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Ok, here it is, the summer long torture thread. Sorry, did I say torture, I meant TRANSFER thread. Last summer we filled about 10 or 11 of these up with article comments so lets see if we can’t out do ourselves and maybe this time we’ll all end up happy and positive with the incoming and outgoing players!?

So basically use this thread as you wish, who have you seen linked, who would you like in, which linked players would be good, bad or just plain ugly?

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And in time honoured fashion, I’ll simply say….

Over to you Mr O’Neill !

Movements so far:


Gareth Barry £12million



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  • Money, money, money. That is what it is going to take this summer. Will we do it and will MON have the right players targetted?

  • It’s not just new players we need to strengthen the squad but we need to be able to adapt the way we play as teams in the latter half of the season have found us out plus as legs have got tired the time in a game we can play the high tempo counter-attacking has decreased

  • Transfer Outs surely will be Laursen, Harewood, Taylor and Barry. I honestly do not think we can have any more in the ‘outs’ column. I dont think there will be much money available. I think Bentley is definitley on his way in. I would love to see Defour in, I really would but he may be a bit pricey, I actually think that we will not see a Barry replacement – I think he will stick with Petrov and Reo-Coker, Sidwell or Gardner and go with who is on form. Possibly Milner as well with Bentley and Young on the flanks. A new centre-back and a second choice RB is priority. EVERY SINGLE SEASON saying we need a Right-Back…unbelievable!!! At the Boro game when Young went off injured we had Milner at RB and Reo-Coker ahead of him at right-wing. I knew right then that the winner was not coming!!

  • Wouldn’t shock me to see NRC go to be honest, nothing to back that up really just a hunch and the fact he obviously doesn’t like a) being right back b) being on the bench. Going to be a very interesting summer. Agree with 2fishinatank, I think we need options as we have been sussed.

  • Taylor/Laursen/Shorey/Barry/Salifou/NRC/Osbourne/Harewood Out….Hart//Hangelund/M.Richards/W.Brown/VanDerVaart/Scharner/Defour/Downing/Delph/Campbell/Bent in….

  • Just read from The Sun that Carlo Ancelotti will be Chelsea’s new manager next season and he has targeted Ashley Young to join him in the summer. Hope not…

  • be interesting to see what value they put on him! We can’t sell him, simple as that, if we do then the alarm bells will well and truly ring … won’t happen though!

  • Why do loads of folk want Downing and Bently ? the one thing we have got (currently) are wingers – I dont see those 2 making an impact. I reckon Bouma will be heading down the same road as Laursen unfortunately – so we will need a left back, centre back, midfielder and striker. So Bale, Hangelaand, Kranjkar and Vagner Love would be 4 decent signings.

  • We only have 2 wingers Mat777 what if Young or Milner get injured? Its back to Gardner, Petrov or Reo on the right which aint good enough. 2 More wingers are needed to compete at a high level

  • Agree Mat777 entirely, Downing and Bentley are well overrated and the others are all worth a shout. Would love to see Tuncay as his work ethic is excellent and hopefully Boro are going down. Martins from Newcastle after we send them the same way. No-one can replace Laursen but would like to see Mancienne in on loan and love to see someone give Curtis a kick up the backside because the potential is there. May be O.K. after a year getting used to the higher level.

  • My shopping list of what is required. OUT: Laursen, Barry, Harewood…………..IN: RB, CB and CM (Both have to be quality), RM, LM, CM, ST. Thats 3 out and 7 in. Those incoming 7 should cost in the region of 40-60m

  • Hate to reopen the debate – but I reckon Gabby would make a good winger (as cover) saying that the way things have been going this season – Guzan could come on, on the wing!

  • A leader a real up and at ’em leader is an essential addition as well. (Oh and he has to be able to play a little)

  • Anyway – heres to a summer of no transfer activity for weeks then 3 or 4 signings of English Premiership reserve team players a week or so before the season starts. Mark.My.Words.

  • Sign Owen on Sunday after we relegate the barcodes, he will help gabby learn what it takes to be a top striker. Drools at the thought of ……its Milner/Ash on the wing oh what a cross headed down by Carew and yes its OWEN……..yet another goal for the Villa…being heared time after time after time

  • quaresma on the right for milner who will go inside to replace barry and oba martins to replace harewood , and im afraid laursen is irreplaceable !

  • Owen is shot,please stop saying we should buy him. Wagner Love is a great shout and so is Wes Brown.

    Love Brown !

  • Talk this morning about Stephen Ireland!!! Thats as good as it gets without paying £20 mil.

  • Wes Brown would be a great signing always rated him but he would be a fool to leave United……..I like the look of Stephen Hunt from Reading aswell. He has bags of energy, gets his fair share of goals and can cross the ball. Doubt he’ll want to stay at Reading in the Championship for another season. He would cost about 4m and would be the sort of squad player who could actually make an impact if brought on as sub ……The only negative point is that we would have 3 ex Reading players in our team.

