Date: 14th March 2010 at 10:41am
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voice of the holte has joined a growing set of fans who believe the Bells Are Ringing For Claret & Blue should be our club anthem. Over to voice:

Watch this clip of Villa fans in the Green Man at Wembley and I am sure you will agree that this is our club anthem:

It doesn’t mention any other club. There are no swear words. It has no references to individual players or managers, meaning it is timeless. It is just pure Villa.

However there always seems to be the odd misinterpretation of the words. For the record the true version goes like this;

The bells are ringing for the claret and blue,
The fans are singing for the claret and blue,
Everybody is knowing,
To the Villa we are going,
Cause the Villa are showing,
We’re the best in the land.

So what do we do:

*It should be recorded by reasonable singer with the musical backing track.
*The words should be printed in every programme as part of the history of the club.
*The club should make it available for download to iPods/phones etc from the official website.
*There should be murals inside every stand with the words on so they become ingrained in the fabric of the club.
*It should be played 3 or 4 times as Villa come on to the pitch every home game and it should be the song that is played at the end of every game.
*When it is played the words should be displayed on the big screens and the club should ask every supporter to give their biggest vocal backing to it.

We have many tunes that are ours. We share many songs adapted to us with lots of clubs. BUT THIS IS OURS. Wet Spam have tried to copy it, but it is ours.

There are many musical ‘names’ that follow the Villa. I am sure it would not be difficult for the club to enlist some celebrity help to get the ball rolling.

The club can do this without calling it an anthem, therefore they are not ‘forcing’ the tune on the fans. But it has been a massive point of discussion for years. These are good days for the club and it is important that we capitalise on the goodwill that is with us at the moment.

Fans of many clubs make positive comments on the Villa, as do many TV pundits. We are a traditional club, with a fantastic ground, a young, predominantly English team that plays with wingers and pace (we know we need a superstar goalscorer to take us to the next level) and owners that are the envy of many rival clubs.

Lets make these days count and create something that will last.