Date: 8th October 2015 at 10:06am
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Holtelower wrote in the Tim Sherwood Forum Thread > Click Here (more adult language in the forum)

He inherited what virtually everybody says was the worst Villa side in living memory, what did you expect him to get – Champions League ?

Lets look at this in reality

We beat Bournemouth
We drew against Sunderland (not exactly a great result, but not exactly a disaster either)
We lost v Leicester (but played the best we have in about 5yrs for 70 minutes remember)
We lost v Albion (and that was a poor performance)
We lost v Stoke (I agree with Sherwood, it was a nothing game, we were no worse than Stoke)
We lost v Man U (well, whats new)
We lost v Palace (giving them a point)
We lost v Liverpool (and I am going to abstain from this one, because it could have gone either way)

Although the results are very poor, to me, it was only the Albion game where I came away thinking ‘Jeez that was awful’. Against Leicester , I was in the minority here for having a go at them at the time, most people were saying it was the most promising display since O’Neil !.

If you actually want to critique performances honestly we deserved

Bournemouth – draw
Man U – draw
Leicester – win
Albion – loss
Stoke – draw
Sunderland – win
Palace – draw
Liverpool – ???

So, performance wise, we should be on around 10 points now (without the Liverpool game) so yes, I can see some positivity in all this. Under Lambert and I think people have very short memories here, can you remember ANY game where you thought ‘we should have got a point there, we were the better team’ never mind a win !!!

Just give it time, granted, if it is like this at Xmas , then maybe then yeah, but after 5 poor results out of 10 (inc. cups).

And yes, I expect a couple more poor results in the next couple as well. Our future is not going to be decided against a wounded Chelsea -so we will almost certainly have to take a poor result there, and afterwards I still won’t panic, because the way we are playing, we are far better than an Albion side who play 4 central defenders, 3 defensive midfielders and Craig Gardner as a winger over 38 games !!!

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