Date: 2nd May 2007 at 3:01pm
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So here we go. The great badge debate.

This is the new one:

This is the last one.

There are faults with the new one. From a personal point of view only, I think the star looks odd it takes away the balance and it shouldn’t be white. I also think we should be Aston Villa not AVFC. Without seeing it on a shirt it is difficult to fully say but the yellow of the lion also looks pretty pale and should surely be a darker shade? Only my personal opinion though, been reading through the forum comments today and fans are split, they always were going to be, it is a big change for us all!

But hey ho, this was done via the survey, personally I’d have taken the survey as the first step, then consulted with the Supports Consultation Group (the idea for setting it up I thought) and then consult with fans on a match day picked at random, or those in the Villa shop etc. BUT, to me this is a million times better than the striped monster we had before. That was nothing to do with Villa, when were we ever a follower of other clubs kits etc? Where the hell did those stripes come from?

At least with the new badge we have a nod to our past. Hey, don’t get me wrong when I first saw the new one I thought it was poor, then I looked again, and again and again and I think I’ve ‘got it’. I grew up with the round badge so that was the one I loved, but the new badge shape is good, it is right, it nods to our history and the prepared wording is also done in a slightly retro style.

I know some fans hate it, some love it and some don’t care as long as we win. A change this big is always going to bring in different opinions and I must say, despite the AVFC and the white star, I think I could grow to love this badge if it is warn on well designed Nike kits worn by quality players and especially when (WHEN) worn in Europe and in Cup Finals.

One major problem I do have is that my mouse matt is now out of date!!!!!!!

Our latest poll asks your opinion on the badge. At the moment it isn’t fairing to badly with 40% saying it could be better and 26% saying it is at least an improvement on the last badge.


42 Replies to “The Great Villa Badge Debate!”

  • I think the light blue is spot on and the badge does have a good retro feel because of the blue and shape.

  • im definitely undecided. i think its ok, most clubs badges aren’t particularly nice are they? just feel the odd finishing touch could have been done and it would be perfect.

  • Good Points: Unique, retro, simplified, individual aspects of it considered, FC reintroduced.
    Bad Points: (Not many in my eyes) Out of placed star (agree with Fear on the balance). Overall, I like it, and already am beginning to love it. I think it’ll go well with the imminent Nike kits whom tend to manufacture retro type kits. I for sure will be proud to sport it on merchandise bought from the club – and if it reminds the players of what has been achieved and what we are attempting to achieve every time they pull on a claret and blue shirt then surely that’s a good thing! I’ve been pleased by everything the new regime have introduced, especially with the re-branding of our football club (and it’s aim of attracting world-class partners). The real new-look Villa starts with this new image, the badge/crest/coat of arms. It identifies us, it is us, we are AVFC!

  • JP, I was thinking the EXACT same thing about the mousemat. Not to mention the screensaver….

  • I think the star is quite inoffensve and no where near as tacky as I thought it would look. i like that the Lion is looking towards the star saying ‘ thats where we want to be acheiving that again ‘

  • Im not sure that they have come to the right decision using their statistics.
    43% said lion-gold together – meaning that the majority 57% didn’t want it!!
    42% wanted the background colour sky blue – again meaning the majority 58% didn’t want it
    38% wanted the wording AVFC – The majority, 62% didnt want it!

    get my point???

  • I think in its way it looks simplistic, a retro feel and when seen without the “Claret Square” behind it I think it will look loads better.
    Me Im delighted the striped turdy thing has been consigned to history. I must say if the star was gold it would look a better.

  • andrew144 – that is a daft comment!!! They all had a choice of four or five options – 43%, 42% and 38% are probably the majority in these categories!!!!

  • 505anthony, shall we take legal action, I hear our owner has a penny or two!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew; there were more than two choices in each category. These percentages reflect the MAJORITY in each case. For example, the 57% that didn’t want the lion-gold-together were probably split three or four ways with gold or white, split or non-split lion etc. Get my point?

  • andrew144, but with the stats they have gone with the larged percentage vote, so even if it was 38%, that was the largest. It raise a point though that maybe once the options were narrowed down, another questionnaire or round of consultation could have been done. I think the AVFC is the only point I’d really have liked seen not introduced but along with top players and Nike shirts, I’m sure it should look good.

