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“That Was Why I Go To Football” – The Win Was A Close Second For This Villa Fan After Enjoyable Saturday Night

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For some reason, I was knackered last night when I got home from Villa Park, so by the time I had eaten, I was nodding off on the sofa in between watching our game on MOTD. So no post match posts.

Writer: Melon Donkey

For a start, what is it about Everton under the lights at VP. That last half hour was absolutely epic. What an atmosphere and what a great sight it was seeing us move up a gear to put a very good side to the sword. By the way, a lot of whinging by Rafa about injuries. Suck it up buttercup…welcome to our world.

First half we were the better side but our crossing was absolutely woeful. I’m not convinced on 3-5-2 at all as a permanent formation. I think it has a place to switch to depending on the opposition, but if we see it as our formation going forward, where are we going to fit Bert, Buendia and Bailey in?

Cash was ok, but Targett was woeful and is not a wing back, no pace and can’t cross. He is struggling this season, nowhere near the standards he set last year. He doesn’t seem fit to me but playing in a 3–5-2 isn’t for him.

Stand out players as discussed by others and are obvious. But I thought Duggie was again very good. The cushioned pass for Cash was sublime and a touch of class. He is a player and will get even better. Still concerned about our lack of creating chances for Ings and Watkins. Yet to be convinced on their partnership. Busy, work rate from both and sublime skill for the Ings assist but Ollie was a bit of headless chicken tbh. Too much work was being done by our two forwards dropping deep to the halfway line and then when we broke the box was empty.

Finally, that atmosphere. Yes we all, including me, want the Holy Grail of leagues and Champions League but actually if that means turning into a bland, sterile Ethiad atmosphere then it’s not for me Jeff.

That was why I go to football. Maybe wall to wall success isn’t quite the thing to strive for?

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