Date: 15th May 2012 at 12:07pm
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Big Ron, many of us Villa fans love you, but on this one… you are wrong sir!

Villa did not treat McLeish harshly, McLeish treated Villa harshly.

a) He should have known better and not made the trip over the city
b) The SHOCKING Facts For Villa’s Season
c) for the above link alone, he should have made it easy on the board WHO STUCK THEIR NECKS TOTALLY OUT FOR HIM and resigned.
d) The majority of fans were fair with Eck, some were abusive and some to a level that isn`t healthy for him, the club or the fans to have to hear but most tried their level best to put up with the anti football and all the excuses in the world re: injuries won`t wash, we weren`t winning with a full squad either!

Big Ron told BBC Sport that McLeish was never given a chance.

13 internationals, Darren Bent up front? Gabby who has also played for England? (Who he promised not to put on the wing then put him on the wing) Given in goal? Zoggy (HIS player) on the wing (shame he put him on the wrong wing and fell out with him) need I go on? Probably not. I am NOT trying to lay the boot in (although I do think he could have left with some dignity if he had resigned for the mess to be fair) but if the press keep reporting this sort of thing, the fans have a right to talk back.

Where was the fairness to the Villa faithful?

‘From day one, he’s been swimming upstream,’ Atkinson told BBC Radio 5 live. ‘I think there’s a big hangover from the fact he came from Birmingham.’

NO NO NO. Ron, please, you are meant to be ‘one of us` you are meant to understand! This is just lazy press ignorance and you`ve fallen for it like the rest. It is insulting to us fans.

An illustration as to why it is nothing to do with Blues?

People in the Vital Villa forum have said they would be more than happy with Chris Hughton! Click Here

Read this again press/Big Ron/anyone else thinking we were anti due to Blues: The SHOCKING Facts For Villa’s Season

Also, as stated to the Press Association: Villa fans: McLeish tactics to blame

‘I don’t think he’s been given a fair crack of the whip. If he’d come straight down from Rangers, everyone would have said he’s a great signing for them.’

Not sure. There is a Rangers forum thread that absolutely slates Eck. Eck has a 23% win percentage in the Premiership. TWENTY THREE PERCENT.

Come on Ron, you were / are a winner, you`d be embarrassed by that win rate?

Ron right adds that there is some re-building to do and adds, ‘They need some stars there, because the fans love that – they want to see players that add a bit of glitter to their weekend.”

But is this totally fair? ‘All they’ve seen this year is a manager having to work with some very ordinary, mundane players. It’s the most bereft Villa team I’ve seen since the start of the Premier League.”

When I along with 4 or 5 other fans met Alex last summer, he said he was excited to work with our quality squad AND the youth players coming through. EXCITED. He promised attacking football ‘because I have the personal here to do that`. He knew Ash was going and Downing was not that big a loss as he brought in his own £10m man in his place.

Sad thing, the old boys network seem to believe that Eck isn`t to blame and so does he. Baffling. I just look at the teams above us and wonder how many of their managers would like some of our players in their mix. We aren`t world beaters, we all know we aren`t going to win the league (despite Eck thinking some of us do) but come on, this squad is top ten at the very least.

Need I remind anyone of this: Kevin Keegan Shocked At Awful Performance

With that said, I’ll let you off Big Ron, still some of our best days were under your good self! ;o)