Date: 26th October 2006 at 4:36pm
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Aston Villa and Sweden defender Olof Mellberg is read to commit his long term future to the claret and blue.

Mellberg, who has been with Villa for six seasons already, has a contract up until the end of the 2007/2008 season but told PA Sport:

‘I haven’t really heard anything myself about a new contract. I read something about it in the papers. There are a few of us in a similar situation contract-wise. But I would like to stay at Aston Villa if they offer me a new one. Definitely.’

‘I am not looking to leave. It has been a good start to the season and I have felt good personally. There is no reason to say no if there is a new contract offer. My own form has been good all season. I felt strong pre-season and I have felt good the whole season.’

‘The bearded one’ travels to Anfield to sort out the Raffa Reds on Saturday.


21 Replies to “‘The Bearded One’ Looks To Stay”

  • They will be crying into their champagne and prawn sandwiches come november 8th ! less harsh this time , Tarts !!

  • Definately needs signing up long term. Defenders tend to peak in their late 20’s so we could still be yet to see the best of the son of god!

  • A bit controversial this and totally opposite to what everbody is saying but how is this for a thought? Arsene Wenger and to some extent Alex Ferguson have made a habit of knowing the best time to let a player go. The best example being Viera. He cost a c

  • Dont agree with that. Firstly he was only being valued at £4million in the summer. Secondly I think his best is yet to come.

  • VOTH, The old gits gone, no more scrimping and saving, lets build and improve on what weve got and Olly wants to stay you couldnt say that about Vierra.

  • Silkie, I am non commital either way. But I do think it is an area worth looking at. As for scrimping and saving, every penny still matters at our football club. To get £8 million for a 30 year old and reinvest £2/3 million in a 20 year old would be seen

  • no way should we sell are best defender,do we see any of top teams selling their top players coming 2 their peak unless they want 2 go?think all villa fans would be 100 per cent against this idea!end of………………..

  • Hey LL cool villan, (!) he might have shaven it off, but you watch, it’ll be back….. he’s a viking warrior you know!

  • Selling Olly would be really bad business when you concider that he is a key part of our defence, a defence that may well get us into European competition, something that is worth £8 million just for UEFA, much more if it’s CL.

  • Villain of the north, I understand the point you make but the figures you quote are miles off. The Arse made £10 million on the back of getting to last seasons Champions League Final. Middsbro just turned a profit on their run to the UEFA final. Unless yo

  • What a turnaround in that a mere few months back everybody and his dog wanted out of Villa Park. Get him signed up I say. We want to build a strong, competitive squad, and Olof still has plenty to offer us. It seems as if he’s been with us forever. A grea

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