Date: 3rd May 2009 at 11:47am
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Manchester City defender Micah Richards will be the biggest name in Mark Hughes’ summer clear-out, with Joe Hart, Darius Vassell and Benjani also included. (News of the World)

The Sunday Mirror say that Villa will bid for Man City defender Micah Richards. Richards has already earnt 11 caps and was born in Birmingham and has been linked to Villa for what seems like the last 50 years!

Perhaps paving the way (!?!) is an article in the News of the World claiming that cash rich Man City will offload several players including Micah Richards, Joe Hart – so maybe we’ll go for him as well? Oh and several others who we’d not be wanting like Darius Vassell and Benjani! Maybe we could …. no, doubt it… was just thinking how good Stephen Ireland would look in claret and blue!

The News of the World claim that Martin O’Neill will try to replace the irreplaceable (well, you know what I mean, the guy is world class) Martin Laursen with Fulham defender Drede Hangeland who is said to be rated at around £10million. The 27-year-old Norwegian is also wanted by Liverpool, Arsenal and Everton.

The Villa boss is also quoted in the News of the World admitting he is on the look out. O’Neill said: ‘I’ve been checking out players all over the place. We’re looking at players to try and improve the team. That is the important thing. There is a lot of competition out there though.’

Ha, the Mail On Sunday are a bit late on this story, I said this last week… I’m so very clever…! They claim that Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez will sell Xabi Alonso who is wanted by Juventus in order to buy … yup, the saga continues… Villa skipper Gareth Barry. Then again, the quotes from Rafa doesn’t look like he is trying to sell Alonso do they? ‘Alonso was not on the market last summer but Juventus came to us, so we had to talk. I think it will be the same situation this year. I don’t want to sell him but when there is a window you have to talk to see what price is being considered.’

The Mirror claimed this weekend that Villa are after Valencia defender Raul Albiol. There appears to be little substance and no quotes but hey ho, the 23-year-old Spanish international is said to be available for around £6million. Liverpool are also interested in the player who can also fill the holding role in midfield.

All well and good being linked to defenders all the time, what about a made up article or two on strikers incoming eh?! Michael Owen on a pay as you play contract might be nice!


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  • Hangeland is Luke Young all over again. We could have got him for 4m last summer! Richards in theory is a good siging but he has been pretty poor at times this season.

  • Exactly right Son_of_cher, although I think there would be an even bigger premium to pay for O’Neill’s ineptitiude if we were to sign Hangeland. My suspicion is that either Hangeland will stay at Fulham, be sold to a CL team for a reasonable price, or sign for us for a massively inflated price. The lack of foresight on O’Neill’s part is quite remarkable. He doesn’t want to pay over the odds for players, but because we’re in the footballing twilight zone of the Europa League, over the odds for players is exactly what he’ll have to pay. We don’t stand a chance.

  • I think we need someone like Hangeland in the middle. 10M is a fair price when you consider whats available. Richards or lescott would also be good buys. Cisse or Bent get my vote over Owen. You just cant rely on the bloke. Cisse and Bent are more than capable of getting 20 a season. As for centre mid, i rekon Defour for a gamble or perhaps Jenus who seems to be scoring a few. Everton are 5th now 🙁

  • Shows how much credit you can give the NOTW when they liunk us to a £10 million centre half, despite us having no money and 3 good centre halves already. You can forget Lescott though Medzy, he has spoken in the past of how upset he was when he heard Villa fans singing about the accident he had as a child, since he was a villa fan as a kid. Defour looks a bloody good player from Liege, he ran the show against us back in September. I’d rather we went for him than continue our endless pursuit of Moutinho.

  • So yet again a perfectly legit thread is hijacked by the “What do we want? O’Neill OUT! When do we want it? NOW!” brigade. Any chance we can have a discussion about who might be good to sign amongst ourselves, Albarnista, without you banging on all the time about your pet hate?

  • Slagging MON for not buying hangeland, forgive me if im wrong but i can not remeber all you boo boys saying what a great signing he would have been in the summer.