  • Now that Ranieri has been sacked by Juventus, what price the return of the Beard? Owen for free? why not? Fabien Delph? Watched him v Millwall in the play off and he is quality, still only 19 or 20. Vermaelen at Ajax being chased by Arsenal as well as us. Ireland is so far up himself its obscene, forget about him. Martins has a 13m release clause in his contract and now that he is fit again would be a better choice than Harewood, who will go to Wolves if the price is right. Oh, and, by the way, don’t we have first refusal on Cahill if Bolton choose to sell? Bet the Bluenoses would love to see him back!!!!!!!

  • The bearded wonder back and playing in the centre. Now that would be nice! Not sure about the first option on Cahill but I’m sure there would be a sell on % clause so could make us more money in the future!

  • Wes Brown would be a quality signing. Hangeland would be a good Laursen ‘replacement’. Id like to see Defour at the club just to see something a bit different. Im fed up with us being linked to all these drab players. Owen would just be a big let down because of his injuries. We need someone quick, young(ish) and prolific. Bents a natural poacher and MONS mould but other than him we need to look abroad. WAGNER LOVE PLEASE!!!

  • MON just has to get Brown & Bent! lol. Not sure about Owen but pay per game could do it. Hangeland is quality but no Laursen. Defour yes please!!! Lescott could be tricky but a Villa fan all the same. Creative midfield that unlocks any defence and a proven goalscorer is what we need. Suggestions for that creative player on a postcard to MON please. Either way we need to invest big time so we dont stand still and have a big enough squad in quality for a change. As for our top players lets keep hold of them please MON!

  • brown and bent would be ok. how about we look into Valencias proposed garage sale?? that incudes Miguel who we were linked to and is a solid defender. Diego of Werder Bremen is the unlocking creative midfielder i would like above anybody. and Defour.

  • few links on the main stories this morning, Barry to Spurs?!?! Barry to be offered £75 000 or £80 000 depending on which report you read to stay at Villa. Mellberg back? Yes please! (See our poll) Oh and also the Daily Mail says Petrov will sign a new deal this morning.

  • Good news on Petrov. How can anyone not want Mellberg back, options should have been yes or yes!! And he’d get to play in his favoured centre back position.

  • What am I on about, probably play in goal knowing MON. Thats why he left in first place

  • Wes Brown NO, he’s average but looks better playing in a good team. Darren Bent I think would work very well for Villa, a different style of striker to what we have now.

  • I’d like to see us look down the league a bit the way Everton have done. Everyone was linked with Phil Jagielka At Sheff U yet Everton bought him and he’s gone on to the England squad, similar thing with Tim Cahill.

  • Leftfoot, great shout for Diego, both the European cup finalists have a smattering of QUALITY players. I think we should also have a punt with JUNINHO for that top notch guy to replace Barry. Brilliant signing. Also Hangelund, W.Brown and Bent in. We won’t get Santa Cruz or Valencia who are my two actual favourites. They would improve us immensley.

  • If we were going to be complete arses we could get Lescott and p Moyes off, but would he come? I really believe though that Davies and Cuellar will grow into the perfect partnership as long as they have continuity either side. Shorey to stay and Young and to perform in their preferred roles with Wes Brown offering cover and maybe a rejuvenated M Richards or Glen Johnson for 15m. David Bentley is still excellent but is more of a cover for Milner or behind the fron two. He ain’t got the tenacity be be bought inside and replace Barry. Sidwell is going to be storming next season and I agree NRC will be off. His final ball is gash!!!! But he’s the fittest player on the pitch so we could do well to keep him as a sweeper. Remember it’s a squad game this year so buying the likes of Bentley and even Johnson from City is still good sense as they are quality and can change a game.

  • holte ender = Brown and Bent are both england internationals and would suit our budget? why the sarcasm! Browns no superstar granted, but good cover for luke and Bents goal scoring record speaks for itself. We need to improve our tiny squad after all. Mellberg would be quality just for the nostalgia trip! Diego is quality but possibly out of our price range. If Barry goes Spurs instead of Liverpool/signing a new deal, i will feel bitterly betrayed. Ive got a few gobby spud mates. Surely just media tosh though.

  • Agree that Bent might be the sort MON goes for and could suit the budget. Brown is a good defender on his day but his injury record is woeful. If he was fit he would be a good signing though.

  • Must have 100 million to spend at least. From all the money we’ve saved on player wages for the past few years! All been saved for this window, to make our move.

  • Links today with Wheater for £7m but other articles say that Yobo has turned down new Everton contract. The money would be much better spent on him!!

  • Knight (£1m) AND Harewood (£2m) OUT
    R.Dunne (£5m) AND D.Wheater (£6-7m) AND M.Johnson (£7-8m)AND J.Hoyte (£5m) OR G.Johnson (£8m) IN

    With Gareth Barry STAYING – he’s worth way more than £9m to Aston Villa in my estimation, and Ceullar getting better next year!

