Date: 5th November 2018 at 7:07pm
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This one might sound strange but I love Dean Smith’s reaction when the interviewer says the 2-0 win over Bolton was a ‘convincing display.’

He retorts, “I thought we were average tonight to be honest.”

So no football clichés at all, no hiding place for players and no resting on their laurels.

The win was obviously welcomed along with the 3 points but it’s so refreshing when a manager doesn’t come out looking for praise, he comes out and speaks his mind and shows that we have a long way to go in his eyes.

Dean Smith reacts to our 2-0 win over Bolton Wanderers ????

Posted by Aston Villa FC on Friday, 2 November 2018

Out of the four games, he seems the most disappointed with this one.

This to me is a sign of a winner, he knows what he wants and from the words and actions so far, I have massively high hopes.  Promotion being the first part obviously, but then just as importantly, success in that $ky £ootball league once back in the land of milk and honey (sic).

He also backs up what Jack Grealish said in his post match interview about working on things in training.

I think it is good to remember these are still very early days in the Dean Smith era. I bet if he had a magic wand he’d wish away half the squad to be honest.

It is music to my ears that the manager wants to coach the players to be better at getting behind the opposition lines because for too long we have lumped up the ball, with our strikers having their back to the defenders, trying to turn and run. It doesn’t work, defenders will mop those sort of tactics up all day long. Through balls and quick, incisive passing on the other hand, that could be mouth watering for us all to watch.

So all in all, we’ve grown in our possession, we are now trying to clear our lines quickly and not hang back defence wise (which under previous negative managers it always infuriated me when we didn’t get out quick and invited pressure on) and Dean wants us to start quickly and play at a tempo.

I’m going to like Dean Smith. I’m going to like him a lot!

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