Date: 18th September 2007 at 7:53pm
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Big John Carew has admitted he wasn’t on form in the away game against Manchester City and agrees it was right for him to be taken off in the second half.

Can’t quite fathom what is going on here, why should a top class athlete be tired so early in the season?

The Hulk, who has played and dominated for Norway in recent games, told Nettavisen (a must watch in the Fear household you understand, I didn’t see this from Sky Sports at all!!)

‘I felt tired and stiff after all the matches recently. I got it out of the system in the first 20 minutes, but it was no surprise that I was substituted in the second half. I shall now go home and rest. Fortunately, we don’t have our next match until Sunday and then I expect to be fresh again.’

Come on John, get stuck in and get amongst the goals, Villa need you at your peak – something we’ve yet to see.

Villa have a proud tradition of strikers and JC has to carry that on and lead the line, God knows he is big enough to intimidate and be in the mix!


13 Replies to “The Hulk Admits He Was Tired”

  • As far as I’m concerned, his “tiredness” is in the same league as the Shaun Maloney “homesick” excuse. For a supposed “Champions League experienced” striker we should expect more. Pull your finger out “hulk” or expect to get replaced by Marlon Harewood soon.

  • Not sure I’d go out of my way to say anything face to face to him though, he isn’t called the hulk for nothing!? They do baffle though don’t they, seems to play well for his country then comes and puts in below par performances for Villa. He is needed at 100% and needs to give 100% as he is the senior striker. As I’ve said elsewhere, I wish we’d still got Baros, he might have been tempermental but he was also quality, although I know 50% disagree as he was another Savo who always split the fans!

  • oh, and if this lot think they are tired or hard done by, they want to go and look around some of the hospitals I’ve been in or do a few night shifts in a factory!

  • I have no complaints about him saying he was tired. If he was tired, he was tired, nothing he can do about it. There is such a thing as jet lag in an international week and all that. My main concern is that MON played him in the first place, knowing full well he wasn’t fully fit. We do have other options you know MON. Keep playing Carew when not fit is not going to help morale of the fringe players.

  • Tired FFS, Why can all our strikers do it elsewhere but not here. Baros, Milosevic, Balaban, need i go on. Off my soap box now.

  • ffs give him a break, a prem player can run an average of 10000m per game, ide be fked after that let alone 30000m in a week. moan moan moan moan moan

  • agree NY, surprised he was used if he wasn’t fit. Stig, I don’t think fans are on his back, I think we all have a right to an opinion and the fact he isn’t doing the business just yet does raise question marks surely? He is our ‘star’ striker and he has (I think) 1 goal in 12? They are paid to be fit, if any of us tried to do what they did without conditioning we’d be knackered but that is like comparing my astra with a ferrari surely? Also, sod actim, it is goals scored that shows up in the league table!?

  • Big Johns doing o.k. in my book, and we’re a better outfit when he’s in the line-up. He’s the perfect foil for our faster, more trickier strikers, and while I agree he should be putting away some of the opportunities that come his way, his overall contribution to the team is more than adequate. Has he shown us his best form? Obviously not, but as of right now, he’s exactly what we need in the mix, just a pity he hasn’t got that proven quality premiership finisher alongside him.

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