Date: 17th August 2006 at 3:22pm
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A VFC ‘thank you’

As you know, Villa Fans Combined has, as promised, now disbanded.

Our aim all along was for ‘Root and Branch change’ in the way Aston Villa is run. That change is now irrevocably under way.

VFC was always about trying to get the voice of the ordinary fan listened to in the wider world, with the hope that our passionate desire to see the best for our football club was given the best possible chance to be picked up by potential investors in, or new owners of, our club.

So many Villa fans have for so long been frustrated that the club was under-achieving and could have been so much more than it was.

It now looks like the supporters – the true and permanent owners of the Aston Villa flame – will see their dreams given a chance to prosper.

We’d like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the thousands of people that supported, encouraged, cajoled, provided constructive criticism, took part in and helped our efforts beyond the call of duty.

Each and every one of you can be enormously proud that your actions have helped to change the way the club is perceived and has helped to create an environment whereby new owners enthusiastically embrace their stewardship of Aston Villa.

Along with many other factors (like Old Father Time and a lorra lorra money), incessant pressure from supporters has played some part in persuading Mr Ellis that his time in charge of Aston Villa is over. It’s your club, it always will be. Enjoy the future you richly deserve.

It’s not possible to thank everyone by name, there are simply too many of you, but particular thanks are due to the following people: –

Dennis Mortimer – a true Villa legend.
Buck Chinn – who fought the good fight for what seems like a couple of centuries.
Dr Carl Chinn MBE – who brought people together and was the catalyst for what followed.
Howard Hodgson – for his time and efforts in producing the Hodgson Report (and for buying JF lunch once! 😉
Ian Taylor – the ‘testimonial night’ was fantastic.
Jonny Gould – a broadcasting legend!
Bruce Langham – for showing the respect to talk to us, a true gent who would have done good things for Villa given time.
Graham Taylor – for trying to fight the Villa corner.
John Gregory – for the ‘Doug is in a timewarp’ quote!
Brian Travers – for taking the time to offer his support in a statement for our very first meeting.

The many sites and editors who helped, John Cresswell and Peter Bosworth of , Mike Field of and Dave Woodhall of Heroes & Villains who might not have always agreed with our stance, but never refused to print any VFC articles in his fanzine. And a few who helped JF on when his time was taken elsewhere (you know who you are).

A big thank you to the press who mostly, apart from one local paper, gave us a very fair hearing. We all do believe that spokesman JF has the sort of face better suited to radio. Thanks to you all, especially the many Villans amongst you (and there are a lot of you!), oh, and our mate Tom Ross, I’m sure he is a Villa fan really?!

Denis Box, Rob Carson, Andrew Carson, Ian Robathan, all those that are current and past members of the Aston Villa Shareholders Association, people at the Trust, again we’ve not always seen eye to eye, but at least you all got up off your backsides to try to bring about change. Paul Barnes, Rob Dore, David Vale, Mike McKenna, Lee Lindsey, Matthew Lingard, Peter Cross, Chris Butcher, John Holder, Keith Bowen, Nigel George, Kieran Devaney and so many more. Please forgive us if we didn’t name you, some can’t be named but know the help they’ve been, others will just have to forgive us for their omission.

The players who put that ‘joint’ statement out, we salute you!

And of-course, Randy Lerner and his merry men, we all join to wish you every success, you’re custodians of a mighty and magnificant club.

Yours with thanks from the VFC

Navid Nazir, David Carson, Nigel Ashford, Peter Bland, Jonathan Fear


17 Replies to “Thanks From Villa Fans Combined”

  • Aren’t we all taking this victory lap a little bit early? I know the deal with Lerner has been signed and will be through shortly but shouldn’t we be waiting for Randy to take office first before we drink all the champagne?

  • Feels like leaving school all over again… whens the after school party with all the fit school girls takin place?

  • Looking at the takeover documents it is spelled out quite clearly that at least part of the cost of the takeover will be funded by loans. RAL is to issue £33 million in loan notes to RALLC. In other words it will borrow £33m from its US parent. Interest o

  • no ooahpaulmcgrath, the change is coming, the era of Doug is over and so are VFC. Been dying for this day for a long time, contrary to some suggestions, it brings no joy doing protests etc. Oh, and there is always good reason to drink champagne isn’t th

  • Sounds like you’ve already finished a few bottles Mr. Fear. I’m keeping mine on ice till it’s all done and dusted. This is Aston Villa we’re talking about.

  • No, just the one, toasted the bid on the evening. Thought it would give me an excuse to get another if and when the takeover happened.

    The when question has a longer answer! Briefly (and words of Mr Box) Once Lerner gets to 75% he is considered

  • ha, Paranoid Ormandroyd (like the username by the way) I don’t drink much these days, so I really have no excuses for my madness!!!

  • lol NY Villa. The good old science block, first place I ever tasted whiskey or vodka that. Paul Spencer used to be very useful!!! Will email Nigel and tell him to look at the comments. Were you in my group with Mr Rose? Remember I’d walk in the door a

  • Looks like you guys have it all under control at VP. Good luck with the new season and good luck on saturday with the gooners. You can upturn them I think. Too much speculation on the new stand etc. Go for it!!!

  • Mr Rose what an awful teacher he was, who was your house teacher Mr. Spakophski? He had anger management issues.

  • The end of the Ellis era. A momentous occasion, well worthy of continuing celebrations. Excellent article, hits the old heart strings, and brings the odd tear to the eye.

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