    Preferred team:
    Friedel | L.Young | R.Dunne | C.Davies | N. Shorey | J.Milner | S.Petrov | G.Barry | A.Young | G.Agbonglahor | J.Carew

  • Sorry mate but Dunne is a terrible shout in my opinion – own goals and stupid sendings-off – he has not been very good this year – if we are to take a City defender I would go for Onouha…………………………and Fear you may be right about Yobo, I had thought he was not playing because they had Jagielka and Lescott as preffered CB, didnt realise Yobo was injured. But then again so was McGrath and Laursen….

  • Interesting one that Spurs will bid for Carvalho from Chelsea as he’s not getting into the starting 11 at the moment. He would be perfect replacement for Laursen.

  • Dunne is past it and Onouha flatters to deceive, may be a MON player whereas he will get the best out of him and look good but not enough natural talent and no better than what we have.

  • Sorry lads – (it may be cause I’m Irish but I don’t think so at all) but I think Dunne could fit into the Villa team a lot more snuggly than he has done since Dieter Hamann left Man City! We’ve Petrov and Barry in center midfield who give a lot more cover than De Jong!n
    I think Dunne could (and was the season before this) as good as Laursen for Villa! Also because he’s had a bad season (which I totally agree he has) I think we’ll get for a snip of what he was, and as a player he is definitely better than Ceuller or Knight (Davies I feel has more potential but needs someone to learn from a pro – like Dunne 😀 !)

  • Man City play with two defensive mids, Kompany and De Jong, but Dunne and Onuoha still can’t protect Given adequately. I give Onuoha a pass because he’s still young and he’s getting better. Dunne’s not a bad CB, but he’s definitely had a bad season. Maybe he just needs a change of scenary. He wasn’t very happy when Erikkson left, so maybe he just lost focus this season.

  • Everton centre-back Joseph Yobo is poised to sign a new five-year deal to stay at Goodison Park after ironing out problems from his initial negotiations with the club.

  • Blues after Zat Knight and Craig Gardner? Can’t see it myself, surely we need cover and Gardner gives us that in a few positions + Zat is a Villa fan, so the move would surely be too difficult?

  • I would love to see Lescott or Richards in at CB. Surely, a £15m big for Lescott would tempt Everton. I think Lescott is capable of replacing Laursen in time. I think Owen could be worth a gamble on a free just like Laursen was with his injury record. If Owen was fit for 80% of the season he’d bang in 20 goals. He’s a 1 in 2 goal scorer and they all cost £20-30m these days.

  • we dont need 3 more average players. thats the problem..
    We need the quality of Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. Manure will remain a different league!! I’d be happy with 3 real quality signings Lescott/Defour/Owen and a few young kids for LB/RB LW/RW cover. Only 11 can play and 22 average players is no good.

  • Personally I wouldn’t touch Michael Owen. Injury prone (very), and no longer has that searing pace that made him the player he was.

  • heres some other thoughts….. i don’t think Friedel has had a great year. in some situations he’s looked a little blunt and slow. a lot have blamed the guys in front of him. speaking of defenders, Mane of almeria is worth a sqizz, a left back. we need some continental style i think…MONs english thing is fine but in order to compete better, variety is a good thing. just look at the top 4 and the balance they have with this… and it is working.

  • Just some of the players I think we would have a slight chance of getting and would like at VP: Frings, Defour, Scharner, Mattock,

  • zigic is pap and tuncay is not my choice. scharner possibly but lescott gotta be big target.

  • Forlan!?! Athletico would let go thier top scorer, and la ligas 2nd top, and he’d leave spain where he has champs league and a excellent past? That’d take most of that 40m alone. I reckon we snatch bundesliga strikers – one of either at wolfsburg who have 78 goals between them in all comps. this season. Especially Edin dzeko who is 23, 6ft 4in, and scores!. In fact plundering any of the better german league players might be inspired, as the quality there is much improved recently and the style isnt dissimilar to the prem. Also van der vaart who hasnt excelled for real but remains quality and, as he was cheap (8m), might be bought for less! Bassong was the only decent player for newcastle, is young and available. Olof come home!!!!

  • tuncay only bloody scores against us! not sure of lescott or scharner wouldnt wana pay big for either

  • I like the Dzeko idea. But Tuncay would be good too. What about Martins he runs a bit hot and cold but on his day is top class (against us at St. James for example). Forlan is way out of our reach. Zigic would be clever too thinking about it.

  • Tuncays and i think we could get better,he’s too slow… salifou would look world class in a middlesborough shirt!ts easy to look world class when your surrounded with mediocrity, granted he his good, but a step up im not so sure. I think we should raid ajax!

