Date: 14th December 2006 at 8:59am
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Summer Football?

There is a lot of talk from UEFA at the moment about changing the football calendar.

Their proposal would be to make the season run from February to November.

What do you think, would this be a good idea?

I know it is traditional to watch footy over Christmas and New Year but it is a financial drain at a very expensive time of year and more importantly I believe that more people would prefer to watch a game in the sun than in the cold.

So if it was unified across the football world I would be in favour of it. Would anybody have any objections if it was introduced?

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  • You’re right it is a tradition to watch football over the festive months, and although times change too much tradition is being taken out of football and I don’t really want much more lost. You would still have the expense whenever games are played merely over different months. How would this work in a world cup or European championship year?!?!

  • 7 games between 2nd Dec and 2nd Jan is a financial drain, especially for those of us with families. Rugby has recently gone down this route and the view from within the game is that it should of happened years ago as it has been a major success. I presume that arrangements would be made for major football tournaments, but the initial question is would we prefer more summer football. I would be happy to see a Feb – Nov season, with World Cups and European championships over the festive period.

  • Yes, but if it was moved to the summer we would have NO sport during the winter months and I would probably have to talk to the missus. Keep it as it is I say!!

  • I’m fairly easy on this one, as long as I get to see the mighty villa play, I’m not worried, the thought of not sitting through the worst of the winter isn’t the most horrible thought in the world I guess, but it might change the style of the English game as the game would slow in the heat?

  • Terrible idea! Why do they constantly want to change things? Notice how I say change things, and not improve things! Yet another case of some bigwig sat in a big office with nothing better to do than think up stupid plans.

  • Summers for cricket. I love the xmas holiday games and the 3rd round FA Cup games.The FA Cup Final in Oct/November madness!

  • So it seems that we all prefer winter football. So I presume that means everybody who has posted on this forum is there on Saturday??? It would be interesting to see if any of the fans on this thread are one of the many thousands who have tickets for the Manure game but not for the Bolton one. And of those who are doing Manure but not Bolton for whatever reason, I wonder if the games had been reversed, if that would still be the case??

  • Not for me I’m afraid. The summer is for other, more gentler pursuits. I also very much enjoy my trips to New Road (Worcester) for the cricket. No, thanks but no thanks authorities. Keep it as is. If you’re going to support the lads, then you’ll do it just as readily and willingly on a cold January night as you will on a sunny summers afternoon. If its in your blood, then you’ll be there.

  • jonah ….. on the article about M’ON asking Villa fans to make more noise you have blamed the time of year for crap crowds. So which is it. Footie is a winter sport with attendances suffering or a summer sport where more people would be inclined to come. Make your mind up. Thinking about it logically, if we are trying to get more people to the games, are the undecideds more likely to go to a game when the wether is good? Or are they more likely to say “look at that rain and wind. I think I will go and watch the Villa”? It is a no brainer really. I just think some people are frightened of change. Imagine the benefit to the kids of being able to watch more footie during the school holidays.

  • I think that the dwindling attendances around the ground obviously spell the need for change, but whether that change should be summer football is open for debate. Something has to give though.

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