Date: 18th December 2017 at 6:03pm
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A tweet by the Aston Villa Foundation today:

And the lovely video of little Carter. What a star he is. Lovely kid. These are the special people that it`s lovely to see being treated well by our club.

Fantastic to see Jack Grealish so involved as well, I`ve heard loads of good things about him when it comes to meeting fans, turning up for charity things and so on. The press don`t report that side of life do they?

The Foundation, as you can hear in the video towards the end (6 minutes 45 seconds in), are looking for more people from the community that deserve something special.

#Supporting Our Own

This is what I`ve been banging on about and why I did fundraising for the foundation. You can still donate, surely you can spare a few quid to help lovely people like this?

Giving back to the local community and also making a difference for the Villa family.

Come on, it`s Christmas:


4 Replies to “The Fabulous Aston Villa Foundation #SupportingOurOwn”

  • It’s a great initiative and hopefully will only get stronger and the club will back it to the hilt. Charity stuff seems to have taken a back seat in the last years of Randy’s reign, so great to see the ‘new’ lot getting into stuff like this.

  • Superb effort, great to see if finally up and running. Here’s to it having a huge impact in the community and charitable sector in the coming years.

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