  • Its too blue and looks asthough some 12 year old half-wit designed it in 3 minutes. We are not AVFC, we are Aston Villa. And why on earth is the star white and why is the star in the badge, not above it (like every other team that features a star)? I think it blows stinky chunks. Retro? Maybe a bad attempt at retro. The only thing that may save this silly thing is if it is on an all claret jersey. I am not happy at all. We are about to look stupid AGAIN.

  • Oh and a more shapely crest. Like the old, old, old one as featured on the front of recent programs (and as above old Trinity stand).


  • Not my favourite as I like the round badge but it’s not offensive. When considering what initiatives the new badge is linked too and the drive to a bright future, I don’t mind at all. The new board impress me so much… I’m quite excited 🙂

  • all it needs is a little work on it and it could be amazing nothing major at all a bit of shading and darker lining to give it more depth and make it bolder and Aston Villa FC it just seems a little incomplete and please could the lion have some claws it looks like a ****** cat playing with a ball of yarn. Apparently youre going to be able to see it from teh M6 ppl driving past should be saying look WOW ASTON VILLA FC!!!! not hey are the scouts in town. It has lots of potential seriously though is that it final no chance of changing it???

  • It looks as though the lion is juggling a star or it has picked something up that is too hot and rather than drop it is prancing around ala a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Awful. Even the prepared looks crappy, the letters are too tall.

  • I don’t actually think it looks too bad, certainly not as bad as what people have been saying, i’m a little disapointed with the AVFC, but then again that’s only because I voted for ‘Aston Villa Football Club’ to be put on it, but fair enough, horses for courses and all that.

  • I can’t believe it! We finally get a top kit maker and are all looking forward to buying a new shirt instead of one of the second rate ones of recent times and they go and produce this new crest/badge.
    Sorry but it’s crap. The prepared motto uses an old Led Zeppelin album font, the lion looks like a hairy cat playing with a ball of string, the star looks like it was thrown in as an afterthought and last but not least they have done away with Aston Villa!!!!?

  • I think the white trim goes with the white star, at first i thought ‘eh, what’s going on ere!’ but then as you think of it as it would be, on a shirt, with the new sponsors, colours etc. It actually looks really good and i think it will suit the new kit perfectly!

    I think the star being infront of the lion says this is something we are working towards, or trying to replicate.

    The re-inclusion of FC is also a good move.

    Thumbs up from me.

  • I like it. Big improvement on what has gone before. Obviously we need to see it on the new style shirt before we make a final decision, but far from being in any way disappointed, I’m very pleasantly surprised. I’ve attempted to look at it objectively, but am still unable to come up with a negative. Way to go! Bring on season 2007-08.

  • Aint gonna stop me supporting them! however don’t think many people will get this tattooed on them in a rush!

  • I like it….fresh start for the club and when I look at it, I will be reminded who is behind the club.Randy Lerner!..onwards and upwards.

  • I hope it starts growing on me soon. It might not be so bad on a claret shirt with a small amount of blue trim on it. The star needs to be gold, too.

  • Same as me, I looked at it and said, Is that it? But after looking at it i think i can get used to it and while i will miss the old one, this one’ll do nicely

  • It`s definately a grower,and the presentation of it from R.F was very good,this badge gives define/clearer detail than the old one as the stripes confused,we can now see a clear snarling Lion ready for battle!! When you see it in 3D and scattered around Training Ground/Villa Park you will see it is a marketing triumph and as this “new brand” for Aston Villa it`s a very good start.

  • Aspinall if you look at the training ground photo’s from this mornining you will see that it actually looks very good on the wall of the training ground backing up your point

  • I certainly think its going to be a ‘grower’. Will hopefully look better on the new kit.

  • thought it looked weak at first… now 24 hours later it is beginning to grow on me.

  • I’m absolutely amazed to see that they haven’t preserved the traditional claret and blue colours within a new design. The name Aston VAVFC

  • I’m absolutely amazed to see that they haven’t preserved the traditional claret and blue colours within a new design. The name “Aston Villa” should also have featured and not AVFC.

  • looks class on training ground pics have to agree bearvil. wasnt to keen yesterday but now i seriously like it. check out badge up in wall at bodymoor. think it will just take people time to love the badge i really do but also i think it does give certain people a chance to moan as they surely have been struggling to find anything ever since randy took over!

  • I think villamalta has it spot on. It is almost just right, but not quite. It needs some depth, shading, something to lift it out a little. At the moment it is very 2 dimensional and needs another dimension. However we have only looked at it as a stand alone badge. When it is on the retro/traditional style kit that will be unveiled in the near future, it will hopefully take on an altogther more impressive look.

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