Date: 9th July 2013 at 10:45am
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So Benteke decides he wants to go to ‘a bigger club’ and most fans get upset.

Just consider, if this time last year you had been offered a player who: would keep the team up and generate say £15m profit in a season, would you say no thanks? No, thought not.

OK we feel let down and ditched. But when the boot is on the other foot, many can’t wait to see the back of a player who in their eyes is not good enough: for example Bannan (though he is loyal) and, for others, Gabby, who actually scored almost as many crucial goals at the end of last season as Benteke, the new Judas.

Whilst we may be upset, there are double standards here by fans and players, each seeking to get the better end of any deal. The fact is that we will not be challenging for the top 4 next season whilst Benteke would like to be.


Ask Bent about that. None of us would turn down a job paying more than double what we earn now and offering opportunities that are greater than those available at where we are now.

Sorry, I’ll be sad to see him leave but its not the end of the world. He leaves us still in the PL and with a nice cheque. Nice work Christian. Thanks.