  • dunno what happenned with that post but should read tuncays not that much better than what we have..

  • Wigan’s Paul Scharner has again been linked, although this is from a gossip site and no direct quotes to Villa etc. Bruce said “He only has a year left and I am not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. He is one of our better players. I don’t want to lose him but we will have to be realistic.”

  • Here goes, my idea, Richards, Taylor and the chap from Ajax 4 defence, Bentley, downing and defour for midfield, owen and bent for upfront. Out Harewood, salifoooooooo, osbourne and maybe knight, Barry to stay.60 mil spent with 6 mil in. We need 2 players 4 every position with cm needing 6 at least, this to compete in all competitons. UP THE VILLA.

  • I know you guys aren’t overly keen on Hesky. Has anyone considered a player plus cash deal with Bent going the other way? You need a ‘goal scorer’, we need ‘another dimension’. Just a thought..

  • Heres an idea, with the quality that seems to be in the youth setup at VP why dont we turn first to the transfer market and then if there are no players we can get who are better than we have turn to the youth setup, not buy the likes of Salifou or Knight. We have signed to many players just for numbers. Give the likes of Bannan, Albrighten, Clark and co.

  • What is the general consensus? Keep Barry for the remaining year on his contract, knowing he will probably leave for nothing next year. Or cash in on him now for £10m minimum? Thoughts please

  • Id say Tymoshuck would be a decent shout for midfield if Barry goes,Srna is an excellent player aswell.

  • Robert Wagner Love would be a good one along with Hangeland. Stuff Downing and Bentley. Definitely give Bannan and albrighton a run as back up.

  • Wagner Love, Edin Dzeko, Defour, Darren Bent, David Bentley, Fabien Delph, a couple of full backs, possibly another centre half. I think Cuellar and Davies will come good if they play together enough. Would like to know how many times they have played at centre half together.

  • Babel anyone?? Todays papers saying he will be sold by the Fat Waiter?? I would take him – a winger or centre-forward hopefully under £7m.

  • Id rather Albrighton and Bannan got a chance than signing Babel,Id like to see Ciaran Clarke get a chance aswell

  • If Joe Hart is available we should snap him up. Friedel has done a sound job this season but time is against him and people like Hart do not come on the market often. Wagner Love will probably end up in Spain or Italy. I can see Defour, Bent and Bentley happening. Wouldn’t object to Martins, he is obviously not going to remain at St James’s. No way would I want Owen.

  • Owen for free? why not? Can you imagine a fit Owen alongside Carew? Fabien Delph? Watched him v Millwall in the play off and he is quality, still only 19 or 20. Vermaelen at Ajax being chased by Arsenal as well as us. Lescott ideal, but will Moyes sell? Sturridge has been mentioned for a while, now, and would be a good addition. Babel is a super player, but greedy. Bentley? No thanks. Shouldn’t even consider a swap for GB with anyone, except maybe Messi!!!

  • In – Hart (6mill) Naughton (4mill) Richards (10mill) Upson (10mill) Warnock (6mill) Bentley (8mill) Sturridge (Free. Out of contract I believe) Tuncay (8 mill) Owen (Free) and Out – Taylor (1 mill) Knight (2 mill) Shorey (3 mill) Gardner (3mill) Osbourne (1mill) Salifou (1mill) Harewood (2mill) All makes a total Net Spend of around 40mill, which I believe would be available. Leaves a great squad of 24 and cover for every position, meaning we can compete in all comps. GK’s (Hart, Fiedel, Guzan) RB’s (Young, Naughton) CB’s (Richards, Upson, Davies, Cueller) LB’s (Warnock, Bouma) RM’s (Milner, Bentley) CM’s (Barry, Petrov, Reo, Sidwell) AM (Tuncay) LM’s (Young, Sturridge) Strikers (Gabby, Owen, Carew, Heskey) We could then loan out The Fonz, Bannen, Albrighton and Clark for valuable first team experience.

  • Yes good shout In MON we trust, only dissagreement would be that i wouldnt sell Gardner cos i think we need 5 CM,s. And think Taylor will be a free agent, the other importnant point of course is is that we need most of these players in by pre season. UP THE VILLA

  • You think theres any truth in this Barry for Bentley or Bent + Cash story? I cant see it happening personally although i do expect you to make a move for Darren Bent this summer. Barry coming to Spurs would be a sideways step hardly his dream move although he + his family are well known to be Spurs fans so im hoping he would. I think Bent playing in your side in the system you play would score for fun.

  • Don’t think so huddersfieldyiddo, I guess stranger things have happened but I really don’t see Barry going unless it is to a CL side. Who knows though, he’s been at Villa 11 years, he might think that he needs a change for change sake IF a CL side don’t come in for him. Doubt it as he can either run down his contract, play weekly and make the world cup and then leave on a free making himself a nice retirement fund OR he could have a great contract at Villa, a testimonial and retire here a Villa hero. Time will tell, you can never second guess in this game can you?!

