Date: 18th May 2012 at 12:36pm
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Some very strong and pretty positive opinions on the prospective appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

[Folks, we might need to learn the spelling, please not it isn`t Solksjaer, it is Solskjaer!]

I must point out, this isn`t a done deal, this is still the interviewing process. We aren`t due a massive announcement any second now!

However, from the positive thread: Click Here

and the outstanding % of those saying yes to this appointment, it does look like it has caught the imagination of at least 80% of the Villans. Bit different to the last one then!

Yes I’d be happy enough 486 Votes – [86.02%]

NO NO NO 79 Votes – [13.98%]

Our front page poll also asks (bottom right hand side)

Good 45 minute programme on him: Click Here

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Exciting times

Interesting. A huge gamble, but at least the chairman has now started to take the fans opinion on board.

Great news, and at last a bit of real excitement. At least the negative voices are only a small minority. ‘Not enough experience, he loves Man U too much, he’ll be off in a few years etc.’ Bah!
Stephen Jay Hawkings

He’ll sort our forward line out and nobody will be going 20+ games without scoring … hope its a done deal today. {it won`t be… Ed… or JF!}

I think he’ll do well, nice chap and he’d obviously be a massive step up from you know who. The only reason I’m reluctant is because if he does do well all we’ll ever hear about is ‘next Man U’ manager and they’ll probably be right.

Most excited I’ve been about a Villa manager since, er…never! You are my Solskjaer! UTV

Great news if true,can’t wait to take my little lad next season now.

Great my first choice for weeks!

That will do for me, young and wants to prove himself, must have been offered an half decent war chest! wouldn’t think he would want to risk his reputation this early in his career doing a containment job.

would like this to be true! looking forward to next season already!

Certainly brave and imaginative but must give him time and money to develop the club properly.
Matt B

Definitely the right type of manager in terms of football philosophy – calculated risk or huge gamble? 8 minutes and we might find out!

hope this is true! would gladly start traveling back down VP if we get some excitement in our game again (even if we don’t win) 😛

great news if true.glad to see the board have realised that delaying these decisions doesn’t work and they need to be decisive and strong in their approach.all the messing that went around last summer we missed out on players like seb larrson on a free that would have made some difference.hopefully if true Solskjaer will bring over players of the quality of hangeland.there is great value in scandanavian leagues.

Very interesting if accurate.. I look forward to it & love the ‘unknown’ element to it albeit slightly scary at the same time..Hooray i’m alive again! 🙂

Oley Oley Oley Oley Solskjaer Solskjaer, Nice 1 Randy brave imaginative and appointing an inspirational man as Manager can’t wait for this project to begin UTV!

its a great gamble if it happens. OGS is a positive thinker.

randy and faulkner have gained my respect for all thats happened this week. time for a new style of football and attacking mentality. Great stuff

The right type of gamble for me, where as appointing ‘Eck was just as insane as it was desperate. If this is the case with Ole, it sounds like our boys have learnt their lesson and done their homework before firing the bullet. We’re Gunnar win the league! (Well a lot more games at least).
Windy Villain

Definitely an exciting prospect. Could be just what the Villa need. Although, I hope it wasn’t a Sir Fergie recommendation. Either that or Fergie felt guilty about sending us McLeish and he’s let Randy onto a real gem this time. lol.

Just waiting for the letter of recommendation from Sir Chewalot now….Lol No seriously, if this comes off, it could be very exciting times at VP once again. If it is true, Randy & Co will go back up in my estimation.
Pride of Lions

A huge gamble after nearly being relegated and being considered across the league as 3 away points. That being said the unknown is extremly exciting which is a welcome feeling after the last 2 years. I said I’d back whoever wasn’t McLeish if Randy had enough about him to eat the humble pie and get rid of Eck and that’s what i’ll do.

If anything..OGS understands that you play till the final whistle….i’m sure he’ll drum that into our team who usually pack up on 70 minutes….. not sure what to make of this if true ……. will he bring Ronnie Johnsen and Dwight along ?

Hope this is true certainly exciting times if it is methinks!

This excites me more than Martinez, Lambert, Rodgers and co. IF he comes in, uses the experience already at Villa Park, and tries to play decent Home football, he will have my full support.
Class of 82

I’ve have since read his Man U reserve team were champs and he took Molde to their first championship in their 100 year history. As a result Im prepared to join the ‘why not’ camp haha 🙂

Could be a better season for us than the last..!!!! The guy is a winner in all aspects…. Now for those who moaned constantly to put their money up now and get their season tickets sorted..

I know nothing about his managerial skills, but if it’s true let’s welcome him with open arms and see what he can do for us!

From facebook: facebook

Jonathan Fear one of a few younger managers I’d be fine with. Be a risk but he has a good footballers head on his shoulders ! It would fascinate me who his backroom staff would be! He should be able to sort our strikers out as well!

James Stuart yes lets get him he is young and ambitious and would be a good move for both parties

Aaron Bridgewater very good record, I know it’s only been Man Utd reserves and in Norway, but you have to start somewhere! I’m all for this!

William James Benson ‎100% yes from me. Him, Rogers, Lambert, Poyet, Martinez or Holloway would be fine by me but I like the idea of giving him his big break. Great player and looks to be the makings of a real deal in the manager’s shoes too..

Aine Byrne Young managers are the way to go it seems & the academy lads would have respect for the guy I’m sure. Bright new ideas & Vibrancy, isnt that on the list? After Eck I’d take anyone and wouldnt it be better taking a chance with someone with something to prove rather than an older guy? ie. McCarthy or Bruce ! Ole’s claret & blue army !!!

Phil Fellows Yes Jon, you know my thoughts, he was on my list of two. I realise it’s a gamble although believe he would be a great appointment

David Hitchings I think OGS would be a good appointment, he’s a born winner, loves to win and will do everything in his power to do that…He would not turn down the opportunity if it came to him, if he is backed with money who knows. I think he would get on with the players, I think they would react well to him, he needs to prove himelsef more and I think joining Villa and being there for a number of seasons build a platform, win a cup!! 😀 take us to a high finish and backed I think yes, it s a risk, but one I would deffo consider…Only problem he’s ex Man utd :L lol only kidding, a great guy, though I cant stand MUFC, but for Villa if we got him, i think it could be exciting, young players would play more, more competition! whatever happends…AVFC ♥ one life, one love, one club!

A few dissenters!

another one of fergie’s six point recommendations, not sure this will work if its true , hope i am wrong. But at the moment not one to set my heart thumping…………….

Is it april 1st

Total gamble (again). C’mon fellas, it’s not about his playing history, this IS THE BPL. Where are the management credentials. Not he coached under SAF, or he has done well in a minor standard compared to the BPL. For gods sake, after 12 months of ridding eck, we’re all in love with ole are we. It will be a bloody long journey IMO.

I seriously can’t believe they would go for someone who has only been a manager for just 35 games and none in the premier league. Last time it was all about experience and now it doesn’t matter at all?? Massive gamble if true and I’m not sure this is the type of man who is going to sort out the dressing room.

Seems an insane choice to me, but after Eck anybody, or anything, will seem like a breath of fresh air.

What a gamble, what a risk. Might sound exciting to the youngsters out there, but as somebody who bitterly remembers previous gambles on Graham Turner and Dr Jo, this is scary $*!t. Hope this isn’t an (albeit more creative than usual) attempt to save money again.

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