Date: 22nd August 2007 at 9:39am
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Although Rob Styles made one or two mistakes in the Chelsea v Liverpool match, lets be realistic. The FA is punishing him because it was a high profile game. If that match was this weekends corresponding fixture with Villa and Fulham and an unjust penalty decided the outcome of the game their would be little crying (Liverpool) or hysteria surrounding Rob Styles job on his ability to referee.

You heard little about Villa’s dropped point(s) because of Gerrard’s unjust free-kick which led to a goal the week before. Same – same! Quite simply big team syndrome! The press get hold of it, they run with it and make it a big issue to pipe up the tension between the top 4 clubs.

I think fans from all other 16 clubs in the Premiership should support me on this, if we keep giving the respect to the top four clubs in terms of decisions, then its unlikely any of the other 16 clubs in the worlds best league will ever be able to penetrate those Champions League positions!!


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  • Very true. I think the disallowed goal at Fulham was even worse decision, but all the media attension is on the Liverpool game.

  • Never mind top 4, there’s a sickly bias to Liverpool here. The apology offered to Liverpool is unprecedented and unhealthy. If refs are going to apologise for every bad decision where is yours for the Gerrard free kick? Where is Spurs’ for the goal that Roy Carroll dug out of the net and that was not given? Etc.

    Refs make bad decisions every week sometimes our clubs are lucky and sometimes we’re desperately unlucky. We moan and whinge and that’s part of being a spectator but refs should either apologise for every error or none of them. I’d like to know how the refs justify an apology on this occasion alone.

  • We (LFC) didn’t ask for the media attention. We have Sky Sports News to thank for that! By Sunday night i had a pain in my face listening to it myself. We were robbed, move on, get over it is my opinion. But i think there is a huge difference between awarding a free kick wrongly and awarding a penalty wrongly. Your liable to score 9 out of ten pens whereas 9 out of ten free kicks from 30 yards out are more than likely going to smack someone in the kisser in row Z. As for Kieth Hackett getting ROB noStyles to apologise…. i think its a bit much. Should referees have to answer for their mistakes and have a responsibility to explain their actions? YES. But chastising him like a naughty school kid is a little over the top. After all he is human. Just about. If he continuously makes high profile blunders then just sack him from his job like you would a normal employee.

  • artful_dodger74. The probability of a player executing a 30 yard free kick is less than the probability of a player executing a penalty. Still, both are goal scoring opportunities and both decisions influenced the outcome of the games. What do penalties and a free kick from 30 yards have in common? Answer: They are both goal scoring opportunities. I’m highlighting referee decisions and and results being influenced by these. Liverpool have experienced both sides of the coin in their 1st 2 league games regarding this – and for teams outside of the “top4”, referee decisions balance themselves out over the course of the season. The top 4 DO get more favourable decisions overall.

    Also, can I point to in the direction of the official LFC website where Paul Tomkins makes the following points:

    – “But it came just a week after Liverpool got lucky against Aston Villa, when Stiliyan Petrov nicked the ball away from Steven Gerrard before the two collided…..”
    – “……But all the same, that favourable decision at Villa Park helped Liverpool to get off to a winning start, and without it the Reds would have approached the Chelsea match under a lot more pressure.”

  • By the way, artful_dodger, you are absolutely alone in being an adult about this. Everyone who’s even visited Liverpool, let alone had a connection with the club, is lining up to vilify Chelsea and Styles. From Ian Rush to Bignose Neal, the high-pitched whining is so loud it’s a pity we can’t harness it in a reactor. We’d solve the energy crisis.

  • Fair point artful dodger makes about difference between a bad free kick and penalty award. Just happened to be bloody Gerrard taking the free kick, and it cost us! The same weekend Manure were awarded a shocking free kick in the last minute against Reading, but they haven’t got Beckham anymore, didn’t score, and the incident was forgotten.
    On the subject of big club syndrome, isn’t it great to hear potato head confirm that both Wham and Sunderland are bigger clubs than Bloose!

  • This will only make referees even more wary about giving decisions against the top 4 clubs Liverpool, with there diving winging defenders will get extra protection.
    It was like a circus every time we had a corner with them falling over themselves

  • Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manure ALWAYS get decisions in their favour because the ‘TOP CLICK’ are all the same, from the refs, managers, chairmen and players, they form their own little clan, it will never change. As for our incident…Petrov should have gone through Gerrard properly and justified the free kick, just like Finnan and ‘crybaby’ Carragher did all game to Young and Gabby. The ‘Bottom Sixteen’ should get tougher and stop showing these teams respect, and really get on the refs back every time he makes a decision, chant his name and shame him, when I’m in Italy Lecce and Co. don’t do show much respect to Milan or Inter etc…., they just get stuck in…..time the ‘others’ did the same…..remember Wimbledon….those were the days…

  • Agree FatKev. The referees association or whatever they are called have done the game a big dis-service. To apologise for decisions given in all honesty and to discipline referees will take away their authority. Strange how players can cheat all they like, repeatedly, and get away with it more often than not. Also their managers never see the incident. There must be eguality for both players and referees and there isn’t. This is plain daft.

  • Line them all up and shoot the b*******! that’l sort them out. at the end of the game both home and away supporters should get the chance to vote on their performance, and if they are crap sack them! we had Uriah Rene in a friendly against Inter and i even left that game saying how s*** the ref was…. and we won!!

  • You watch now, any bad decisions will lead to enquiry after enquiry until playback tele is brought into the game – which we all don’t want. I’m very keen on Hawk Eye, but not replays. Wimbledon stopped every ten minutes this year for that!

  • Well i still think the Petrov decision was a lot harder to call than the Finnan/Malouda one. I couldnt really decide it wasnt a foul until i seen a couple of replays and seen that he actually got a touch on the ball. I mean refs get free kicks wrong all the time in any one particular game. If Stevie hadnt off put into the top corner no one would be talking about it. The fact is the Finnan/Malouda one was in the box and so blatantly not a pen. I cant really say about top 4 clubs getting the big decisions. I think all clubs fans have a persecution complex and they all like to think they get the shi**y end of the stick. You may or may not have a point about it but i see everything with obviously “Liverpool” coloured tinted glasses on. I bet you could get every club in the league who could point out a myriad of instances whereby they where “oppressed” against. As for vilifying chelski over the decision its hardly their fault. Well not directly. I would say they had an indirect influence over that particular decision because they constantly complained to the ref throughout the game. Its disgusting to watch and it gets on my tits. Is it gamesmanship or is it cheating? Is if it its gamesmanship then every other club should get involved and start doing it too, if its cheating then they should be vilified over it. I think there’s a case for both. What i dont like is seeing Rob noStyles squirming out an apology. If he’s totally incompetent at his job then just get rid of him.

  • Is Rob Styles just good friends with Roman or does he just do his housework. Maybe the FA should look into that relationship more. Oh wait thats no good they wont do anything

  • The decision to ban Rob Styles is setting a dangerous precedent here, because surely the incident that we witnessed at Anfield on Sunday, or an incident very much like it, will be recreated probably every single weekend throughout the season at one stadium or another. Will punishment be handed out to the offending official on these occasions, or as is obviously the case with Rob Styles, will there only be payback time if one of the ‘Big Four’ clubs are involved?

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