  • Bent scored 17 goals this season, more than our lot, he can’t be that bad Tallaght!?

  • found a couple of highly unlkely rumours. 1st is a 17.9 million euro buy out clause for felipe melo of fiorentina claims arsenal are intersted and another english powerhouse thought to be chelsea, not sure how our name got in on the rumour but it did. 2nd villa and spurs to vie for 8 million euro “prolific predator” (not my words) Grafite (A.K.A. Edinaldo Batista Líbano) top scorer in the german league this year plays for wolfsburg. sure they are both B/S but it makes for fun reading

  • I know he has a good record, but there is just something about him. I think he is over rated. We need a top quality striker and I dont think Bent is top quality.

  • I am not after a flash striker, just one who is affective. I say Vagner Love is the striker we need.

  • 1982benny – i’d like either of those players though!!! Melo has been quality this season.

    Tallaght Villan – Wagner Love isn’t flash?? He has blue hair!!!

  • By not flash I mean any one who has the quality and will get the job done, a big name or not, it makes no difference. Vagner Love I feel has the quality and gets the job done so I think he would be the best Striker we could get..

  • i cant see any brazilian coming to villa to be honest fellas they are far to unpredictable wagner love is often in trouble in russia and i thik melo is well out of our price range just yet. biglia from anderlect would be a cheaper option and he has bags of class add vermalen, delph, sturridge, owen, defour, jurahsz and naughton and that would do me just fine

  • I really hope the 6+5 rule comes in,we do need more signings (particularly in defence).I just worry alot of our excellent youth set up will end proving to be very good signings for other sides while we fork out for players who aren’t as good.

  • How will the 6 + 5 rule help us Pking? Dont get it – as I think you mean we will HAVE to have 5 non British – which isnt the case…..

  • Gossip sites saying Nani and Ji-Sung Park are on their way out – I would take either of them. Apparently Boton are in for Sporting Lisbon midfielder Veloso for £6m. I have heard he is an amazing young talent but I have not seen him myself. ANyone know if he is any good???

  • I find it really frustrating to say this – but the ideal signing for us this summer would be Gary Cahill. The guy was excellent for us and was superb for Burnley on loan. Why did O’Neill sell him?? He would be our best CB at the moment. I understand noone knew Laursen would have to retire early but to replace with Knight??? Then Cuellar and Davies?? he is better than all three of them. Im my opinion, selling him is the WORST decision O’Neill has made while at the club. There was logic (as much as I hate to say it) in the team v CSKA and in chaning back to 4-4-2 with Carew fit and Heskey signing. But there was no reason at all to sell Cahill and for £4-5million. We better have a 50% sell on clause or first refusal on the guy!!!!!!!

  • Yeah Kinda agree deano.avfc think O Neils biggest mistake was selling Cahill, i understand the Moscow thing. UP THE VILLA.

  • trochowski is supposed to be real good, problem with germany internationals is that they dont often get picked nationally if they play for a foreign club, even ballack was almost dropped. still ajax is abroad, if hes happy to go there then why not england?

  • Window opens in 2 days, would be nice to see MON state his intentions ASAP to show other potential players where he wants to take us not to mention GB. If he sees some world class coming in then it may persuade him??

  • DELFOUNESO SRORES A BRACE in England under 19s at Valley Parade in Bradford. Played pretty well. Neil Ranger was excellent, newcastle youth i think. We should sign him up!!

  • BIG DEBATE: who will be our first signing? winner gets a lolly pop! my prediction daniel sturridge

  • I read somewhere that we DO have first shout on Cahill if Bolton sell. Agree with Astonsteve that selling him was a big mistake, and in the light of Laursen’s retirement it was compounded but hindsight is 20-20 vision, the lad could never see that coming and he wanted 1st team football. I am glad for Delfounso and think he is an exciting prospect, but Owen (fit) and Carew up front excites me. First signing? Delph. Chupa Chups please, clarkamus!!!

  • As i thought randy lerner has came out and clarified that there will not be a spending limit or an cut budget only that he will not be stupid with his money! expect some quality coming to villa park this summer

  • Seems like we are being linked to everyone along with Spurs. ‘Arry has probably done several interviews confirming that he wants a player or 2 from each club and he probably named them too. MON doesn’t let on and is more respectful than that red faced tw@ but they aren’t even in Europe and I find it disrespectful that they should even be mentioned in the same sentence as us !!

