Date: 17th September 2009 at 2:48pm
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avfc48 has some strange feelings… this might even be optimism?!

Strange feelings

I found myself reviewing the Blues victory with an air of satisfaction come Monday evening as I pondered the results of O’Neill laboured Transfer window. I felt near contentment, a feeling of goodness went through me.

As you’d expect I am far from thinking he’s obtained perfection, but I allowed myself to feel happy enough with the improvements he’d belatedly made. I still can’t see the logic of the spend on Delph or Downing, both good players without question, but that long poor run and fall from 11 points clear said to me that there were more important priorities. That defence against Wigan would not have lost or perhaps not been knocked out of Europe so quickly. In fact my thoughts are those purchases or similar should have been done last window.

Still done they are and although not the sort of deals to take us on, they most certainly are the deals that will consolidate and on which a brighter future can be built.

Why such an experienced manager has taken so long to do what was obvious remains to me a mystery, but he’s done it and deserves a well done. At last we have serious cover, not make do cover, all over the defence. Added to his recent switch to a more defensive formation allied to picking the more experienced players regularly and the results are coming. Anfield especially, so beyond most expectations and surely now a milestone he can use to his advantage.

At last I can look forward knowing for the first time since he took over that the squad is big enough and good enough to give at least a top half finish with ease.

Now its down to whether he can maintain the momentum especially when pitted against the sides with real talent. Then Anfield will not be a one off. Yes we lack quality all over the pitch,but O’Neill’s methods have never relied on quality and in Young, Milner, Gabby, Warnock and then Downing when he’s fit, there’s plenty of experienced potential, that could with luck move us on that stage further.

No. Good one mostly Mart, and although its suicide to predict much on one performance, the Dunne, Warnock, Cuellar, Collins mix looked good. Can’t wait until Pompey, Blackburn are sorted so we can see just how good they really are.