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The latest in the General Krulak thread summaries.

Part One: The General Krulak Feedback Update
Feedback thread from the time of the last summary (page 36) Click Here

GK repeated he has nothing to do with transfers. He did assure those asking that there is a reasonable budget but also added for obvious reasons he wouldn’t state what the budget was.

Asked whether we are going to take the European and all other competitions seriously this season after the ‘Moscow incident’ last season he replied (and in fairness, this was before the Wigan match):

I believe we are going to go very hard at Rapid Vienna and all other competitions. We have a squad that numbers some 32 players…which is not what I would call small. We have some great up and coming youngsters…a couple who have shown that they can play in the League. We have some injured players very close to being totally fit. We have some players who have a year of experience under their belts and have shown, so far this year, that they have progressed. Yes, we lost Laursen and that was a HUGE loss…but the performance of our backs over the past few games has been solid. There are fans who will point to Barry’s departure and say we lost big there. My sense is that at the end of the season we will be saying, ‘Barry who?’ Not because he isn’t a solid player but because we have added and reinforced in such a manner that I honestly believe we will be stronger in the middle of the field. The transfer window has not closed and I would imagine that MON has plans for players he feels he needs. Again, I trust our Manager. Bottom Line: I think we actually will have a stronger team this year with more depth and more talent. Go to the Rapid Vienna game!

When questioned further on the squad size – something to be fair GK should not really be being questioned about, that is the managers job, GK answered:

As far as comments go re. a previous post where I discussed squad size, squad talent, etc….it should be worthwhile to look at the question I was trying to answer*. I was NOT saying that we were at the right size and with all the right players…I was addressing a question as best I could. I talked about players lost and players who are up and coming. I don’t think that I said anything that was totally inaccurate nor was I implying that our Club was ‘set’. I was answering a question.

*question was: General, with the Rapid tickets on sale is it worth buying any considering the way O’Neill capitulated in Moscow last season and the lack of squad strengthening so far. I know you promised we would be excited by the buys he had in mind, but in all honesty so far I’m not impressed Is it worth bothering with European matches this season considering how the tournament was treated last year.

GK also continued with reference to Villa pulling out of consideration to be one of the Olympic venues, Re. the Olympics…there was NO offer for funding assistance that would come with the Olympics. That was a rumor that was not accurate. I think the Club was pretty specific about their rationale. We did not feel we could assure the Olympic Committee that we would be ‘construction free’ at the time of the Olympics and did not want to get into a bind because of a time frame that did not fit our plans.

Following the Wigan game there was feedback left, something I try to control BUT I can’t delete everything and GK often explains his role is not pr, it is to take feedback and pass it back to the club ‘good bad and ugly’.

I am like each of you…I watched the game (for me on the telly) and was totally gutted. There is absolutely nothing I can say about this performance other than it was not something that should be expected from a Club wearing Claret and Blue. My language may not be as salty as some but my feelings mirror many of you. My only consolation is that I am convinced that none of the players, coaches or the manager are happy with the performance. They are professionals and professionals do not like to have a game like that. The Board saw the same game you saw…and are not about to try to make it anything other than what it was.

He also says that he has to have faith that mistakes will be sorted out. If I believe that this represents the season, then my life will be miserable. I do know our lads are professionals and they do not like to be on the receiving end of such a game. I believe they will bounce back. To not believe that would be to set myself up for misery. We have some very critical games ahead of us…the three coming up are big ones. I have to believe that MON, the coaches and the players are, right now, sorting things out.

Some questions centered around the lowish attendance v Wigan and also how things like shirt sales are going: The gate for the first game was basically what we expected. As I understand it, sales for shirts are going fine. Obviously the economy is not helping across the board so our expectations have also been impacted. Comparing Randy to Mr. Ellis is NOT going to get anyone, anywhere. If you want to go down that road, go down it alone. That is totally specious. The steps to the Holte are NOT in competition with transfers…I have stated that multiple times.

On the feedback he assured everyone I have read every single post carefully. I have passed on your comments as you would expect me to do. No one at Villa Park or at Bodymoor Heath feels good this morning…and certainly not yesterday. I was gutted…I felt like someone ripped out my guts. I am, first and foremost, a fan and a game like that was as tough for me as for anyone except I was not in the stands.

ALL thoughts have been compiled and provided…and everyone on the Board is fully aware. Everyone saw the game…Randy was at the game…flew over from the US early, early Saturday morning. I was with him Friday night. Others saw the game on the telly. So your comments about the game, the frustration, the concern, the worry, the sense of doom…have ALL been recorded.

He also reminded fans asking (and they don’t get to ask much as transfers are one area that I usually now delete or remove posts as he has said over and over, this isn’t his area!) that The transfer window has not closed.

There were some comments about the song that the players come out to, GK – same as the calls for a Villa anthem – believes a good avenue to arrange this is the Supporters Consultation Group meeting. The person who asked the question James06 will now represent Vital Villa at the next SCG to push forward his ideas and pass on all of our feedback.

GK said: I have asked and almost begged for the fans to get involved in what kind of music to have and what sort of entertainment to have. We have a Supporters Group who exist for just this type of thing. If the Fans want something specific, they should get it moving NOW thru the Supporters Group. As an aside, I have been saying this for two years.

There were a few complaints as to the beer being warm plus the rise in the beer prices. This feedback has been passed on to the relevant department.

Another suggestion was to offer more free tickets for the forces, youth groups, schools etc. Tickets for youth, forces, etc. As I have said before, we do that every game that has tickets available.

Finally, a request was made for some updated pictures of the finish Holte Suite and other improvements and GK has promised some will be posted on the official site.

For ticket enquiries he recommends fans contact Nicky Keye and also says plans are still being made with reference to the Blues game after some asked if the game was going to be shown on the big screens again as they were two years ago.

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