  • Well actually Harry has aid that he’s only interested in bringing in 2 or 3 players full stop and is keeping his cards closed to his chest about thier positions, let alone identities. But never let facts get in the way of a good rant…

  • that would be the first time he has done that. maybe he has learnt his lesson but i doubt it. couldnt believe the crap he pulled last year. its one thing talking about who he wanted but to speculate and talk about other clubs show a complete lack of class and respect

  • Nice to see that Spuz fans are checking the site of the team that they dream of emulating and rising to the bait anyway Phartman87. As 1982benny says, ‘Arry’s behaviour last time round was despicable and lets hope he’s learnt his lesson if what you say is correct but maybe its just the lazy journo’s who are still linking us with the same players as last year as we have similar budgets but they just forgot that you guys aren’t in Europe anymore, (no rubbing it in intended.)

  • My room mates a Fulham fan, I’m gonna have to get use to Europe beeing lauded over me I think! TBH I don’t belive a word written in the papers but because we’re similar sized clubs, with similar squads, similar budgets and statures in the game (yes, yes minus europe 😉 we’re bound to be linked with similar players by greasy agents trying to engineer PL moves. Don’t take it personally…

  • Cant see Delph being the quality we are looking for. Defor would be a bit more like it. We need players who are used to the top level. Give me Love over Owen anyday.

  • maybe not at the level yet but bags of potential for the squad so i would have to disagree

  • Dzeko apparently available from Wolfsburg for 7m, I hope thats our first signing.

  • I bet we end up buying Gerbil Jenas. He’s a classic O’Neill type of player. English, unrealised potential, question marks over attitude and commitment. Would be a decent squad player I suppose. As for Delph, my in-laws are all Leeds fans (bless ’em), and they reckon he’s vastly over-rated, along with Beckford. They’re just holding out for the first offer.

  • Must admit, Ive seen Delph play a few times and i havent seen the big fasination. He looks ok in league1 but i would very much doubt he’s ready for the prem. As soon as someone plays for England at any level, the price shoots up, which is ideal for Leeds. We should be aiming a bit higher me thinks, especially if the kittys limited. Mons gotta get it right

  • just read avblog and a guy on there said he got this email from the FA:

    The first Transfer Window in any year shall commence at midnight on the last day of the season and shall end on 31 August next if a Working Day, if not, on the first Working Day thereafter, at a time to be determined by the Board.

    The second Transfer Window in any year shall commence at midnight on 31st December and shall end on the 31st January next if a Working Day or, if not, on the first Working Day thereafter, at a time to be determined by the board.

  • Prem league rules, page 150 on transfers: 2. The first Transfer Window in any year shall commence at midnight on the last day of the Season and shall end on 31st August next if aWorking Day or, if not, on the firstWorking Day thereafter, at a time to be determined by the Board.

  • new rumour claiming villa are now the favourites to sign giant argentine defender Renato Civelli on a free from marseille ahead of sunderland and blackburn. cabt find anywhere that states why we are favourite but thats what the rumour sites are saying.

  • From Official Site: WEBFLASH: Gareth Barry
    Aston Villa can confirm today that Gareth Barry is in talks with Manchester City.

  • dont really know much abou him. i heard he was frozen out of the squad so it might not be performance related maybe more personal

  • I have some gossip for your from the Australian newspapers! Tenuous link to Villa but what the heck you might be interested! Apparently former Villain Mark Bosnich (now playing for A League side Central Coast Mariners) is in talks over a move back to England to play for Swindon Town.

  • Interesting to see if he can make it again, I’m sure he has spoken about trying before but time is getting on. He was a GREAT shot stopper, that is for sure, all went wrong when he thought he was moving to a better place. Take note Mr Barry!

  • Not the start to the summer we wanted but hey, at least it was sorted quickly, we now know what the £arry situation is and can move on.

  • Paul McGrath! I hate the summer, transfer windows, rumours and conspiracy theories! Mr O?Neill, Mr Lerner you?ve told us the cash is there, Laursen?s retired, now we?ve lost Gareth, the squad is too small, do something about it please, but please do it soon. Pull your finger out and make a couple of BIG signings now so we have a chance of persuading others to come to Villa. Don?t buy rubbish from the Championship for £2M or £3M, buy quality. There are no excuses now, everyone knows we?ve lost our Captain and Vice Captain, everyone knows we have the cash ? you?ve said, everyone knows our squad is too small. No excuses, do your job well Mr O?Neill bring in some quality players. Good luck!

  • “So Gareth, what attracted you to the multi-billionaire club that could not even offer you the Europa League, let alone the Champions League?”

  • Apparently we’ve made enquiries about “hot and cold” Oba Martins. We need goal scoring consistency not 7-8 goals a season

  • varmaelen and sturridge have reportedly been snapped up by arsenal and chelsea…better get a move on MON!!!!!!lescott,defour juhasz bentley and vagner love. (plz)

  • there is a thread under the open letter article NY. Personally I like Barry, wish he’d not gone but he has and I wish him (not his new team!) well..(ish.. you know what I mean… don’t want him to do better at City than at us as I want us above them obv!)

