Date: 7th February 2009 at 9:51pm
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Gareth Barry will miss our FA Cup clash against Everton after Gordon Bennett decided to book him for celebrating Gabby’s goal at the end of todays match.

Maybe our Captain forgot it’s now considered a criminal offence to be happy at a teammate scoring a goal, I don’t know.

All I do know is when it comes to Steve Bennett there’s probably a reason I use the name Gordon.

The booking means Barry has picked up five for the season and must serve an automatic one match ban.

We also have injury concerns after the Blackburn match, which Martin O’Neill also talked about on the official site.

‘Gareth was booked so he’ll be a big miss next weekend.

‘He has been inspirational. I thought he had gone that first week in August. I thought he was definitely on his way.

‘I would have given you big odds on him playing for us now at this stage in the season. But I am delighted he is. He has been brilliant.’

As for our injury concerns, Cuellar was withdrawn at halftime as a precautionary measure after complaining of a tight hamstring and it appears that Heskey has picked up an achilles tendon injury during the second half. This obviously calls into question Heskey’s England call up.

‘Carlos has come back from injury and he has played a lot of games quickly and his hamstrings were very, very tight at half-time.

‘We couldn’t decide whether he had done some damage or whether it was just tightness so I thought it was best to just leave it and bring Craig on.

‘Emile has got a bit of an achilles tendon problem. It was getting worse the longer the game was going on so I brought him off.

‘I’m not sure how he is. I am hoping he will come through. I saw him smiling after the match but maybe that was just because we had won. We’ll see.’


12 Replies to “Suspension Hits Again”

  • The ref may have applied the rules, but if the rules are bl**dy stupid, that still makes it a stupid booking …

  • Bobthebuilder – why would he have died into the crowd if he wasn’t looking to get booked? He was trying to get booked in a way that wouldn’t risk a red card. I think the new offside rule is stupid, but you can’t beat city hall – just work around it!

  • Barry would arguably been rested for the Everton game anyway. So in that sense it wasn’t a stupid booking bet rather a smart move. I remember beckham doing this on more than one occasion.

  • I wasn’t arguing that Barry didn’t do it deliberately, and I certainly wasn’t saying that him getting himself booked was stupid – only that a rule that says you can’t ‘over-celebrate’ is bl**dy stupid. Fair enough if the celebration involves danger to somebody, or is deliberately provocative to opposition fans, but short of that, what does it achieve? If the authorities want to take the passion out of the game, why not just ban clapping and cheering on the terraces?

  • Funny thing was Carew kicked the ball in to the crowd first and it came straight back out then Barry picked it up did the same and got booked.

  • hey bless this suspensions. if our first team players dun get suspensions or injuries, MON will kill them with playing them for every game. LOL. dun worry too much, we have gardner/NRC/sidders.

  • Everton game meaningless? I though the whole point of football was to try and win trophies no to try qualifying for a competion that by name we (and others) aren’t even eligible for.

    Four games (minimum) to win a trophy that the majority of us have never witnessed in our lifetimes. Oh I forgot about the importance of the European money cup.

    Chances are we are going to get top 4 anyway so why not try to win the FA Cup as well? Stupid booking by Barry IMO.

  • I’d prefer to win FA cup than the UEFA it’s more important to me and we are two wins away Deano semi finals are at wembley.

  • It is meaningless, I’d take a loss now if it meant a win against Chelsea. Portsmouth just won the FA cup, you don’t see them signing any world class players do you? Because nobody cares about that. Champions league is where its at.

  • The FA cup Meaningless, i think your having a laugh i suppose if we make the finale you will not be watching then.

  • And Portsmouth have no money to buy world class player’s, but at least they have won a cup that i’v dreamt we would win since i was a child.

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