Date: 17th May 2009 at 12:14pm
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Gossip really is at a premium at the moment, then again if I was writing for a paper or some of those ‘other’ sort of football sites, I’d have this one down as a world exclusive and would have had massive headlines… but I’m not, so I won’t!

However… a little birdie, and quite a reliable one at that, has whispered ever so quietly that Villa might be in talks with Everton defender Joleon Lescott. I’ve no quotes or substance to add to that, so as usual will play it down and say it is just a rumour. If it comes true then you heard it here first, if not then I never wrote this and you ain’t seen me, roight? (copyright the Fast Show!) He did grow up as a Villa fan and is a good defender though…. hmmm. Not sure why Everton would want to let him go but the talk was centered around his contract.

According to the Sunday Express Newcastle and former (?) England striker Michael Owen will take a 50% cut in wages to move away from Newcastle. If he had been able to spend some of this season injury free I’d have thought there would have been a queue as long as your arm (unless you have a short arm obviously) to grab his services but despite being a top top top striker on his day, he doesn’t have that many days. Worth the risk? On one hand for Villa it would be bringing in a ‘name’ but on the other his wages would still be £60 000 ish a week (just imagine…! Deep sigh!) and how much time would he actually spend on the pitch? If we got him I’d be excited and worried!

The News Of the World have one of their ‘exclusives’ today. To be fair I could have put 2+2 and come up with this, so could any of us! In a report by Martin Hardy, they claim that Villa will join the race to sign England and Middlesbrough winger Stewart Downing. Bloody shame we didn’t ‘race’ for him before he went to Boro really! What is it with these races anyway? The other teams also after the 24-year-old are apparently Liverpool and Spurs. Do they all line up and do a sprint to see who can get him?

Apparently Rafa won’t pay the £12million fee and Spurs aren’t able to offer the player European football which he wants to push his England credentials.

And that is that folks, if you see any rumours, just post them in the article comments. Next week I’ll start the summer long misery, sorry I meant Rumours thread!


17 Replies to “Sunday’s Press Villa Transfer Talk”

  • World Exclusive… I’m off for Sunday lunch. JF was quoted as saying, ‘I’ll be opting for roast beef and yorkshire pud but think I’ll go easy on the extra roast potatoes’.

  • Cant see any of these happening. Owen will go where the money is, Downing will go spurs and Lescott wont be sold to evertons closest rivals

  • I think the time has come for MON to fix his 2 worst choices at VP by buying back Gary Cahill and buying Hangeland.

  • Any players thinking about coming here are going to worry about being played out of position and how they are going to break into a team full of MON’s teacher’s pets.

  • I think alot of the Cahill hype is down to the media as he is still reletively inexperienced which isnt what we need. Bolton are talking about 20m for him??? Hangeland would be a good signing as he fits the bill

  • Why on Earth would Everton allow Joleon Lescott to talk to Aston Villa when the lad has an FA Cup Final to play in in two week’s time? You’re little dicky bird needs to get some logic, if you’re gonna start a rumour it needs to be believable at least.

  • told his contract talks at Everton are on hold? Also remember it is the agents that talk mainly, not the players.

  • oh and for me it would be a questionable move, certainly only a move sidewards as Everton are just as capable as us of challenging despite not having the same spending power, as shown again this season despite an awful injury run.

  • But obviously you forget Mr Fear that we are the Villa, so any right minded player would crawl over broken glass to play for us, and if they wouldn’t it is only because they don’t view themselves as good enough : )

  • Sounds to me like Lescotts agent is rumour-mongering in order to beef up the contract offer from Everton. Doubt anything will come of it. Get in Stewart Downing though I say – we need a descent right-back! 😛

  • Get Lescott and Micah Richards in and i’ll feel a whole lot more optimistic about our defence next season. These are the sort of signings I want us to be talking about….not all that optimistic about them actually happening though…

  • Why shouldn’t we go for Everton’s best players? The other clubs do it, so why shouldn’t we? Not saying we’ll get them, but surely it’s the logical thing to do – not only do you strengthen your team, but you also weaken your nearest competitors.

  • I think Bentley is a nailed on cert. I rarely get ‘friend of a friend’ info but I had heard from a fella whos mates dad is backroom staff at Spurs. Redknapp and Bentley had a falling out within days of Redknapp taking over – mainly Bentleys arrogance – late for training a few times, showing off when media is about etc. etc. and Redknapp did say he would be first out the door in January but no bids were received. Lescott and a rightback would be a great start to the summer.

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