  • I sit just me or does anyone else find it weird that MON or the club have not really made any comments following Barrys departure. Im just parying its because they are already busy lining up an exciting replacement. If we dont sign anyone within the next 2 weeks after losing 2 such big players Im not going to be a nervous wreck the longer this transfer window lasts without any signings

  • the open letter for me was all about barry trying to justify his total greed, and his overwhelming sense of guilt and vanity. why the would you turn down liverpool to go there? it wasnt that long ago they were in the championship!!!!

  • signings please at least give us a statement o’neil im desperate to know what gona happen now

  • nazvfc – I for one don’t hate MON and I doubt there are more than a very small minority that do. I’m not interested in MON making statements about his intentions, I agree with you, it’s pointless. However, I do feel that he has to dig deep this window and produce the goods, I’m being realistic, I don’t expect Tevez etc etc, but I do expect him to improve the first team significantly and add a couple of decent squad players as well. I suspect, however, we will be a little disappointed come the end of the window. MON is his own man and he will buy players that aren’t necessarily mediocre but neither will they be top drawer players who would command a place in a top 4 side. I don’t mind this, as long as we’ve made an effort to sign top 4 type players. What really gets my goat is when we sign players from teams that have been relegated or nearly relegated – it simply doesn’t make sense – that is if the intention is to progress as per the ‘5 year plan’. So MON we will see, this is a crucial window for you, if you sign average premier league players and we slip down to an average premier league place, say 8th then…

  • Sorry – me again! Just to make my point a little clearer, if our first team is something like this… Friedal, L Young, Davies, Cueller, Shorey, Milner, Petrov, Sidwell, A Young, Carew, Abonglahor. Then 5 of this team were purchased from clubs that have been relegated in the last 2 seasons, granted they’re good players, but, will Citeh, Spurs, ManU, Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal be looking down the league for players? I don’t think so, I hope MON is looking abroad, some of the Ajax players that have been mentioned would do for a start. UMON – UTV.

  • Talking about Hleb, his agent says he isn’t going to return to the Premiership, expect us to sign him tomorrow! Agent Oliver Minztlaff told Sport he wants to stay and fight for his place at Barcelona. “Hleb is not satisfied with the opportunities he has had. He would like to play more, but he is confident that he will be able to prove to Guardiola that he is good enough.” He did admit that there has been interest from German and English clubs but added “In Barca, he has found a club where he can win titles and his sole intention is to stay there.”

  • Mr Fear, do you know/suspect something – or are you just teasing me? Hleb would be a quality addition.

  • 26.05.82 – Iagree mate – what I hate is all this we want to know whats going on so if we don’t agree we can air an opinion (or have a go at MON). Did Hughes make a statement to the fans – does Fergie – Does Moyes – No they get on with it – I agree – we need quality (and that does not mean “world class” – not in the Kaka sense) but quality that improves the current crop. I say we let MON fall on his sword – if the players are right for him who am I to disagree. He knows more about football and played in the greatest stage (European cup) than I’ve had hot dinners. patience – we’ve had to wait 25 years for roots and branch change – another 2/3 years is ok by me but then patience comes with age and experience.

  • no, just the agent denying the link 26.05.82. It was paper talk this morning but quashed for now by the look of his agents dismissal. Stick around long enough, you’ll realise I know nothing about nothing!

  • Excellent Fear – just like the rest of us then!!! Where is that chap Eircol? He new nothing but it was all good sport!

  • lol, there will be another who ‘knows it all’ at some stage 26.05.82 Thing is those that do get inside info don’t blab it on the forums and unless I have concrete info and permission, I don’t do articles claiming something is happening, I might do one saying it is a strong rumour with substance but that is different. I hate the headlines on some sites who make it look like we are being linked with a player when we so obviously aren’t!

  • Hello all, my 1st post of this window! I want to trust in MON but I have a horrible feeling we are going to be disapointed. For 3 years MON’s been saying our squad is too small.. he threw away the UEFA cup because of a small squad, this excuse which has been thrown around for far too long needs to be ended this summer. Quality and depth we are not strapped for cash, there are players out there and we are very attractive proposition. GO MAKE IT HAPPY MARTIN U BEAUTY!

  • P.S. I know martin likes a smart buy, but I’d love to see us splash some cash this summer, if nothing else its a signal of intentions, lure some big fish.

  • Links today with Huddlestone (£6m) and Bentley (£10m) again. I would be happy with that. I went to see Man City play Spurs season before last and I thought Huddlestone was immense. A real powerhouse in the centre midfield and he would do well for us I think. Also young and English so the press may be putting two and two together and getting 5. I will say this though – I think Bentley is an absolute certainty to join us – IF we are quick. You can guarantee Sunderland, Man City etc. will be after him soon. I would like to see him ITSOTP (in the shirt, on the pitch) within the next week or two. Just imagine him and Young, really on form, supplying the bullets to Carew with Milner playing box-to-box and Gabby in support from left, right or centre to take on any knock-downs!! Gareth Who??