  • This site is getting ridiculous and I really hope MON, the General and Randy aren’t reading it. It seems all the airtime is going to that minority who are anti-MON. Who are these people? I have never met one and all the supporters where I sit and I know back the manager and team all the way. Be aware that you are in the minority 48, Albarnista (who?), Young Jonah and no amount of bile directed at the manager and team will detract from the fact that we as a club can look to the future with optimism both on and off the pitch and that most supporters realise that!

  • I also wouldn’t be too quick to champion Barry over Alonso – everyone has their reasons for praising some players over others, and i’m a Barry fan, but having said that i’ve seen Alonso have a much stronger impact on a number of Pool’s games this year versus Barry doing the same for us. If FSW does want Barry, my guess is that it’s just as a cover / utility player. More fool him if he moves. Maybe he’ll be happy picking up medals having come on as sub in a dozen or so games per year….?

  • Also why would we sign Hangeland last summer, we brought in Cuellar instead, hindsight is a wonderful thing though. Everyone was raving about Cuellar, so its not only MON who got it wrong, besides he may come good yet.

  • Rawlie, I’d like to point out folks it isnt’ the ‘site’ it is different posters with different views. Some at the club DO read it and I’ve got a good relationship with staff, directors and a certain owner. I would also point out the positive contribution this site also looks to put forward like all the free promo, ticket news, Holte Promo’s etc. I’d also point out that there is a real mix of opinions amongst my mates and people I bump into, some think it has been a great season, a few went to Moscow and think quite the opposite. That is football mate, Randy etc know that and I’m sure all have their own opinions also on different players, tactics etc etc. They also know, along with most of us, that only one opinion matters !

    As for signings, we are all experts but only one man has his job on the line. I’d not be able to do his (or any managers job) for all the money in the world, the pressure and the fact you could never switch off would kill me. Of course he will be lauded for the great signings and slated for the poor ones, that is football. I think Fergie has bought a few rotten eggs in his time, the Djemba twins spring to mind …!

  • Fair comment, JF. But don’t you think that certain posters are, in the words of BobTheBuilder, ‘hijacking threads’ for their own purposes? I want to come on this site and debate the point, in this case possible Villa transfers; not have to work my way around all the propaganda.

  • If anybody at the club does read this the majorityof the fans love Mon ignore those other muppets, especiallly Albarnista or avfc48 in disguse. Although young jonah is getting better. lol

  • Yes Rawlie, some are over negative for sure, but then it takes the opti’s to come out with posts to match the negi ones and give the other side of the coin?! I am not one for editing or removing comments unless they are abusive… even when for instance some are called muppets for daring to have a different opinion to astonsteve! :o) I’ve read the other sites and there is the same mix, my mates (I have a few) have a similar mix of views as well. Doesn’t make any of us less or more of a fan, lets face it, the one thing we all have in common is we all love the Villa.

  • The problem, as I see it is that every thread becomes a violent ‘MON is the Messiah’ vs. ‘MON is the Antichrist’ row, rather than being about the subjects we are trying to debate. Personally, I’d rather be able to discuss MON’s record WITHOUT it becoming a Messiah vs. Antichrist thing. I don’t believe he’s the Messiah, but neither do I believe he’s the Antichrist, and I absolutely hate those who use selective memory and 20-20 hindsight to blame him for everything under the sun (including the lack of sun!)

  • Hopefully Cuellar can be like Petrov and mature at the club which in itself will be like a new signing. Bouma will be back and with Shorey getting better all the time its good news (Bouma also played centre half before he came to us and was solid as a rock). What we lack at the moment is leadership, a goalscorer (doesn’t everyone outside the top four) and a creative player to unlock the park the bus teams. I actually don’t see Barry leaving as a calamity but rather as an opportunity to get some shape into the team, give the armband to a real leader and inject some grit into the middle of the park.
    Richards would be quality as he can cover right back and play centre half. Hangland has proved himself capable at Fulham. I’d like to see us bid for Downing when Boro go down and make a really cheeky bid for Joe Cole. Up front anyone will do if they can hit the net.

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