Date: 30th July 2006 at 7:55pm
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Randy Lerner has kept his intentions to himself but has now spoken of his interest in Aston Villa.

People have said that he was ‘out’ of the deal last week, but as no bids have gone in, he was never ‘in’. Until we get official bids, then the rest is just people looking, talking and considering.

Randy Lerner said: ‘I’ve been open and interested to some extent. There are opportunities, but they are nothing more than opportunities. I think my concern is if I put myself in a position to speak clearly on it, I’m going to be misleading. I’m hesitant to do anything more than that.’

Exactly how it should be. The time we want ANY group to talk to us is surely AFTER they have talked to Rothschild. I can’t understand the approaches via the press, they make no sense at all. Put the money on the table, then come and talk is surely the way to go about it and also to help control the media frenzy?

Michael Neville’s name is still in the hat, we’ll maybe find out more next week as to whether his indicative bid will be taken further.

There are also other groups, one including Athole Still, the agent of former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson. Papers today claim that Sven will be part of the investment group BUT NOT the manager as he fears the fans might still be hostile to him at this present time.

Lets just hope that there is less talk next week and that the bids finally do come in. Lets also hope that it is Rothschild who do the negotiating, checking out the finances and then put their finding to the board.

In the meantime, we should hope that no new manager is brought in. Some reports suggest the board of Villa are about to offer fans choice Martin O’Neill the hot seat but it would surely be best for all concerned if he isn’t unveiled until the new board are in place? That said, if he is brought in, then maybe it means a new board are set to be put in place?

With Villa, who knows?

One thing is for certain, it is now or never. Firstly for Ellis to go and secondly for Martin O’Neill to come. Could become a very good week for us all, maybe it is time to tentatively get that bottle of champagne on ice, or at least make an indicative bid at your local wine seller and see what you can negotiate!


25 Replies to “Takeovers – The Talk Of The Town”

  • I still dont trust Ellis with this, i still think that he hasnt got it in him to sell the club.

  • I believe HDE WILL NOT sell VP, and will have a prime excuse to have not brought in new players … Because he dint have time to appoint a new manager as he was busy looking at offers for the club..the bookies have HDE still there this season at 4 / 7 , I b

  • I don’t think anything is going to happen down at slow town villa. Having said this I do believe Roy Aitkin will get the best out of what we have got. I would be shocked if O’Neill accepted the job because why would he want the heartache of dealing with E

  • I’m hearing that Martin O’Neill is on the brink of signing a £1.6 million deal to front Setanta Sports. Whether he could find time to do this AND become the Villa manager I don’t know.

  • randy is still in there otherwise he would have said he was out whilst doing the interview.hes just doing it the right way.

  • The key to bringing about a successful conclusion to all of this takeover speculation, is without a doubt to bypass Ellis, and leave all of the negotiations and nitty-gritty down to Rothschild. At the end of the day though, it will come down of course to

  • Be prepared for a shock in the next few days – its gonna come from left field and its gonna blow your sock off!

  • Ooh Steve – you tease! Would you put it past HDE to get MON in on the basis that whichever syndicate wins want him as manager anyway? Then when it all falls apart he tells MON it wasn’t his fault and that these things happen! After all he’s been doing

  • I’m talking space ship landing and an anul probe with doug ellis’s name on it. It will take him and his shares away with it. Eximine him to determine whether he is in fact humanoid and if he has any common sense. Bad news is he will mysteriously reappear

  • I did say your sock and not socks – for the more discerning amongst you…. the AVFile is in the detail. Mr Lerner chain smokes by the way.

  • 10 working days untill the start of the premiership? Not long to get a new board, appoint a manager and make a few key signings that may keep us up.

    I cant beleive how long this is taking. Accept or decline the bid from Neville. Why wait any longer?

  • It’s too late – Ellis has been taken. They looking for common sense and a personality by now – somewhere on the otherside of Alpha Centauri – the aliens have probably given up on finding his wallet. You’ll have to wait for 10 years before his sudden reapp

  • I think the Champagne will stay in the garage until I here something concrete in a press conference live! Until that day, I will for ever be misreable until Ellis sells his 39% share.

  • leelindsay – look to the sky my friend – the truth is out there – I wish Gillian Anderson would buy the club – she is known to sympathise with allien abduction. Anyway it’s going to take 10 years of silence before they release him on to the Minasota Highw

  • We are sure that it’s 39% and not just 39 shares aren’t we? I wouldn’t put it past that bumbling od fart to get that confused too.

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