  • Fascinated to see where Owen does end up. Such a massive gamble and one I don’t think we’ll take.

  • Where’s the story about Cahill taking down Barry in an England training session? Oh how I laughed!

  • Bentley should be advertising some hair product instead of playing football and I can’t see him being a MON type of player, but there’s no smoke without fire so something must be going on and I’m very worried. As for Huddlestone (Jordan’s baby in disguise,) he’s just a fat Glenn Hoddle wannabe who has got a Hoddle-esque pass on him but tries it every time and is even less mobile than GB. These two have their heads right up their own behinds and can keep their Hollywood passes, freekicks and hairdo’s in London.

  • How about signing Paul Scholes? Would be a good temporary measure for replacement for Barry.

  • Does anyone know when MON is returning from his holiday in the states? Im worried if we dont sign anyone in the next week or 2 that other members of our squad might begin to worry about our ambitions as well.

  • villan444, we don’t talk about hair around these parts for FEAR of upsetting someone… mentioning on names..! I wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t that long ago I won a prize, got sent the box and excitedly opened it only to find…. ****ing hair care products! lol. Not sure on Bentley, he looked decent at Blackburn and would be desperate to get his career back on track… but as said, really don’t know.

  • No to Scholes from me, he was a great player but we should be building the team not going for those at the end of their careers. These players are never the same when they leave Man Utd imho.

    To be fair smirnoffshox, not that much happens early in June usually, players, agents and managers all go on hols. Maybe he has left a list and the board are doing the bidding, that would be the sensible expectation!?

  • Last season Bentley never got a look in, in the Spurs team. No-one knew that Lennon was going to be amazing this year. Have Reo-Coker and Sidwell become bad players in the space of a year because Petrov was excellent. No. We will not be buying the Spurs Bentley, if we play him we will get the Blackburn Bentley. Under O’Neills leadership he will be the better-than-Blackbun Bentley. Honestly, if the plan is to move Milner to the centre (which I think it should be) there are few better than Bentley. He would be silly not to move, and we will be daft not to take him. It will be like the opposite of L Young – could have had him a year earlier for £4m less, we can have Bentley a year later for £6m less!!!

  • Good point deano – Lennon suprised everybody this year and really blossomed into a top player and therefore Bentley rightly lost his place. Even when he did play Bentley he often had a poor game, but i think he would be great in a Villa shirt and he soon rediscover his Blackburn form where he looked like the new Beckham.

  • is tuncay going to get us into the top 4.? id like to see martins personally, thinking about general things thought lads, it is my opinion that we need to spend atleast £30m on a replacment for laursen and barry simply to get to the position we were in 6 months bach. HUMPF.

  • please no, not freddie to. we are *****ed next season. i think oneill should cut his holiday short and get his ar*se back over here and get to work.

  • Spurs meant to be after A Young for Bentley & £8m. Did he not turn them down when he left Watford. We are also after Jenas apparently for £10m. O’Neill needs to get back and reassure the fans. Im bricking it already and there is nearly 2 months left of this!!!

  • Id like the club to come out and make a statement about our players,but this would give these stories creedence.

  • can’t see what statement the club can make and MON gets slated if he says things and slated if he doesn’t. Action is what we’ll need, not more ‘we are working hard’ stuff!

  • If MoN is on holiday so what?Is he not entitled to a holiday.Im sure all managers are taking a break now.

  • agree Pking. Has to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world, I’d hate it, I couldn’t even start to think about taking that on.

  • its stressful being a fan-wheres my holiday oneil??heheh give the guy a break-he’ll come good. My only worry is that I have no worries…im fully aware of citys cash, lure of london, but im sure Ash realises unlike GB that oneil has got him playing his best football which has earnt him a rightful england call up close to the world cup-which he has more chance than barry, being apart of 2010 plans. I have to be honest, i cant think of a centre half who could replace laurs, but barry in my opinion, although he has been quality he can be replaced!!! looking forward to a torturous summer transfer window…hehe utv so whos gonna be our first 09 signing do you think?

  • reports are saying he is going to come to villa. i for one am not to keen on bringing him in although it would be a statement of intent and if he stays healthy he can definatley do a job so i would still be happy. If only you could believe everything you read though

  • I understand City are coming back to Villa for Ashley Young, how much do you think he will cost us?

  • Eden Hazard – check him out – youtube has some stuff – rumour out of France today says he’s coming here.

  • OUT: Barry(12m), Harewood(2m), Laursen, Salifou(Free), Taylor(Free)
    IN: Huddlestone/Defour(8m), Owen/Sturridge(Free), Naughton(5m),
    Hangeland/Richards(10m), Bentley(10m)
    Total spend:20m
    Two quality players leave(Barry, Laursen) and 5 come.
    How about that? and you can afford to buy at least one more quality player.

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