Date: 2nd March 2018 at 6:24pm
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Interesting, unprompted words from Steve Bruce at the pre- QPR press conference on Villa loanee Josh Onomah.

Bruce talks of the 20-year-old who we have on a season long loan from Tottenham Hotspur and reminds everyone “He is still a young lad.”

Agreed. He is. I don`t think anyone expects him to be the finished product do they?

Now! And I think I`ve run this site long enough for readers to know I`m not a boo boy sort, and those who are games with me will know I`m not one to heckle and especially not boo our players. That isn`t supporting to me.

But I don`t think that it is out of order to discuss players and for me, he`s had glimpses of good moments but nowhere near enough to warrant the amount of game time he`s had.

The issue for me, isn`t his age, or whether he`s the finished product, it is why would we be training up this player – who frankly at times couldn`t look less interested if he tried – when we have our own ‘kids` who could be coming through? A Spurs loanee, IF playing fantastically, is fine. But one that is patchy at best blocking our own youth. What is the point? The only thing that will do is tempt our own youth players to look for new clubs to play at.

Bruce is right in what he says, that when he is on the pitch, supporters should ‘get behind him`. TOTALLY agree. Spot on. Same with all players.

“He has played 26 times for us, which is remarkable for a 20-year-old kid.”

It`s not really is it? It`s a bit incredible he`s had that much game time when not playing very well for a large (is that fair?) amount of the time. But I`d not think it is remarkable?

“He is only a boy, still learning his trade. Let`s not forget some of the really great performances he had for us. I hope they realise we need them to encourage him and get behind him. He needs their support. Let`s not forget it.”

Personally I don`t see why he`s getting time ahead of O`Hare but my preference would be pushing Lansbury to be the attacking midfielder he wants to be and giving him game time. He scored for us against Leeds in December and has hardly had a look in since. Seems odd to me to spend that much and not get him back involved.

You can see the Lansbury goal in the article below (1 min 40 seconds in)


6 Replies to “Support Him, He’s A Kid. But Is That The Point For Villa?”

  • He certainly looks an enigma. Does some good things but goes missing a lot. He could take a leaf out of super Jacks book and up his work rate.

  • Agreed 100% JF… Lot of potential there, and he is learning I am sure..but if he is not enhancing our team NOW, then the only benefactors are THFC… More physical, stronger and better in the air than O’Hare but Callum has much better technical ability,

  • I would respond to Bruce and say play him in the right position and we will see how good he is. He is a no. 8!!!! Not a 10, 7 or 9! And Hourihane is not an 8 – he is too slow/one paced and cannot drive with the ball. Our CM should be:

  • We watch, we see, we conclude. Not one of our own, so needs to impress. Wish O Hare was given the same patience, and decent run. And wow, another youngster has just destroyed Leeds tonight. Adama Traore, another one not given a proper chance, admittedly u

  • We should give all youngsters a fair go but when they start to struggle they should be taken out the firing line for a while, youngster or not we must expect consistent high performances each game. Just like to see O’Hare given a similar run ?

  • If he’s off his game, which he obviously is, for whatever reason, he should be played in the u23s if he needs to get his confidence up. That would give one of our own (O’Hare) and opportunity, which he richly deserves!……

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