith at Aston Villa – whether quickly or slowly.

Writer: Melon Donkey

The events of the summer, the rotten luck with injuries, the international shenanigans, let alone the rebuild going on, is going to take a toll. And let’s not forget he is well over the average tenure of a Premier League manager.

I don’t want him gone, I want him to succeed. If he goes I won’t lose any sleep. I like him but I’m too old to really care now. I don’t idolise anyone in football anymore, the game has gone, the game has changed.

Maybe the team needs a new voice to hear?

I don’t know, but we are not right and haven’t been all season, and obviously haven’t been since Jack Grealish departed. I think it is a bit of a mess and we haven’t known what to do since You Know Who dropped his post Euro bombshell because they thought he was staying. Our thinking has been muddled in our signings.

To reiterate, I don‘t want him gone, it’s not time yet. And those that want him gone are going to be disappointed, as he won’t be going anywhere in the very immediate future unless after a few more games we are still really struggling.

But I will say this.

Some are stooping way too low calling him a clown and a ***** after last night’s game. Bang out of order. He is neither. Get a grip on yourselves.

He has done a fine job given what has been asked of him and that should be considered in the final reckoning on his time here. Will he be good enough to take us where we want to go? (where ever that is?).

At the moment it’s looking unlikely, but he has come through sticky patches before…

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