Date: 26th January 2018 at 2:49pm
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The Bish returns, this time with CEO Keith Wyness.

How do I know? Because that is what they say on their site!

James Jeavons and Rob Bishop are joined by Villa CEO, Keith Wyness to discuss; Twitter, our current form, injuries, Cyrille Regis, the transfer window, financial fair play as well as much much more!

Keith talks to them for 35 minutes and says how much he likes the banter between him and the fans. He knows it gets brutal at times but it`s a part of football that he loves.

This makes a great listen, which is no surprise when Rob Bishop is involved.

I won`t go into a blow by blow on this, you can listen. Nice to hear the CEO willing to talk though and it does sound like he`s getting more confident in what is going through the squad and club.

So there you go, Bish, bash, bosh…


3 Replies to “The Bish Interviews Keith Wyness. CEO ‘I’m Happy Shocker’”

  • Speaks with authority doesn’t he? I do like some of the staff he’s brought in as well, the folks running the foundation are excellent, our chief commercial guy Luke is very good… hopefully we are slowly getting back on the right feet again.

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