Date: 2nd January 2019 at 3:01pm
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I have many problems with modern £ootball, one of them being the loan system and another the Financial Fair Play Rules.

Put them both together and we have a potential January transfer window nightmare.

Reports are suggesting that Tammy Abraham is the subject of an £18million bid from Wolves. I think The Sun kicked off the rumour, now many are covering it.

Now if not for the FFP, we could compete with all comers if anyone did want to buy him – albeit I recognise the player might choose the Premiership over and above this grand club we call Aston Villa. But with the restrictions, we have no chance.

The Telegraph reporter Matt Law gives us hope in his recent tweet:

However, whether Chelsea do, or do not recall him to sell, the point remains. Loan signings, unless we loan with an option to buy, is short-termism and the club must move away from it. With the new owners, CEO and manager, I have no doubt they will do just that. Dean Smith cannot build anything here if we have to rely on loans. Personally, I’d not allow the loan system to work like this, I’d change the rules so that there needs to be at least one division space between a club loaning and the loanee club. (Prem can only go to League One etc)

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If he goes, he goes, it is the risk you take when doing loan signings. He owes us nothing. Fans often call for loyalty, but we don’t show that much to many of the players who play in our teams. Money talks, if Chelsea want to cash in, they are within their rights. Personally, I think they are mad not using him themselves. He’s scored 16 goals for us, a fairly average team who don’t really excel in supply. Imagine him with world-class quality around him?

The system is bust and if we don’t move away from relying on loans, we’ll never get anywhere. Dean Smith has to be given the right backing and I do think with our new regime, he will be given just that, but only in line with what they can, FFP rules wise. If not, well, there will never be solid foundations at Aston Villa.

This isn’t a criticism of Villa using the loan system, we’ve had to because so many others do. It is a criticism of the system!

I do so love Villa.

I do so hate modern £ootball, it’s a busted flush to me.

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