Date: 6th September 2010 at 11:36am
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Ok, as many of the regular readers know, I’m not really one for ITK rubbish or for bandying about rumours – unless it is clear they are just that and we have some fun talking over press links etc.

However, three sources today are saying that Houllier is da man (I’m down with the kids) and not only that, I’m told … and this might not be right, but from 3 sources?… that Phil Thompson could well be his assistant because he has given notice to Sky.

Now, I do want to make it clear, because I don’t like being sued(!!!), that this might not be the case, however there is either mischief at Sky and the rumour is doing around like wildfire or Houllier is coming and Phil Thompson will be his number two.

Time will tell.

Oh and Chubby at Vital Liverpool has been kind enough to put up an article for me asking Liverpool fans for their opinions, so that might make for interesting reading: Click Here

I will get a Villa fan reaction article done later and have emailed a few Liverpool contacts to answer my questions as well.

Still isn’t ‘done’ until the Official Site announces it though, but the press clamour is pointing towards it happening.