Date: 6th November 2018 at 3:19pm
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I thought this tweet was quite funny.

Fulham fans did go rather overboard laughing at us after our no-show (1st half mostly) at Wembley. I’m not sure how loud they were laughing because their club hadn’t provided them with more clapper monstrosities and they’d not be able to make the noise themselves obviously.

It does look like you have to be careful what you wish for when it comes to promotion though. That’s why I’m hoping, with the new owners at Aston Villa and what looks like a very astute manager appointment, that we can finally get on a firm footing. We have to, if we have any chance of a) promotion b) staying up once promoted.

We simply CANNOT become a yo-yo club, not us, not Aston Villa, not the founders of the league. It’s just a no!

But it also goes without saying, having been in the Championship for two seasons now, we can’t really mess around getting back up. Can Smith get us up on the first time of asking? Well, yes. If it takes two though, as long as we are within the FFP and building, meh, so be it. I want to see us up there and ready to hit the ground running. With these new owners and their combined wealth, there should be massive funds available once promotion is secured, but we also need to – and will from what they have said and who they have appointed – need to bring through more academy players and have a real balance to our strategy.

Anyway, a funny little dig here:

Did the playoff final ‘end our club’ as Fulham fans say?


• new billionaire owners
• playing good football
• brought in good signings for cheap and kept our best player


• spent £100 million
• bottom of the prem
• best player been exposed for how dire he is

Funny old game. Must admit, I have nothing against (or particularly for) Fulham. Always seemed a fairly ‘nice’ family club. I remember driving a friend down once, Colin who used to do the funny videos. The offer was if I drove him (he had Parkinsons and was too ill to get himself down) he’d pay us into corporate. So we go to the corporate section and the guide asked if we wanted to see the Michael Jackson statue. Both, loudly and in what seemed like synchronised voices, said ‘NO we do not.’ The guide laughed and said he wouldn’t want to either.

That’s as deep as my anecdotes go for Fulham really, apart from the aforementioned, embarrassing clappers the Rupert’s in their supporter base were given at Wembley. Just imagine needing to be given something to make an atmosphere at such a crucial game? In fact, no, don’t imagine it, it’s not the Villa way. We use our beautiful Brummie mouths!

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